Hijacked Statuses

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A fun night on my statuses

Submitted: August 10, 2011

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Submitted: August 10, 2011






Amber "People are stupid and boys are retarded" <---- lol loved that


Nick T. Girls are we todd ed

Nick T. Sofa king we todd ed in fact

Amber ?^^^ who asked you lol

Amber ?:p

Nick T. I did :)

Chris well, girls may be "we todd ed" but at least we don't use old jokes ;)

Nick T. Its a classic :)

Chris not quite, but nice try

Nick T. If you say so

Mr. Sailor boys arent people

Amber yea they're a whole species they can be that bad.. :p

Mr. Sailor how does being another species automatically = a bad thing

Amber with males it generally is :p

Amber not saying all

Amber just most

Nick T. Haha stop messing with boys and step to a man :p

Mr. Sailor lol... i wont comment

Amber Nick- first off that can be read wrong.. and 2nd gots one :p

Nick T. I only see boys here :p

Mr. Sailor i think the sunglasses are distorting your vision

Chris Yep, because only a boy would like their own comment ;)

Nick T. Sure arent :)

Mr. Sailor lmao touche

Lu Sorry, haven't really met any man! ;P

Amber lol Lu I Love you!

Chris I ? you Lu!

Mr. Sailor LU!!!!! ?

Lu Actually, I wrote to one today! :P

Nick T. Cause im just that awesome :)

Amber somebody I'm related to by chance? :p

Chris Nick-you're awesome cuz you liked your own comment? No, that just makes you kinda lame....

Chris Amber-I wrote to a real man a couple days ago!!

Lu Yeah! How did you know? :P

Amber lol I wrote him a couple of weeks ago :p and again last night :D

Lu- Lucky guess ;)

Mr. Sailor real men cry.. so im gonna go do that. brb. let me know when im growed up

Chris Mr. Sailor-I think I love you. In a non weird way since you're with my best friend, but you know what I mean...and if you don't, have Amber explain it, I'm sure she gets it :P

Amber ?

Nick T. Lol lame is in the eye of the beholder i suppose

Lu Mr. Sailor, imma go on a limb here and say that you are a man ( from what amb told me) :)

Mr. Sailor im blushing... cuz this burrito is making me turn red as hell. why did i get the jalapeno kind >_<

Mr. Sailor well there is only one way to tell if im a man so im curious what was told now lmao

Chris I think you were just outvoted Nicholas.....

Mr. Sailor....WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM?! And ew...tmi about my bff lol

Mr. Sailor where did what come from? my burrito? the store

Mr. Sailor gate to be exact

Mr. Sailor along with my 44 oz. mountain dew

Amber awe no icee tonight?

Chris Are you always this much of a smartass?? Oh wait, yeah, you are, I knew that already lol


Nick T. Eh im older so much be wiser :p

Mr. Sailor smartass? i literally am eating a burrito.. im not even kidding lol

Amber babe I think she's referring to the gate comment

Mr. Sailor huh?

Mr. Sailor oh... well i went there too

Chris Older doesn't mean wiser...just not as pretty :P

Chris Mr. Sailor...I'm not even going to respond to that, mainly because I don't think I have to lol

Lu LOL! you don't know how I define a man so you can't know what amb has told me! :P

Mr. Sailor neither do i.. cuz im sick of telling people i went to gate already lmao

Nick T. Believe me all the shit ive been through

Lu Gate??

Amber Lu its a gas station here

Lu Sorry, can't believe ya! Don't know ya! :P

Mr. Sailor did you guys like... die or something?

Amber who?!

Lu lol, no! My internet has a will of it's own! :/

Chris Nope! Not dead!

Mr. Sailor guess so... later yall!

Chris At least I don't think I am.....I guess I could be a zombie??????

Mr. Sailor well i apologize for my last comment then

Amber I'm dead :( so is Lo :'(

Lu Maybe we can be zombies together, Chris! :D

Chris NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Chris ?^^^that was to Amber

Chris Lu, hell yeah! we'll take the zombie world by storm!!!

Lu Neveeeeeeeer, Amb!!!! We've been through this!!

Mr. Sailor ?.... i dont like zombies

Amber Lol I've come to terms with the fact that we're dead no worries

Lu And self-hug jackets are back in style!! :P

Chris awwww I thought we were getting along pretty well Mr. Sailor!! :P

Mr. Sailor we were.. but you know.. that whole zombie thing. dont think thats in the contract

Lu Me too! Now I'm sad! :(

Amber I ? y'all lol you guys made my night :D

Chris I didn't think it would matter to you Mr. Sailor! I've always been a zombie and you were fine before! I didn't think it would matter after we got to know each other! I just wanna be you're friend Mr. Sailor!!!

