Jacob's Secret (Part 1)

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Audry Mitchell is a seventeen year old girl trying to get over the death of her brother Jacob. Who died in a horrible car accident, an accident she blames herself for. Her friend is a party girl and her mother use to be an alcoholic. She is just getting over her therapy, and is feeling better. When suddenly she gets an email from a mysterious guy named Drummerboy29. Then she begins to spiral into the life of her brother, and finds that his death may not have been an accident.

Submitted: July 18, 2009

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Submitted: July 18, 2009



Jacob's Secret


"DAMNIT, GET OFF ME YOU PERV!" Audry screamed as she tried to push a very drunk, very horny guy off of her. Her friend Patrice had talked her into coming to this stupid party. She finally managed to push him completely off and she stomped towards the door. Patrice came up to her and grabbed her arm, before she could exit the house.

“Audry please don't leave. Come on.” Audry rolled her eyes. She could smell the booze on Pat's breath. She was definitely drunk, again. She couldn't go to a party with her because all she ever did was get drunk and leave her to fend for herself. Well tonight she was done, she was going home. She pulled her arm away from her and fixed her jean jacket.

“No, Pat. This is not my scene. You have a good night.” She continued to head for the exit, leaving Pat swaying back and forth.

“But how will I get home?” She screamed almost falling just from the force of her voice.

Audry didn't stop she lifted her hand in the air and waved. “You'll find some way, you always do.”

She pulled her keys out of her pocket as she headed for her car. Why had she parked so far away. She dodged more drunk teenagers as she finally found her red 1986 camaro that was parked next to the curb. She got in and turned it on, after a second her radio blasted on playing some screamo band that she had on her ipod that was plugged into her radio. She leaned her head back on the head rest of her seat and took a deep breath. She was so frustrated with her friend. Lately all her friend wanted was to “hook” her up with some guy and hope that she either got laid or made a relationship with him. It was becoming very tiresome. Since her split with her long time boyfriend, Joe Drake, she wasn't really herself. Well at least that's what Pat always said. So maybe she just didn't want to go to parties anymore, maybe she was getting tired of the scene. She lifted her head and began to drive home. Her car died and she quickly started it again.

“Stupid car.” Finally it ran smoothly.

She lived with her mother in a small house in New Jersey, the heartland of small time bands wanting to get big. New Jersey was also the home of Frank Sinatra, but not only was it his home it was where many bands and performers started their career. Such artist as Blondie, Jon Bon Jovi, The Misfits and My Chemical Romance. Her town was one of the poorer area's of Jersey.

Audrey pursued music herself. Her small band consisted of three member's, Her, Pat and Joe. They were called Jacob's Little Sister, an ode to her older brother. Their music wasn't really like anyone else's, they tried to be new age but mix a little of the old aged rock with their lyrics and melodies. But now since her recent break up with Joe, she was afraid that they would be looking for another drummer. That's why she didn't have time for these stupid parties. She pulled up to her little home and saw that the kitchen light was on. Great. Her mother was awake.

She sat in her car for a minute hoping that maybe her mom was just getting a drink of water or something. Then she looked at the clock on her stereo. It was 2 am. Her mother was definitely not getting a drink of water. Now she was going to have to hear from her. She stayed sitting with her car off for a few more minutes. Her mother, Cecilia Mitchell, was a recovering alcoholic and swore that if Audry wasn't careful she would become one too. If she knew how little her daughter even drank she wouldn't be so upset. Yeah sure she liked to enjoy a drink now and then maybe get a little tipsy but she never got obliterated. She always had to look out for Pat, so getting drunk was out of the question. She thought back to leaving Pat at the party. Then she remembered her brother for a second, the look on his face when she left him. She shook the image off. Patrice could take care of herself.

She took a deep breath and finally got up the nerve to leave her car. She tried to shut the door quietly but it was so heavy it made a huge BANG, when it shut. She flinched at the noise. The porch light went on and her mother's frame stood in the doorway. She lowered her head and moped to the porch.

“Audry Rose Mitchell, is that you? Do you realize what time it is?” She raised her hands to her hips as she opened the screen door to let Audry in.

