the second prince of Tardoz, Zoroku.

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The second prince of the famous Tardoz kingdom, a boy named Zoroku, with a brother that is said to be 'unfit' for the throne, he has all of his fathers' expectations piled onto him. What happens when he asks to go to a normal school while hiding his identity to have a normal school life?

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



Out of three large kingdoms, the Tardoz kingdom is the one that rules over the others. In the Tardoz kingdom, there is a very large and beautiful palace. It is in the capital of Tardoz, a city named Zarinuss. In the palace live the King, Queen, and their two sons. King Tardoz and Queen Tardoz have two sons; they are the princes of Tardoz. The first prince is a 19 year old boy named Tarlock; he has brown coloured hair and brown eyes. Then there’s the second prince, said to be the handsomest out of the two, but he’s the one that causes the most trouble from sneaking out with his two aides all of the time. His name is Zoroku and he’s 15 years old he has blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. His highness Tarlock has already finished home schooling, he graduated at the age of 17 and he went through only two tutors. On the other hand, his highness Zoroku refuses to do home schooling, he wishes to go to a normal school with normal civilians, but he asked that if they allow him to go, that they hide his identity as prince so that people would not fawn all over him.

They accepted his highness’ request and today he is starting high school.

-6:30am, First day of high school-

“Zoroku-sama it’s time to get up! You have school today! ” A maid called out while loudly knocking on Zoroku’s door.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m getting up!” Zoroku called out annoyed at the fuss the maids were making about his first day.

Despite the annoyance he felt towards all the fuss, he was just as excited and nervous as the maids were.

Zoroku had gotten dressed and when he came out he saw a whole lot of maids running around.

“Ah, Zoroku-sama, we need to prepare your lunch, is there anything you would like in particular?” A maid asked him while bowing her head.

“Hmmm, no, just give me whatever you want.” Zoroku answered with a smile.

“Okay, master, we will have your lunch prepared soon.” The maid bowed one more time then left.

I don’t have time to wait around for my lunch; I want to get going now! Zoroku thought.

Without a second thought he asked a maid where his school bag was and as soon as she told him that it was fully packed and prepared for him and that it was left at the front entrance, he ran to the front entrance, grabbed his bag, ran back upstairs, checked to make sure he was wearing everything he needed too, then he ran to the nearest window, opened it and jumped out.

He thought that this way, the maids would panic and therefore have a harder time following him.

“That was easy” Zoroku said to himself, snickering at his achievement.

He walked casually down the main street while some guards recognised him and greeted him. He ignored them completely because of the fact that after the guards greeted him, people stared.

Zoroku has always hated the stare that he gets from people when they find out that he’s the ‘Second Prince of Tardoz, Zoroku’.

Then he heard something in the distance. He couldn’t quite make out what the person was saying but when he turned around he knew exactly what they were saying. It was a maid, yelling out to Zoroku to come back.

“Like hell I’m going back, I’m already half way to school!” Zoroku said under his breath.

Zoroku then ran off to school. After a while he saw a bunch of other kids walking the same way as him, with the same clothes on. Zoroku wasn’t dumb, he was actually smarter than his brother is, and his brother has already graduated. Though it’s not as though he was proud of being the smarter, cooler, handsomer, fitter, better one out of the two, being all that just made all of his father’s expectations be put on him but Zoroku actually had no intentions of becoming king, because if he did, then he wouldn’t be able to go out and explore the forest like he does now, and he also would have much more responsibility than he does now.

He got to the gate and stopped running. He stopped directly in front of the school. He took a deep breath and entered. He walked up to some boy that looked like a senior.

“I was wondering if you knew how to get to the principal’s office or the staff-room?” Zoroku asked politely.

“Ah, you must be new, all you have to do is go in that door, walk down the hallway, take a left, and then you have to keep walking until you see a sign that says ‘Principal’.” He said while pointing to the main entrance.