Lu Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week! :P

Mr. Sailor well.. i guess im a racist

Chris Amber, happiness is just a click away! ;)

Lu Friend yes!! Humans are friends, not food! :P

Amber that could be wrong Chris :p

Chris DAMN IT MR. SAILOR! So now you can't read, you can't type, AND you're a rasist?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!!??!

Mr. Sailor there is a happiness button on facebook now?!

Chris you just had to go there Amber.........but then again, this is me...maybe I meant it that way ;) lmfao

Mr. Sailor shit.. they need to do the dislike button before that one man

Amber and this is why we are best friends Chris ?

Mr. Sailor bffe's

Chris no there isn't Mr. Sailor...but you can chose Expecting Child as a family member now, isn't that great!

Mr. Sailor ?..... huh?....


Chris and Amber, yes, yes it is. Because you're the only one willing to put up with my specific type of crazy lol

Lu I luv ya too, chris!! You in all your crazy zombiehood! :P

Chris Yeah, that's right, Expecting Child. So that kids can have a facebook BEFORE they're born. It's like pre-k, but it's pre-birth instead. THAT'S what's up.

Lu O.o

Amber wow all this new shit on FB and all we wanted was a damn dislike button

Mr. Sailor ok... now that i had some explanations... lets continue this. i dont like how peoples pets have facebooks either

Mr. Sailor i almost made a fake one though one time. it was going to be my hand... and i was gonna say i was in a relationship with it. it was clever... i just wasnt ballsy enough

Mr. Sailor i was gonna draw a face on my hand and everything

Lu Sooo... I'm off to bed, it's kinda late... TTYL ...Luv y'all

Amber oh wow....

Amber um

Amber Night Lu!!!! Love ya

Mr. Sailor I ? LU!!!


Amber O.o

Mr. Sailor BYE LU!!!

Chris Wow Mr. Sailor............that's all I can say.......................?...

Mr. Sailor i have no idea who lu is

Amber She's AMAZING no worries

Chris yeah, she's kinda awesome :D

Mr. Sailor well nice then

Mr. Sailor glad i didnt say that about some schmuck

Amber and then there where 3

Mr. Sailor and nicholas comes back from his MANventures

Amber maybe 3? maybe just us now...

Amber lol

Chris I'M STILL HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!

Mr. Sailor but there was 5 in total

Chris unless you want me to leave you two love birds alone...which I can totally do! Just say the word! :P

Amber and now there is only 3

Mr. Sailor and then there were 2... ;-P

Mr. Sailor jk

Amber lol :p Chris it's all good

Mr. Sailor abbra ca.. get the hell out! lmao

Chris That's not the word.................the word is youtube dumbass :P

Amber omfg ??

Mr. Sailor LMAO

Chris ?????

Mr. Sailor so ummm... yeah... lets talk about this youtube thing since we are all in here

Mr. Sailor that burrito took forever to eat man.. felt like the bitch was 8 feet long

Amber omg I won't say anything to that

Mr. Sailor ok... anyone who says something smart on that gets it lmao

Chris this youtube thing?? I don't know what you're talking about :P

Mr. Sailor amber.... why.... its always you... why... lmao

Chris I'm pretty sure it's a good thing it took you a while to eat or you might have choked when you swollowed ;)

Amber lol what do I get ;)

Mr. Sailor a lashing

Chris HEY NOW! I can leave if you two wanna get all kinky and shit! My innocent mind doesn't need to read such things!!!

Mr. Sailor you find lashings kinky?

Amber Innocent mind my ass!

Mr. Sailor im being mean right now... on purpose.... im no kinky lmao

Chris lashings are a gateway type of floorplay...it leads to chains and bondage

Mr. Sailor so.. miami vs atalanta on thursday... whos watchin?


Mr. Sailor floorplay.. lol

Amber lmfao floors, bed, couches, cars, eh it's all the same

Chris Mr. Sailor, whether you're kinky or not...I don't need to know lol that's for Amber to know and me to never know hahaha

Chris lmfao Amber :P

Mr. Sailor foreplay?

Amber ?;D

Chris YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT MR. SAILOR!!! I've been up for almost 24 hours straight, don't judge me!

Amber Innocent mind my ass.


Mr. Sailor yall are both guilty as charged

Chris I CALL BULLSHIT!!!!!! :P

Amber nope! I'm innocent till proven guilty which ain't happened yet so :p

Chris ok maybe I'm a LITTE dirty minded....................?.

Amber Little?!?!?!?! hahahahahahahaha

Mr. Sailor minded?! lmao

Chris yes LITTLE!

Amber maybe a little is clean...

Chris Mr. Sailor, you don't even know me! I'm completely innocent thank you very much!!!