Audry reluctantly entered her home, walking past her mom without making eye contact. She tried to escape to her room but when her mother stopped her she knew it was too much for her to think that she would be able to make it.

“Yes, mother. I know what time it is and I'm sorry. I'm not drunk and I just want to go to bed, please.” She begged but her mom wouldn't back down she was in for another rant about how drinking was bad and parties weren't fit for a girl of her age. This one was probably one of her mother's best speeches. She sat her down in the kitchen and sat across from her. She put on the most caring face, it was worry stricken and for a moment Audry actually felt bad, until she realized that she really didn't do anything. Her mom raved, and used her hands for explanation.

“And when you run around, with all those piercings and tattoo's, which I don't even know how you got them without my permission.”

Audry rolled her eyes. “Mom, I have two piercings and one tattoo, it's not like I'm all inked up, with holes all over. And I told you I didn't do anything.” I dragged out the “do” with an exasperated “o”.

“Well, you shouldn't have any of those anyway.” She crossed her arms and leaned back into her chair. “Audry, I'm only worried about you. I don't want you to...”

“Turn out like you...Mom...you weren't a bad person okay. You got over your problems and now your good. Can I go to bed now?” She laid her head down on the table her necklaces making a clinking noise when they hit the table. She sprawled her arm out so she could lie her head on it. She looked up at her mom who was lighting a cigarette and staring out the kitchen window above the sink. Her mother was a skinny woman with long blond hair. She had always been beautiful. She was the good grades top of the class, popular girl in school, complete opposite of her daughter. But somewhere down the line her mother got caught up with the wrong crowd and became a horrible alcoholic, and pregnant at sixteen. She had gone to countless classes and therapists, it was Audry's freshman year, and her brother was a senior, when her mother finally stopped drinking. It's been four years since she had a drop of alcohol. As she stared at her mom, she noticed the bags under her eyes, she looked ten years older than she was.

“Just go to bed Audry, we'll talk again tomorrow.” She finally said as she didn't remove her eyes from the window. What was she watching anyway? Audry stood from the table her necklaces jingling again, it being the only sound in the room at the moment.

“Mom...I...” Her mother turned her head to her, shaking it, an obvious fake smile across her face, for a second Audry thought there were tears in her eyes.

“It's okay Honey, just go to bed you look exhausted.”

And with that Audry made her way up the stairs to her room. This wasn't the first time this had happened. Ever since Audry turned fifteen her mother had become a different person, more parent like. And her brother's accident didn't help much either. It was annoying most of the time because her mother thought she was going to turn out just like her. But that was one goal Audry wouldn't accomplish. She walked to her door which had a sign taped to it saying “Audry's Room”. It was made with printer paper and letter stickers, the letter's were all uneven because she had made the sign with her mom when she was five. She opened the door to her dark room and flicked on the light. Her bed was to the right unmade and the red comforter was halfway on the floor. There was a pile of dirty clothes next to her closet which was behind her door, and at least four pairs of different color converse brand shoes lazily scattered around her room, none of them lying next to their partners. Her sheer black curtains were halfway open while her blinds were closed, completely. Her computer desk stood directly across from her bed and thats where she went first. She opened up her laptop and turned it on. She sat down in her computer chair and listened to the sound the computer made when the desktop page appeared. She signed into her messenger and waited to see how many emails she had. Fourteen. She clicked on the link and her email came up. She rested her head on her palm and went through them. Most of them were junk mail, one was from Joe and there was one from Pat. She ignored the one from Joe and clicked on Pat's name.


Just makikng suree you mde it home. Did you?

It definitely read like someone wasn't quite sober when they wrote it.

Yeah, I'm home. Get some rest.

Was all she said back. She continued to search through her emails and the last one was from a DrummerBoy29. It wasn't someone she knew because it was their email and not their name. She clicked on it really hoping it wasn't some freak from a porn website or something like that.

Hey there,

I was on your bands website and found your email. I noticed you were looking for a drummer.

Well I happen to be a drummer. I was wondering if maybe I could come for an interview and

practice, so I can show you what I got.


Audry laughed. Was this guy serious? He couldn't even give her his real name. She clicked on the reply button and wrote him back:


Since you can't even give me your real name I am going to have to decline your offer. I don't

know who you are but you must have some serious issues to work out. Find me when you can

give me your name.