“Thank you very much!” Zoroku called out behind to the person while walking towards the entrance.

“Who was that boy?” A girl asked the boy. “He was really handsome.”

“I don’t know, but I heard something about a new student starting soon, but I didn’t think it was today, and I also didn’t think he’d be really cool.” He replied.

Zoroku walked through the entrance and remembered the directions the person gave him.

Okay, so I have to walk down the hallway and then take a left. Zoroku thought to himself.

Zoroku came to the end of the hallway, he took a left and kept walking and then he found himself in front of the door to the principal’s office.

Zoroku was getting really nervous. He calmed himself don by thinking of a beautiful and peaceful waterfall. Then once he had gathered up the courage, he walked in.

“Ah, you must be the new student. We were only informed of this yesterday, his highness Tarlock suddenly called the school and told us that there would be a new student for us today. I was curious, what kind of relationship do you have to the royal family? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.” The principal openly said to Zoroku.

“Uh, well, I’m… um… sorry, I can’t really say… I’d have to ask my brother if it’s all right. Oh and he also told me that he’ll be sending the form and everything in tomorrow.” Zoroku stuttered.

“Your brother you say? We’ll need to know his name to make sure that we get the form from the right person.” The principal asked Zoroku while looking straight at him.

Zoroku was getting an uneasy feeling, if he let the principal know, but told him to make sure not to tell any teachers or students, would that be alright?

“Okay, well, you see… If I tell you my relationship, you have to promise not to tell any teachers or students.” Zoroku told him sternly.

“Okay, sure, I promise.” The principal said with an interested look on his face.

“My brother is… uhm… erm… uhh… well… my brother is… umm…” Zoroku kept stuttering and did not know how to say it or how he would react.

“Come on, spit it out.” The principal said boredly.

“He’s… uhm… T-T-Ta-Tar-Tarlock! I am the second prince… Zoroku…” Zoroku said quickly while stuttering.

The principal went wide-eyed. He opened his mouth but paused. Then after a while he said something.

“Are you serious? The second prince of Tardoz, is here? What a joke, there’s no way you’d come to a public school like this. Unless you can prove it to me and tell me why, I won’t believe you.”

“I can prove it. Here’s the tattoo that symbolises that I’m a part of the Tardoz family.” Zoroku said, while pulling the right side of his shirt off to reveal the tattoo on his chest.

“O-oh… You really are the prince… Please forgive my rudeness! I beg you to forgive me, I’ll do anything! Anything, I swear!” The principal got down on his knees and begged for Zoroku’s forgiveness.

“Ahahahah, you don’t have to do that. If I were you, I would’ve done the same thing. Though, I do have one condition.”

“Yes, anything for you, your highness!” The principal said, still on his knees.

“Don’t tell the teachers or students that I’m the prince, and also, don’t act like I’m the prince while anyone talks about be, or when you see me. I’m here because I refuse to have home schooling; I just want to have a normal school life with normal civilians. Though you’ll have to inform my teacher that I’m not dumb at all, I’m actually smarter than my brother, unfortunately.” Zoroku said, smiling brightly at the principal.

“Yes, you’re highness. Your class is 1-1, that’s the top class for smarter students. I shall escort you there.” The principal said, back on his legs, bowing to Zoroku.

“Uhh, sure but, can you tell me a bit about the class and the school before I go to class?” Zoroku said to the principal.

“Yes, your highness, I shall tell you anything you want to know.” The principal bowed to Zoroku.

“Okay, Uhm, are there any bullies, gangsters or delinquents I should worry about?” Zoroku asked.

“Yes, your highness, there are quite a few delinquents. They have formed a group called the ‘Resistance front’. There have been some major incidents, like throwing a freshman out a window, or throwing a table at the teacher, but the others are only minor incidents like skipping class, taking peoples’ food etc.” The principal said to Zoroku with a variety of expressions.