Chris nope Amber, only a little is dirty, just like yours :P

Mr. Sailor mhmmm.. im sure. thats what they all say

Amber hehe ;)

Chris yep, best night I've had in a while lol

Amber same here :)

Mr. Sailor best night i EVER had

Amber really now?

Mr. Sailor could be.. who knows.. i dont remember yesterday for cryin out loud

Chris Mr. Sailor...I'd run...fast...well, as fast a Navy guy CAN run...

Amber mmmmhm

Amber lmfao Chris

Mr. Sailor sigh.. depends.. how fast can a writer run?

Chris touche sir, touche

Mr. Sailor but nicely played madam

Amber I think imma go watch me some youtube now :D gotta love youtube?

Chris lmfao

Mr. Sailor omg... i need to know what in the hell you are referring to

Mr. Sailor lmao

Chris I just looooooooooooove youtube! Don't you guys????

Mr. Sailor ehh..

Amber oh i loooooooooove youtube too

Chris lmfao amber. How could you not LOOOOOOVE youtbe :P

Amber idk youtube is just soooooooo loveabele

Mr. Sailor ?.... youtube is code for what

Mr. Sailor my teddy bear?

Amber teddy bear?

Mr. Sailor yeah.. a bear.. thats teddyfied

Amber you said "my"

Mr. Sailor and you said i love youtube..

Amber because I do!

Chris lmfao


Chris I can't do anything but laugh at this right now..

Chris And that's what makes you a real man Mr. Sailor ;)

Mr. Sailor yes

Mr. Sailor the fact that i can admit it

Mr. Sailor but.. its also unmanly to lie.. so lemme stop

Mr. Sailor lmao

Amber i gots stuffed animals too! xD got a devil dog named Logan ?

Mr. Sailor how..... cute

Chris OMG AMBER YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!

Amber LD

Amber ?:D*

Mr. Sailor ?6 hamburgers anyone?

Amber lmfao Hun, Lo is a long story

Chris omg, I bet there's a video on YOUTUBE about a guy trying to eat 6 hamburgers...that's why I LOVE YOUTUBE, because there's a video for everything!

Mr. Sailor yeah im sure it is

Mr. Sailor i bought lo.. the end

Mr. Sailor wait

Mr. Sailor holy fuck.

Mr. Sailor i think i just caught on

Mr. Sailor amber...... what did you do

Amber woah what do you mean what did I do?!

Chris I just got confused.............what did Amber do???

Mr. Sailor i should say.. what did you put on y outube lol

Chris ?***facepalm***

Amber lol nothing I promise. you're still not catching it babe

Mr. Sailor no...... i get it now

Mr. Sailor i figured it out

Amber are you sure now?

Mr. Sailor yes

Amber bout time

Mr. Sailor bout time you love youtube

Mr. Sailor lmao

Amber ?:D youtube is just so irresitable sometimes you gotta love it

Chris says the one that just think's youtube is kinda 'eh'

Mr. Sailor lol.. thanks for that

Chris Any time hun! :P

Amber lmfao





Amber What an AH-MA-ZING night ?


Mr. Sailor Lo must be pretty great.. :-P

Amber You have no idea ;) Lo is fuckin AMAZING ;)

Mr. Sailor DISLIKE BUTTON!!!!! they need to add this feature... now!

Amber Lol they have a dislike button on youtube ;p

Mr. Sailor looks like you have a youtube fetish

Amber I just love youtube geez

Mr. Sailor ?:)

Mr. Sailor okie dokie

Chris you guys are cute...it's funny in an annoying mushy kinda way ;) :P

Mr. Sailor hey!!! i thought we locked the door... get out!

Amber lmao guess you didn't good job babe now look :p

Chris Maybe you shouldn't hang your dirty laundry out for everyone to see on facebook :P

Mr. Sailor you can see my speedos?

Amber sweet jesus... lmfao

Mr. Sailor he is sweet... like candy

Chris oh that's a speedo?? I thought it was your grandma's underwear....

Mr. Sailor ewww...

Amber OMG I love my friends

Chris dirty either way you look at it isn't it?

Mr. Sailor are you calling my grandmother dirty?

Chris nope, just her grannie panties

Chris hell maybe you're grandma is dirty...you don't know what she gets up to when you aren't around

Chris ?*your

Mr. Sailor so you are saying you used my grandmas panties... yes im implying you are dirty lmao

Chris we already went over this once tonight Billy, I'm only dirty minded ;)

Mr. Sailor my grandma isnt even around :(

Amber why is it always my status that gets hijacked?

