My Wonderful Mother, My Wonderful Life

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who is my mother and what my mother did to me

Submitted: September 10, 2013

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Submitted: September 10, 2013



The sounds I first heard from your wonderful voice,

Was when I was inside of you.

The first time I had seen you,

Neither of us had a choice.



My life had been created

Your duty had been stated

To protect and take care of me,

your first snowy baby.



My memory as a kid never served me right,

I remembered certain things that meant nothing to me,

Until I was five, I vaguely noticed you...

does that mean you weren't there?



My mind became matured,

and changed how everything looked,

what was once something in the corner of my mind,

was now the thing manipulating my life!



An evil entity had formed in our home

the day you married daddy I became alone,

three to four years I spent in school,

And through those years I played the fool.



Thirteen to fourteen you controlled the outcome,

Relayed every problem like a catastrophe,

Showed every fake emotion,

So proud of your masterpiece.



Fifteen to sixteen I was your best friend,

I listened when you cried your heart out,

For you I even held your hand

Through everything that made you hurt.



Sad to say you never did the same,

For me you made me feel worse

You gave a look to control what I said

So that no one would know how evil you were.



I was my own friend

I held my own hand

I listen when I cried my heart out

Cause it was you who tore me apart.




The way you punished me

God forbid you do it to them

Every time you tried to kill me

Only made me stronger and more resistant to your evil



Bones may have been broken

I may have been starved

I may have been drowned

But your words hurt me the most



You killed me emotionally

I wasn’t allowed to feel

I couldn’t say I feel a certain way

Without you saying “your emotions aren’t real”



I looked to daddy and tried as hard as I could

To show him that his doubts were true

But try as I might he never understood

That I very little had anything to do with you



To tell him that the words that you pressed

On and on preaching about his fears

Were extremely distressed

And far beyond the truth.



To tell him how you did things

Things that only benefit you

 Things that proved that you were insane

Only cause you knew better



You went out at night

You gave your kids a fright

You drank and smoked as well

but we were pursed to NEVER tell.



Six children sitting home alone

Really just happy you had gone

You oppressed every single one of us

We weren’t allowed to be kids



Then a day came in November

Just like any other day

My dad heard some awful news

Only one kid had the guts to say



He came back home and asked if we knew

Mom wasn’t home at the time

It was time to tell him the truth

We vented/poured our hearts out



I and my sister both had told him what we knew

Everything had came out like a waterfall

But slowly explained too

my little sister did it because she didn’t want to lose me



we pressed on for days on end

whenever we could tell him something

whenever she did anything

we made sure he knew



His initial reaction was a small bit of laughter

With the relieved looks of….joy?

He hugged me for the first time in a long time

And said “now I have a reason to get rid of her”




That day never came but it was more hellion for me

She blamed his knowledge on me

Then said he found out because she let him

Find her horrifying pictures on face book.



I decided to do something I had never done before.

I stayed longer at an appointment

I had a date with destiny

I suppose



They asked about the bruise on my neck

I got punished with confinement

I packed the clothes that I owned

I wanted to live my own life.



It took me an hour to prepare

And a minute to call for my ride

 Half an hour to see my baby brother and favorite sister

Before I’d lost all my pride.



I had ran away before in the past

Not very far from home

Just behind the house or the shed

Just so I could be alone



This time I took a cab

This time I took my bags

This time I left my home

And this time I wasn’t coming back

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