She snickered as she closed her laptop and made her way to her bed. She flopped down and bounce for a moment and rolled over. She thought about the email. What an idiot. Why would he even think that she would grant him an interview if he couldn't supply her with his name, were they suppose to call him Drummerboy29. She closed her eyes for a second and drifted off to sleep.


Audry woke to her alarm going off. She checked the time it was 6 am. “What the hell?” She didn't turn her alarm on. Then she noticed that she was covered up and the light had been turned off. Wasn't it Saturday? Why did her mom turn her alarm on. She turned it off and rolled back over covering her head with her blanket. Then a knock came at her door.

“Audry, remember you have an appointment with Doctor Richmond this morning.” Her mother's voice was muffled by the door.

She opened her eyes wide and flung her blankets off. She had totally forgotten about the appointment. Audry's brother, Jacob, died two years ago in a violent car crash, involving alcohol. Audry had blamed herself, since she had been at the party and refused to give him a ride home because he was being childish and they had gotten into a huge fight. Her brother was two years older than her and he would have graduated that year. He left with another friend in a hurry and he ended up driving home drunk. Her mother blamed her for a while she never actually said it, but Audry knew. Her mother became distant, and she became quiet. Audry commended her mother for not drinking during that time. But Audry couldn't help but become depressed. Her mother wouldn't even talk to her about him or about it. One day she was so depressed she made herself believe that her mother would be better off without her, and her screw ups. She locked herself in the bathroom and slit her wrists with the bathroom razor. Her mother found her unconscious and called an ambulance.

In the hospital her mother never left her side. She had said, “Don't you ever do that to me again. I have already lost my son, I can't loose my daughter too.” And they both cried. Audy promised she would never do it again and also promised to see a therapist. She had been seeing the same doctor for the whole two years and she really liked her.

She jumped from her bed and grabbed a pair jeans that were ripped at the knee and a “Ramones” t-shirt and ran to the bathroom. She started the shower and jumped it. The water hadn't quite warmed up and she quietly squeaked at the cold. She showered quickly, brushed her hair and threw it in a loose pony tail. She ran down stairs to greet her mother in the kitchen.

“Hey mom, I'm leaving. You know I don't think you have to come with me this time. It's my last appointment and I can do it myself.” She told her as her mother handed her a blueberry bagel with cream cheese already spread all over it.

“Are you sure dear. I mean it's not a bother for me to go you know.” She said as she took a bite of her bagel.

“I know, but, it's totally cool. Okay?” her mother nodded sadly. Audry leaned in and kissed her mom on the cheek. “Love you, I'll see you later.” She ran out the door.

She stopped at a gas station filled her car up and got an energy drink, because she knew that she would definitely droop. Why did she agree to the eight 'o' clock appointment? Her drive to the office was short and she parked on the street in front of the huge building.

The therapist's office was shared with a dentist, a law firm and a few other offices that didn't have names on the doors. She stood in front of the glass windowed door and read the words on it. “Dr. Jessica Richmond”. She opened it and saw the secretary reading a magazine with a half eaten piece of toast and an opened diet coke next to her.

“Hey Violet, Is she ready to see me?” Her anxiety rose at the fact that this would be her last time seeing Violet and Jessica. She was so anxious to just get it over with and go home and never have to come here again.

“Yeah Audry, go right in.” She barely took her face from the magazine and pointed towards the doctors office door.

Audry still knocked when she came to the door. She heard a small voice say “Come in.” She entered to see Jessica Richmond writing something in a file. Her dark brown hair was up in a tight bun and her small reading glasses rested on the brim of her nose. She wore a gray suit coat and a gray matching skirt. She had always looked older than her age. Audry had thought she was maybe thirty-five years old, come to find out she wasn't even thirty yet, she was twenty-nine.

