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When I was glum and feeling down...

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011




Here I stand with you embedded in my memory.

From the time we were together in our glory.

Skipping happily hand in hand.

Together we took a trip off to la la land.


But now there’s a hole deep inside my chest.

I stay awake each night with no rest.

I stare helplessly at the starry night sky.

Wondering if maybe I should give you and me another try.


A shade of crimson streaks my cheek.

Is it your love I seek?

Left in a bubble of confusion.

Sometimes I wonder if loves is like magic, just an illusion.


Over tired with all this stress,

How did I get myself into this mess?

I’m sick of pretending.

That the crack in my heart is mending.


Salty tears begin to sting my eyes.

Remembering each of your heartless little lies.

Lies like daggers etched into my heart.

Was it just the end or a scary start?


I can’t deny a warming heart all the same.

When you lustfully call my name.

I can’t deny the butterflies fluttering in my chest.

When I’m in the safety of your nest.


Can something be so good but also so bad?

Can someone be so happy but also so sad?

I have mixed feelings of what to do.

Maybe I should leave it for you.


I wish it were the way it was before we had met.

Before the love brewing between the two of us had set.

I could of turned the other way.

Instead of listening to what you had to say.


The first love can’t be the last love… right?

The next one has to be just in my line of sight.

I keep repeating this hoping it’ll make it true.

The breakup between us is long overdue.

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