Chris aaaaand now I feel like a bitch....sorry Billy :(

Mr. Sailor bitch

Mr. Sailor lol jk.. well i mean she is.. but its ok. i set u up pretty bad on that one lol

Chris because they're the easiest to hijack Amber....I was gunna make a 9/11 joke and decided against it...be proud lol

Chris yeah, you really did set me up on that one...asshole

Amber you calling my statuses easy?!

Mr. Sailor yeah she only does 9/11 jokes or dead family jokes.. classy. LMAO

Chris Yep, that's it Amber...and from what I hear it's not just your statuses that are easy ;) lmfao JUST KIDDING! I love you :D

Amber ?:o

Chris yep, I'm a classy broad Billy, very classy

Mr. Sailor Go fuck yourself San Diego

Amber you guys are a mess..

Chris San Diego? I thought your fuck buddy's name was Juanita.....?

Mr. Sailor so is your nappy head

Chris ohhhh, burn!!!!!

Amber bitch try me

Mr. Sailor already did

Mr. Sailor im returning for wholesale

Chris oh damn...I see a bitch fight about to happen up in herrrrr!!!

Amber lmfao

Mr. Sailor who you callin a bitch, bitch

Amber hoe don't talk bout my bff like that! we will have problems

Amber wait

Amber i fucked that up

Amber its late

Amber i think

Amber now i'm talking to myself

Mr. Sailor ho* amature

Chris I think at this point, it's classified as early lol

Mr. Sailor damn

Amber next is that self hugging jacket

Mr. Sailor amateur*

Chris OH I LIKE THOSE!!! They make me happy :D

Mr. Sailor lmao

Mr. Sailor I LIKE HUGS

Chris do we need to have another chat about those issues Billy??

Mr. Sailor another?

Amber do you go to the round padded room and get told to find the corner too???


Chris fuck.....*your

Chris damn we need some sleep lol

Chris we're all going a little more loopy in the head then normal lol

Amber speak for yourself

Amber lmfao

Amber my head is always this fucked

Mr. Sailor than*

Chris lmfao

Chris mine is too if I'm being honest lol

Mr. Sailor i like fucked heads

Amber mines actually worse.. this is clean hahaha

Chris namely yours right?

Amber ?^^^^^ nice

Mr. Sailor my name is billy

Chris thanks, I thought that one was pretty good lol

Amber dear god I hope some people don't read this

Chris lmfao, agreed Am

Mr. Sailor i hope people dont think i know you guys

Chris I just called you Am.....that was weird

Chris well, technically, neither of you actually know me lol

Amber ?:o you don't wanna know me? :'(

Mr. Sailor actually.. we are all a part of a cult

Chris of course I WANT to know you Amber! I'm just saying, technically speaking, I've never really met either of you lol

Amber Chris I know you! just haven't physically met you

Mr. Sailor YEAH!!! you know my brain.. not my body

Amber that comment was to him...

Chris yes, a prostitute killing, necro cult billy...just keep telling yourself that your behavior is normal and enjoy the hugging jacket

Chris oh...oh well lol

Mr. Sailor how are you gonna say it was to me like... 20 minutes later and just let her ramble lmao

Amber pretty sure I comment like right after you. you just ignored me, it's ok I see how it is

Chris because she likes listening to me talk lol I entertain her :P

Mr. Sailor yeah.. you annoy me

Amber fine forget you too! Imma go sleep with Logan now

Chris good! That's my goal in life...to make your life a livng hell :P

Chris lmfao tell Lo I said hi!!!

Amber will do :)

Mr. Sailor but logan is so little... in every way lol

Chris he'll be happy to hear from a rockstar ;)

Mr. Sailor m pretty famous

Chris it's not like you're much improvement Billy :P

Mr. Sailor smh

Mr. Sailor im outty yo

Amber it's not always bout size but how you handle your equipment

Amber shesh

Mr. Sailor i use both hands!

Chris true...but size helps :P

Amber dear god

Mr. Sailor im long.. like poll volter

Mr. Sailor pole*?

Mr. Sailor lmao

Amber yea I'm sure you Navy guys know how to work a pole

Chris to what? grip the desk while you fuck your secretary who's actually a prostitute cuz you can't get it anywhere else?

Mr. Sailor not true!!! i can get it in the kitchen too! ;-)

Amber can you?

Mr. Sailor only one way to find otu

Mr. Sailor out*

Chris get what? someone's sloppy seconds??

Mr. Sailor i love left overs!

Mr. Sailor brb my peeps

Amber oooook...

Chris it's because you've never had a fantastic first Billy, but don't worry, settling isn't a bad thing :P

Chris Alright, my brain is quickly shutting down for the night forcing me slowly into a coma like sleep, so, that my cue to leave. Love you guys and we'll talk tomorrow ?

Amber lol good night love ya too ?



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