Why did she leave?

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When I was little, my mom left my life with out saying a word. I went through the years feeling like I made her leave. This poem explains some of the feelings I had and the struggles I went through.

I used figurative language, line breakage, spacing, and dialog.

Submitted: October 07, 2013

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Submitted: October 07, 2013



Why did she leave?

I saw the bags packed,

the tears in my father’s eyes,

and that changed everything.


I grew up, went to school.

the other kids’ moms would drop them off,

wave to them,

tell them they loved them.

I got dropped off by my grandma.


I would go on field trips,

kids wanting to sit by their mom’s and dad’s,

introducing their friends,

I sat with my aunt, quietly,

not talking.


The years went on,

embarrassment after embarrassment.


The feeling of abandonment grew each day,

taking over my thoughts,

Making me feel worthless.

corrupting my life.


There were days where I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

I looked like a lost puppy in a lonely street,

every person who walked by, I would look to see if it was her.


Three years passed,

and she showed up at the door.


“I’ve missed you” was all she could say at first.

She tried to explain,

I began to cry.


Where did she go?

Why did she leave?

What did I do wrong?


As she kept talking,

I look into her eyes.

She was serious,

she really missed me.


And I knew,

my Mom was here to stay. 

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