Campus Life: FUN101

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Kema is a beautiful young undergraduate who falls prey to the fast and dangerous life style of a group of students who are in college to do anything but study. She soon becomes accustomed to their ways but pays a huge price when she meets a man at a party and what follows is not “business as usual”.

Submitted: February 09, 2013

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Submitted: February 09, 2013



It was 2.20 pm on Monday afternoon, and the hostel was quiet as most students were either in the lecture theaters receiving lectures or in the various laboratories /classrooms or libraries studying. Kema woke up with a pounding headache, it took her several seconds to realize where she was. As realization dawned on her, she felt sick relieving the events of the weekend past.


Kema had recently gained entry into the prestigious University of Lagos, Nigeria. She was a beautiful seventeen year old girl from a wealthy background. Her parents were disciplinarians and were quite strict with Kema and her siblings despite the fact that they were rich. They did not believe in “sparing the rod and spoiling the child”. They were staunch Christians. The decision to allow Kema reside in the college campus was a tough one because of all the negative reports that emanated from there. There were talks of young boys joining dangerous occult groups and girls becoming wayward and out of control.  Most young girls and boys leaving home for probably the first time in their lives had the tendencies to stray. Kema was no exception.


From the first week Kema arrived in school, she hooked up with the “It” girls and boys.  A few days preceding her departure from home, her father alongside her mother had prayed with and for her with her father emphasizing on the words from the bible, “Be not deceived, evil communications corrupt good manners”. These admonitions as well as her uncool clothing had since been tucked out of sight.  Kema had replaced her wardrobe with the keen approval from the leader of the “It” crowd and when she expressed her fear of having little money left from the pocket money given to her by her dad, Suzie, the “It” girls leader laughed and said to her, “ Kema dear, money is not our problem. In fact, the only problem we have when it comes to money is how to spend it! We will show you how, don’t worry”. From then on, there was no stopping Kema. She rocked hard, rarely attended lectures, and even gained herself the nickname “Kema Kool!”


A few days before her second semester examinations were due to commence, Kema was invited to a party. The hosts were top political officers. Kema and her friends were used to these types of parties. They even attended some of these parties out of state, their parents oblivious of their antics. A few weeks prior to their latest invite, Kema attended a party in neighboring Togo; that was quite daring even for her, but she did it anyway. 


The girls were chauffeured to the party venue in Limousines. The advice of her room-mates in the hostel to slow down and study for her exams fell on deaf ears. She jokingly told them she was studying hard for FUN 101.


At the party, each of the girls was paired off with the Men supposedly at the helms of affairs in the country, men old enough to be their dads and possibly grand-dads.  Kema was paired off with the Minister for Foreign Affairs, a pot-bellied, bald headed, and beady eyed five 5ft 3” man. What a gorgeous, intelligent, well brought up seventeen year old girl was doing with a man like that beats ones imagination. A few hours into the party, Minister Collins Olufemi, Kema’s date, invited Kema to his private suite in the hotel where the party was being held. She obliged him, thinking to herself that this was just another randy old fool wanting to sleep with her and then give her money as a thank you. Well she was a “big gal” now, she thought, she did not have to sleep with these money bags as she had soon learned from Suzie after their first few outings. She had perfected the art of charming these men, sometimes obliging them oral sex if they were persistent and getting rewarded with more money than she had ever dreamed of handling. 


She smiled sweetly at the Minister as he led the way. As they entered the room, Kema felt a bit uneasy, not sure exactly why she proceeded anyway and sat down on a comfortable arm chair by the window. She looked out of the window and stared at the beautiful view. The Minister poured two glasses of pink champaign and offered her a glass which she accepted. He sat across from her and took a sip from his glass while watching her. “You’re not drinking” he said, “Do you want something else?” Something to eat perhaps”, Kema smiled and said she was OK. She took a sip of her drink, a little bit perplexed that he was not asking her to undress already. Kema took another sip from her drink, it tasted a tad too sweet, but she felt relaxed, a bit too relaxed. The Minister stood up suddenly, moved closer to Kema and stroked the side of her face. He then excused himself and headed for the bathroom. That feeling of foreboding descended on Kema again. She checked her phone; there was a text message from Suzie, “Where are you? heading back to school now, ok”. The text was received at 2:10 am, she checked the time, and it was 2:27 am. She was feeling a bit uneasy, somewhat dizzy. She was going to respond to Suzy to tell her where she was but she just couldn’t. Her hands felt tired and heavy. Just as she was trying to comprehend how she was feeling and contemplating leaving the room, the bathroom door opened and out came the Minister, stark naked and holding what appeared to be a huge snake! Then he said to her, “now my dear, let’s play”. That was the last she remembered. She woke up in strange surroundings, her entire body racked with pain. She looked around and saw that she was alone. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door; it was a staff member of the hotel telling her she had to leave. She could hardly speak. Her throat was patched; she managed to ask for a glass of water. She could not remember the events that led to her being there in the first place. The hotel staff, as if reading her mind, told her that there had been a party at the hotel the night before and which he was presuming she attended and that everyone had left. She closed her eyes, something did not feel right inside her, she felt a terrible pain in her abdomen, but she managed to get dressed and call for a taxi to take her back to school.


She went straight to her room and was relieved to see that her room-mates had left for the weekend. She stayed in bed from Saturday through to Monday. She felt very sick but couldn’t bring herself to tell anyone anything. She really couldn’t remember much, but she could still see that monstrous snake in her mind’s eye. Her room-mates returned to the room at about 5pm that Monday evening and found Kema shivering uncontrollably in her bed. She was rushed to the hospital and her parents were alerted. Several hours later, following extensive examinations and tests, the doctors informed her parents that she had been assaulted in a strange manner and that some vital parts of her reproductive organs had been removed. In this instance, it was strongly believed she had been assaulted by Ritualists, the purpose most likely to enrich whoever did that to her. This type of assaults had been reported in a few other regions in the state. Kema remained in hospital for several weeks. Her parents were distraught and terribly hurt wondering who could have done this horrible act to their little girl. It turned out that she would never be able to have children. What a terribly price to pay for a bit of “FUN”. She missed her examinations and because she had failed her first semester examinations she was dismissed from the school. She failed it all, even FUN 101, her favorite subject.

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