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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

It was another gray day. I sat at the back of the class looking out the window, the expressionless voice of my professor drowned out by my thoughts. As I watched a couple of kids ride down the street on their bicycles laughing at each other, I wondered how people could be bothered to do such things. I thought of myself as a person who liked to conserve energy. The people all around, taking notes and trying not to sleep, all liked to do things. They wanted to go out and spend time with their friends. They wanted to spend their energy. All I wanted to do was go home, sleep, and regain my energy for tomorrow. I had always thought everyone one else saw a more colorful world than me, so they felt like doing more. I had always thought that I did not really care about how they saw the world, but there was always that feeling of jealousy.

A new girl had transferred into my class that day. She wore that school’s black and white uniform, which matched her pale skin and dark hair. She gave off a sort of anxious aura, like she could not stand just sitting there. She also really liked to bite her pencil. However, I would not have noticed her if it weren’t for her eyes. When she walked in that morning, we happened to glance at each other. Her eyes were a golden brown that pierced through her black and white exterior. They reflected what I saw in all the others. They reflected excitement.

After the long school day had finally dragged itself to an end, I opened my locker and grabbed my stuff. On the way to the main gate, the girl with the eyes ran past me and back into the school. Normally, in my effort to save energy, I would have just ignored her and kept walking, but something about her had convinced me to follow her. I found her in the old math classroom that had been empty since our school’s student count had dropped, two years ago.

“Hey.”, I said, confused about what was going on.

“Hey yourself.”, the girl answered, almost as if expecting me.

“What are you doing?”, I asked, not having anything else to say.

“Shouldn’t you ask my name first?”

All the blinders in the room had been pulled down, so it was mostly dark except for the light that seeped in from the hallway. The room had not been used in a while and had almost taken on the role of a storage room, with brooms, boxes, and extra desks inside. All the desks had been pushed to one side and stacked.

“They call me Triss”, she said after I had neglected to acknowledge her question. “I’m preparing this room for my new club. The administration said I could use it.”

This was my third year in high school, but I had never been bothered to join any club. I viewed them as a good way to uselessly waste your energy.

“You interested in joining?”, she asked.

“Not really.”, I said as I turned around, not having to know what the club was about.

I walked towards the door, content with my finding when she reached and grabbed my arm. Moderately surprised, I turned around and found myself in front of those eyes again. They seemed to light up the dark room, pushing away the darkness. They were so full of excitement.

“You need to help me get four members before the end of the week. The administration aid they’d consider the club official if I managed that.”

As she looked at me, I found myself unable to say no. Something about her eyes seemed to draw me in. I looked at her for a while.

“What’s the club about?”, I asked, looking at the blank chalk board.

“Solving mysteries.”, she answered excitedly and a bit relieved.

I nodded and headed for the door once more.

“Meet me here tomorrow after school. Don’t be late.”, she exclaimed as I reached the door.

“Name’s Errol”, I said, stopping at the door.

I walked out the room as she smiled to herself in the dark room.

After a couple of days of looking for possible candidates for the mystery club, we managed to find two people. Their names were Hani and Fred. I think they both joined more out of curiosity than interest, but that was sort of my case too. We had been having meetings at the school’s library twice a week for the past fourteen days without receiving any cases for the club.

“What was this club about again?”, asked and irritated Fred.

“Mysteries”, answered Hani, forming quotation marks in the air.

I had just finished the book I was reading and went to go turn it in at the counter. The librarian's assistant, who was also in our class and seemed to have nothing better to do took it in.

“You know, there’s this book that's been missing from the library for the past three years. You guys could try to find it if you want”, the girl behind the counter said.

I was not going to mention it to the others. I figured it would require too much energy to do. However, Triss had followed me and had heard everything.

“What was her name, the book thieves?”, she asked excitedly. Her eyes seemed to light up like that one time in the dark room. “We could totally solve this case!”, she exclaimed.

The girl’s name was Ashley Reyes. The book had been checked out to her september 15th, 2013. It was her senior year, so nobody at school was likely to know her. We went back to the others and Triss told them all about it.

“How are we supposed to find this girl?”, Fred said almost protestingly.

“Maybe we could look into the school’s student files and find out more about her”, Triss suggested.

“There is no way they’d let us do that, they don’t let just anyone go digging around the office.”, I explained, hoping it would bring and end to the “investigation”.

“Ashley Reyes.”, Hani whispered.”That name sounds really familiar. I think my sister hung out with her when she was in the drama club.”

“Let’s go!”, exclaimed Triss.

Everyone dashed out the library. I stayed at the table, wondering why I had decided to do this before Triss came back and dragged me out by the arm.

Hani’s house was bigger than I had thought. The day was cloudy and colder than usual. I really hoped that it did not start to rain. Hani’s parents were not home, but her sister was. The three of us sat in the living room while Hani went to go get her sister.

“You know an Ashley Reyes?”, I asked half-heartedly.

“Yea, we used to talk a few years back. Why you asking?”, she answered confused.

“We’re looking for a book she never returned. A real criminal.”, I said sarcastically.

“It was a book full of monologues. We were hoping she might have lent it to you.”, said Fred.

“She did lend me a couple of books. You guys can look around in my room if you want. I would do it myself but I have to watch TV or something”, she suggested.

We looked around the room for about fifteen minutes before we found anything.

“Looky here”, said Fred, peaking around the closet’s door and holding up a book with our school's seal.

After a strangely large amount of celebration from the others, we finally decided it was time to go home. Triss’s house and my house were in the same neighborhood, so we left Fred and walked home. As we walked, I wondered why I had decided to do any of this. I started to think of Triss’s eyes, and how the seemed to be so full of that which I lacked. It was pretty late now and the streets were quiet. The sound of a train passing by filled the sleepy streets. Triss gave me a smile as she said goodbye; I could not help but smile back. She went inside and I found myself staring at the sky. I wondered if the color that filled her eyes would ever fill my own.


Submitted: December 14, 2017

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