“Hmm… Okay. Are there any groups, fan clubs, you know, like that movie I watched, where there was a fan club for the popular guy?” Zoroku said with an enthusiastic smile, which showed he was interested to know if this school had those kinds of things.

“Yes, there’s this one fan club for a boy named Suikko Takumi. The girls in the school say he’s a real gentleman and he’s a pretty good looking guy. Though, your highness, you are far better looking than him. I also heard that he’s the heir to the Takumi organization, so he’s rich and if that rumour’s true, then that means the girls will be after him more.” The principal said with an unpleasant look.

“One more thing…” The principal said, with an even more unpleasant look on his face. “He’s the head delinquent, the leader that is called ‘The fierce some black’.”

Zoroku went wide-eyed. Why would girls go after a guy like him? Who wants to be seen with a guy like that?  He thought.

“I know it’s strange the way they all follow him around like they’re his minions or something.” The principal said with that very unpleasant look still on his face.

“Is there anything else you know about him?” Zoroku said.

“No, I don’t think so. Either way the people in the class will surely tell you about most of the things that happen here. Oh and by the way, the school festival is coming up soon, I was wondering if you will be attending?” The principal said.

“Ah, I’m not sure if I’ll attend or not, but I’ll try to, what day is it on?” Zoroku said, trying to think of what he has planned for the next couple of weeks.

“It’s in two weeks from Monday to Thursday. The class you’re in will be deciding on what they’re doing soon.” The principal said.

“Okay, I don’t think I have anything planned at the moment, even if something comes up I’ll try to make arrangements.” Zoroku said.

“Okay, well we’re here; I’ll go in first and tell the teacher that she has a new student. Wait here, she’ll tell you when to come in.” The principal said before opening the door.

“Okay, sure.” Zoroku said.

The principal walked into the classroom and went up to the teacher; Zoroku peeked in to see what was happening.

The principal whispered something to the teacher and walked back out the door.

“Good luck, your highness.” The principal whispered as he walked off.

Zoroku could hear what the teacher was saying through the door.

“Okay class, I know this is a bit sudden but we have a new student. He’s actually already here so please be kind to him.” The teacher said with a loud, cheery voice.

The kids in the class started whispering amongst themselves, saying things like: “I wonder what the new guy’s like” “I hope he’s cute” “I wonder what kind of personality he has” “We’ll get to know him a little with the routine we always do, remember? We always check new peoples’ medical records to get to know them.”

When Zoroku heard that they look at their medical records, he flinched.

“Okay, please come in, new student.” The teacher called out as they all faced the door.

Zoroku slowly opened the door as the student’s mouths dropped at the sight of the ‘new kid’.

“Uhm, hi, my name’s Zoroku, I’m new to this school… but you probably already knew that…” He said, mumbling the last words.

“Okay, any questions?” The teacher asked, looking around the class.

Almost the whole entire class put their hands up.

“Yes, nameless?” The teacher said while looking at the girl in the back right-hand corner.

“What’s your last name?” She asked with full confidence.

“Eh… My… last name… is… uhm…” Zoroku said, not knowing what to say.

The teacher noticed this and decided to move to the next question.

“O-okay, who else has a question for Zoroku,” The teacher said, some-what confused of why he couldn’t answer.

Once again almost the entire class put their hands up.

“Okay, we’ll go one by one, starting from nameless. By the way, Zoroku, if you don’t want to answer then you can just say ‘pass’”, okay?” The teacher said.

“How old are you?” The girl in the front right hand corner asked.

“Sixteen.” Zoroku answered.

“Why did you come to this school?” The boy in the second row on the right asked.

“I didn’t want to be home schooled.” Zoroku answered.

“Why didn’t you want to be home schooled?” The boy in the third row on the right asked.

“I didn’t want to be home schooled because I was never able to go outside and do things like the school festival, hang out with friends and stuff." Zoroku answered bluntly.

“Why were you home schooled?” The girl in the first row on the middle-right asked.