“Have a seat Audry I'll be right with you.” Audry didn't say anything she just walked into the room and sat down on her usual side of the couch and grabbed a magazine to read. Bored with the magazine she looked around the office. Nothing had changed in the two years she had been coming here. There was a huge wall size bookshelf behind her desk filled with all kinds of books on Psychology and Therapy among other books by various authors. There were also pictures of her family. Her husband, Mark and her two kids, Joey and Sylvia. She looked down back at the magazine when finally she heard Jessica, or Dr. Richmond as she always wanted her to call her when they were in the office, clear her throat. She looked up immediately putting the magazine down. “So, how do you feel today Audry?” She asked in her inquisitive tone, as she rose from her desk and came to sit at the chair next to the couch, with pad and paper in hand. She crossed her legs and rested her hands over the pad of paper and looked at her.

“Oh pretty good, I would say. I'm extremely tired though.” she said as she leaned back and sprawled out with her legs lying under the glass table that held the magazines.

“Oh? And why is that? Aren't you sleeping well?” She asked as she began to write something down in her pad of paper.

“No, I mean, I've been sleeping just fine. Pat just dragged me to this stupid party last night and I didn't get home until late. Then I kind of forgot about this appointment.” She was making her more nervous that she already was.

“I see and what did you mother say about this?” She asked still not looking up from her pad of paper.

“Look, Jessica, I mean Dr. Richmond. I don't mean to be rude but, this is my last appointment and I just kind of want to get it over with. Do you think we could just like sit and talk normally for today. You just keep making me more nervous when you ask those questions.” It wasn't like Dr. Richmond was acting really different but it seemed like she was being more of a doctor that she had been in the past. She looked up from the pad of paper finally and reached to take off her glasses.

“Listen Audry, I know you want to be done with this. God knows I do too, I mean I'm proud of you and how far you have come but today is the most important day of the therapy. It's where you can say the last things you need to say and get everything out. So I need for you to work with me here. We have forty five minutes left and I want you to tell me everything that has gone on in your head since our last time together. Okay?” She put her glasses back on and put her attention back to her pad of paper. Audry was silent for a moment. She thought about it and ended up telling her about the fight she had with her mom last night and about her drunken friend. She told her about her break up with Joe, to which she asked. “And how did that make you feel?” She knew what she was getting at she wanted her to say that she felt depressed but she really wasn't. She hadn't felt depressed in a long time and she told her that. She didn't, however, tell her about the email from Drummerboy29. She didn't think it was necessary.

At last the forty five minutes was up and Audry rose at the same time Jessica did. She stretched and began to leave. Jessica came to her and grabbed her arm gently.

“Listen Audry, If you ever need anything or just need to talk to someone, here.” She handed her a small index card that held her name in bold gold letters and her office number on it. Her smile was genuine and she really did care about Audry and her mental health. Audry weakly smiled and looked up at her. “My home number is on the back. No charge okay. Your a good kid, stay that way.” Jessica said as she walked back to her desk and turned her attention to the file, Audry's file.

“Thanks, Jes-Dr. Richmond.” She said as she turned around.

“Audry, It's Jessica now.” She winked at her and Audry smiled big as she left the office. And saw Violet still sitting at the desk but now she was on the phone.

“We'll see you around Violet.” She said to her as she walked past.

She heard Violet yell back to her. “I hope not, in this place.” She said as she laughed. Audry couldn't help but echo her laugh. She was finally done with therapy and she didn't feel like a psycho anymore. She drove home, the smile hadn't left her face. She opened the door and noticed her mother was sitting in the living room. Her mother noticed her as Audry stepped into the room.

“Hey sweetie, how was your last appointment?” She looked at her as she muted the television.

Audry sat on the small white recliner that was next to the doorway. “It was good, Jessica gave me her number so we could party some time.”

Her mother shot her a very upset stare. Audry smiled. “Mom, I'm just kidding. But she did give me her number. In case I ever needed to talk. Free of charge.”

“Oh Audry, what am I going to do with you. Well anyway, Pat called and so did someone else. I didn't catch his name but he said something about drumming. I wrote the number down by the phone.” Audry's heart skipped a beat. A guy about drumming. It couldn't be. There were plenty of other people who wanted to drum in a band wasn't there? She went to the phone as her mom un-muted the T.V. And began to watch it in silence. She looked at her mother's intricate writing and ripped off the piece of paper. “I'm going to go upstairs and call Pat, Okay, Mom?” She said, her mom just mhmmed at her and continued to watch her show.

