Me, Myself, and I

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What goes through my head when i'm alone

Submitted: September 10, 2013

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Submitted: September 10, 2013



I Don’t regret loving you,

I make sure you know.

That sometimes I’m torn

Between you and you.


I’ll point my finger,

To aim the target,

Pinpoint my hearts desire,

To show I love you both,.


I smile a final smile,

And laugh my final laugh,

The shadow of my other me,

And of my other lover


Smile a devilish smile,

Point my gun at me,

Slide it down my chest

Oh, how they got happy.


I slid it down my leg,

And back up to my throat

No one knows if its loaded or not

Its my pleasure to give up


My twin grasps my breasts from behind,

My lover sits to watch

He dares me to give my life

Just for him to get off.


My twin takes the weapon,

She smiles an evil smile

She put the barrel in my mouth

And pulls the trigger


Click! As my life flashes,

He came and went,

She whispered, “I love you”

And thanks for the time you spent.


I open my eyes

And smile a certain smile,

It was light when I started

I’ve been doing it for awhile.


It was night when I woke

I thought that I was dead

A startled girl I was ,

But it was all in my head.

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