“Uhm… well… uhh… pass…? I guess….” Zoroku muttered.

There’s something he’s not telling us. The class thought at the same time.

“What is it that you’re not telling us?” A guy that looked like a delinquent play-boy asked in the second row on the middle-right asked.

The whole class looked at him, with surprised, interested and scared looks on their faces.

“Pass.” Zoroku strongly said, glaring at the delinquent play-boy looking guy.

He glared back, the whole class started in silence until the teacher broke the silence.

“Okay, next question?” The teacher said timidly.

“Do you have a part-time job?” A girl in the third row on the middle-right asked.

“No.” Zoroku answered.

The bell rang, the class had obviously lost track of time.

“Okay, you have PE after lunch; make sure to change into your uniform.” The teacher said then left the room.

Zoroku went and sat in the only empty seat in the last row on the left. He looked through his bag and remembered that he left his lunch at home.

Then something happened that was completely unexpected…

“Zoroku-sama, you forgot your lunch!” There was a loud bang when two maids opened the door and walked over to Zoroku to give him his lunch.

Everyone stared at what was happening as if they saw a ghost.

The maids left immediately after giving Zoroku his lunch. On his table was a large golden box. Zoroku opened it and inside was a feast of different foods.

“You have… maids at your house? Did you hire them? Do you live alone? Who are your parents? Why did maids come and give you your lunch? Why is your lunch so cool? Who are you really?” The class were asking all sorts of questions, though the last question asked made Zoroku flinch.

“W-well… I uhh… you see, my parents… don’t live with me and so… to make sure I was okay… they hired some maids… and then… yeah…” Zoroku said mumbling and stuttering at some points.

“That doesn’t sound very convincing.” The delinquent play-boy looking guy said.

Zoroku and the delinquent looking guy glared at each other.

Zoroku had no idea what to do with the situation. Then something broke the silence, a phone ringing. Everyone looked around at each other to see whose it was and then Zoroku realised it was his. He looked at the caller ID and it said “Onii-chan” so he knew it must be important.

“I really have to take this call.” He said as he walked out the door hastily.

“Do you think we should eavesdrop?” A girl with long blonde hair said.

“Yeah, we might find something out about him.” A boy with light brown hair standing next to the girl said.

The class went up to the door and pressed their ears against it trying to hear what Zoroku was saying.

They could only hear Zoroku’s voice a little bit, but he was clear enough for them to make out what he was saying.

“What’s wrong Onii-chan?” Zoroku said a little concerned.

“Why? What happened?” The class could tell by his voice that he was extremely concerned.

“WHAT? HOW? WHY?” Zoroku yelled out so loud that even the classes next door could hear him.

“Which doctor? Are they certain? That’s never happened before.” He said in a worried voice.

“Who poisoned him?” Zoroku attempted to say calmly.

“Uh, okay. I’ll be there soon.” Zoroku sounded calmer than he was before.

Zoroku started walking back to the classroom to tell the class to tell the teacher that he needs to go home and it’s an emergency.

The class heard footprints coming closer towards the door so they all got up quickly and ran to sit back in their seats and pretended that they were talking amongst themselves the whole time.

Zoroku entered with a worried look on his face, the class was silent until he said “Could you guys tell the PE teacher that I have to go home quickly and I’ll try to get back as soon as I can, it’s really urgent.” His stared at the ground as he retrieved his bag and jumped out the window to get home quicker.

“Whoa! He jumped! But this is the first story; someone should check he didn’t get hurt!” A guy with dark brown hair said.

“Nah look, see? He’s running towards the gate already, I guessed by looking at him that he was super athletic.” A girl with short, dark brown hair replied.

Zoroku ran frantically all the way home, he didn’t stop, not even when the townsfolk bowed to him as he ran past the main town of his hometown.

He arrived at the gate of the main palace breathing heavily, the gatekeepers bowed to him and let him inside, and he huffed out a ‘thank you’ then jogged inside.

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