Audry walked up the stairs as she stared at the piece of paper. That number looked familiar but she couldn't figure it out. She folded it up and slid it into her pocket. She was not going to call him anyway. She went into her room and picked up the phone to call Pat. She opened up her laptop again and signed into her messenger again waiting for the email number to appear to her. She clicked on it and waited for Pat to answer.

“Hey.” She heard Pat's hoarse voice coming from the other line.

Audry giggled a little. “You sound horrible.”

“Shut up, how was your last therapy appointment?” She asked as she heard her opening and closing cupboards.

“It was alright, It's done and over with, thats the best part.” She scrolled down her unread emails as Pat went off about some guy she had went home with and of course had sex with. She blabbered on and on with Audry uming and ahing every so often. She continued to scroll until she saw Drummerboy29, she paused. She highlighted it and clicked on it. She began to read with Pat's voice in the background.

Okay listen, I am a drummer but that's not the reason I contacted you. I knew your brother.

There is something you need to know, will you please meet me at the Cafe 360, at eight. It's important.

Audry couldn't breath. What? Why was this happening now? Who was this Drummerboy29, and what made him think he could mess with her this way. She was just forgetting about the accident and moving on. Now some guy who couldn't even tell her his name, was saying he knew her brother. She almost choked as she swallowed. She quickly exited her email and then realized that Pat was still talking.

“Audry, Audry, Are you even listening to me?” She said.

“Pat, um, I gotta go.” She hung up on her and moved to her bed.

She couldn't tell anyone about this. She would just go meet the guy and find out what this was all about. She looked at her clock. It was only 11:30 am. She opened the top drawer of the little nightstand that stood next to her bed. She pulled out the picture she kept in there. It was a picture of her and Jacob. It was taken weeks before the accident. His long straight blond hair blew in the breeze. He looked so different than her. She had curly dark brown hair, so dark it was almost black and light skin, with piercing green eyes, while he was blond with a dark tan and welcoming blue eyes. He was the perfect one, even so she had never resented her brother. He was her best friend. Mom always worried about her becoming like her, but it was Jake who was becoming like their mom. He was partying way to much and his grades were dropping. Audry had told him that if he didn't shape up something bad would happen. She had never thought that he would die. And she should have never left him at that party. A tear fell down her cheek. It was the first time she had cried in a long time. She sniffled, rubbing her eyes, she placed the picture back into the drawer. She drifted off to sleep.

“No, Jake, I'm not taking you home. I'm not going to be the one to tell mom that your waisted. I'm going home and thats it, okay.” Audry stomped away with her keys in her hands. It was the first time she even drove her new junky car. Jake had bought it for her from a friend of his. It may have been shitty but it ran and thats all that counted. She felt him grab her hand.

“Please, sis. I can't walk home, and I came with you.” his eyes pleaded. For a moment she thought about reconsidering, but then she realized he was only trying to get her into trouble too.

“No! Find some broad to take you home.” She pulled her hand away violently and began to walk to her car. The next morning Audry woke up to her mother's frantic voice.

“Audry, Wake Up! Jacob was in an accident.”


She looked at her brother's corpse at the funeral. He opened his eyes, and grabbed her shirt.

“I didn't drive, Audry, It wasn't me, Please believe me.” Audry struggled to pull away. “Audry, Why? Why Audry?”

Audry sat straight up in bed, she was sweating and she wasn't sure but she thought she may have screamed. She waited to see if her mother was going to rush into the room. When she didn't she swung her legs over the bed and ran her hand through her damp hair. She took a deep breath and looked at the clock. It was 7:45 pm. She had slept forever.

“Shit!” She had to meet that Drummerboy29. She jumped up and ran down her stairs. Her mother had already gone to bed. She wondered if she had just let her sleep, or if she had forgotten she was even here. She snuck quietly out the front door and decided to walk. She wouldn't be that late. She tried to suppress the dream she had just had. That was her one fear, the fear that even in death her brother blamed her for his death. It was one thing for her to blame herself, even one thing for her mother to blame her but she didn't think she could bare her brother walking around in an afterlife not able to rest because of his resentment towards his sister. But why had he said he wasn't driving? It was only a dream, she guessed.

