Mirror Faced Strangers

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Would you save yourself,or others?

Submitted: February 13, 2011

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Submitted: February 13, 2011



Chapter 1

It had been two days since her mother's funeral. She could still hear the faint sounds of violins being poorly played by sad faces amongst many. Being at but the age of 14 and loosing her mother, who she loved dearly, Selia felt alone. She walked home, deciding to take the long way, through the forest and out the hills. As she stepped over the last hill she saw smoke rising from the north. Selia ran, she pushed through the brush, through the weeds and the grass. She couldn't belive her eyes. Her town was being attaked.

Chapter 2

Black hoddies, long like robes covered the trespassers. They marched in high masses through the burning town. Selia saw her friends trapped in the flames, behind bars in what was their home. Selia took a deep breath and began to run down to the town. When she reached the front gate she was met by one of the trespassers. The black hoodie outlined the rim of his face, but in its place was a mirror. Selia saw her reflection in the mirror but as she looked closer into the stranger's face she began to grow weak. Then Selia fell onto the floor, unconcious.

Chapter 3

She opened her eyes in pure darkness. Her breath was drained with the smoke in the air. She squermed around on the floor, her arms bound with rope. She pressed against the walls, searching for the exit. When she felt the door she rubbed against it, trying to open it. When she heard a large crushing noise. All of a sudden the roof began to cave in, flames burning off it. Selia got as close to the wall as possible and closed her eyes. The roof fell into the house, just barley missing Selia. She looked up and saw that she now had a way to escape. She stood up and steped on the ceiling, avoiding the flames. She carefully balanced up the ceiling until she she was above the house's walls. She slid down the wall and landed safely on the outside ground.

Chapter 4

Selia took a deep breath of the cleaner air. Sounds of footsteps came closer to her. She turned to face about 10 of the mirror faced strangers. Quickly averting her eyes, Selia looked down and saw a large piece of wood, belonging to one of the burning homes. She bent down and grasped the wood, pulled it up with all the streangth she had and dropped it down on the closest stranger's head. The dark figure fell unconsious onto the floor and the others tried to revive it. As they were distracted Selia ran to the only surviving home, determind to help whoever was trapped inside

Chapter 5

Hearing screaming, Selia knew someone needed her help. She pulled and pulled at the locked door without any result. She stopped and turned to see the strangers marching towards her. "Run!" shouted all of her loved ones. But Selia couldnt hear them, she stood there without even a glimpse of fear on her lips. Selia positioned herself, backed up and began to push against the house. "When they crash into this wall, I want you all to escape and run, run until you can't run anymore". No one dared to argue with her. But you could her soft weeps, no one was screaming anymore. The mirror faces got closer, and closer, marching at a heavy speed. As the last seconds remained, Selia wiped the tears from her green eyes. Then looked into the stranger's face, but all she saw was her reflection.


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