the crystalline tower

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a short story I did for a friend with her characters

Submitted: April 20, 2008

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Submitted: April 20, 2008



The soft sound of wings pushing away air and the scent of his hair are what first alerted Sarah of the dark man's presence. Oh how long it had been since she had laid eyes on the boogeyman. Had he changed? Did he finally remember her even after all these years she was to be kept imprisoned in the crystalline tower?
He was a creature that could no longer be called a true boogey man; but much more. So much negative energy and yet he still only had received minor changes in his appearance. From those leathery emerald and black wings, and also those gleaming scarlet eyes that stared at our not so young Sarah with the probing curiosity of a two year old. He had  indeed become a noble king since his fathers passing. Though Sarah  would always see him as the handsome prince she had come to love. Even if he no longer could remember her
The mismatched eyed girl turned to her guest and smiled the best she could with the spell bound mesh across her lips. Blank stares would ensue. ‘perhaps he really has forgotten me’ Sarah thought sorrowfully recounting the event in which started this sad state of affairs. The nightmare king( also know as the Rat king) had declared war on the boogey kingdom by kidnapping their prince.
Sarah was not to let him get taken without a fight. With help from the boogey men army she marched off to the nightmare kingdom to reclaim her prince. As fate would have it the nightmare king was pumping negative energy into the young prince in hope to turn him into a mindless pet. Sarah ended taking in much of that energy to try and protect said young prince. Such a thing was never heard of! A mere human taking on so much negative energy would surely have it’s fall backs. In a moment of excruciating pain Sarah let out a glass shattering scream. This scream in fact did shatter all the glass in the nightmare kings castle and sent all his monsters and the Rat king himself scrambling to her feet in obedience from her tremendous negative energy.
And this is where we have left off at. The former boogey king decided Sarah’s voice was much too powerful so he bound her power of song and speech. Shackled incase the madness of all the raw negative energy would happen to seep in.
she smiled ounce more  in hope that she would at least get the return of such a small gesture.  After a moment she finally let the sides of her mouth drop. All he was willing to do at that point was stare into her one pure blue eye.  Sighing in defeat she turned around to hum the lyrics of a song that ran through her mind ever since she was kept in the tower.

 “willows whisper in my ear
Making sense of what’s unclear
When it come to all that’s bad
Even hero’s can go mad”

She turned her head back to find only black fog in place where her prince ounce flew. ' My voice may lure any monster, but you scurry as far away as you can my prince' Sarah smiled at the irony of it all. Perhaps tomorrow she would try and lure the beast  ounce more with her song.

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