The cool summer breeze blew her hair out from under her signature jean jacket, and she closed her eyes as it cooled her sweaty body down. She was still warm from waking up in sweat. There were still lights on in most of the neighborhoods houses, a lot of kids lived on her street. She barely knew any of them but she went to school with them. It was only Saturday night, she was surprised no one was at a party. The breeze picked up and she wrapped her arms around herself. She saw the lights to the Cafe coming into distance. She reached the door and walked in. Something occurred to her, how was she to know who he was.

She looked around the place there weren't that many people there. She saw a couple sitting together sipping from paper coffee cups. There was a woman by herself reading a book, and across from her was another girl but she was doing what looked like homework. Then she saw him. He was flipping an envelope in his hand over and over, a steaming cup of coffee sitting next to him. It looked like he hadn't even touched it. He had tattoo's up and down his arms, and an eyebrow, nose and lip piercing on his face. He wore a backward white hat, over what looked like dark brown shaggy hair. She hesitated, but when she saw his face and the worry in his eye's she knew that he couldn't be bad. Something told her that he was here to help.

“Drummerboy29?” she asked as she approached the table.

He looked up at her, he was speechless for a moment. She was prettier than the picture Jacob had shown him. Her long dark hair was wavy and it hung just below her shoulders. He looked into her eyes, they were a beautiful green and he almost stopped breathing when he looked into them. They were filled with love for her brother and worry about what he was about to tell her.

“Damion.” He held out his hand to motion for her to sit. She did. He handed her the white envelope. She took it and looked it over then looked at him.

“What is this?” She asked, as she stared at him with confusion.

“Just open it, it's from Jacob.” was all he said.

“What?” She looked back at the white envelope and hesitated. He put his hand on hers to reassure her. Something in her changed and she began to open it.

Audry held her breath as she ripped gently at the flap of the envelope. There was a piece of paper and she unfolded it.


If you're reading this that means I'm dead. It's been two years, right. It's not your fault! I know how you are and you didn't do anything. I don't know how, when, or where but they are going to come after me. When they do. You need to take mom and get out. Just go. I gave my best friend,

Damion a letter to. He must have followed through if you are reading this. Please be nice to him, he is a dear friend. I love you. He will explain everything. Please don't be upset over me.

Your loving brother


Audry didn't even hesitate she began to cry. She dropped the letter onto the table and put both of her hands over her face. It seemed like the tears would never stop. She felt an arm around her shoulder and she lifted her head to see Damion comforting her. It was weird but she almost felt good in his arms, protected.

“Let me get you a cup of coffee.” He said and he walked to the counter, she watched him go.

When she turned her head to face the empty chair in front of her, it wasn't empty. She jumped when she saw Jacob sitting in place of Damion. He was pale, and bleeding from his head. There was a bullet hole in his forehead and he reached out to her, and whispered.

Audry, murder, I was murdered.

Audry jumped from the chair and it fell to the ground she grabbed her brother's letter and left the Cafe.

Damion heard the chair drop and turned around quickly to see Audry running out the door. He paid the cashier but left the coffee there. He went to the table and grabbed his jacket and ran out after her.

“Audry, wait. Did you see him? You saw him didn't you?” He said as he chased her halfway down the block. She stopped abruptly and he almost ran into her.

“What? How did you know?” She asked without turning to face him. He came up behind her and put his hand on her shoulder. There was lightning coming from the distance and a crackle of thunder boomed in response. She put her hand on top of his and then pulled away.

“No, what is going on? Why is this happening to me.” she turned around to face him. He didn't know what to do. He just stood there as the tears fell down her cheeks. Then the rain fell. Her hair was even darker when it was wet and he moved towards her. He pulled her into his arms and let her cry into his chest.

“I thought I was done with this. My therapy was over, my life, it was starting over. Why here, with you, Why now?”

He stroked her hair gently. “I don't know Audry, but for some reason he wants us to be together for it. And I intend to keep you safe from anything.” For some reason Audry felt reassured that everything would be alright. The rain poured down on the two of them as they held each other close.

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