Fino, the City Horse- Rough Draft

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After the young girl, Marie gets adopted by the young couple Miki and Taylor Tan, she is taken to her new home where she meets the family pet. Most people assume its a dog or a cat, but the Tans' have instead a lovely horse named Fino. Marie quickly learns to ride the gentle gelding and eventually is able to ride him around in their tiny town. All seems well for Marie until one night a terrible storm frightens Fino from his paddock and goes missing. Will the Tans' ever be reunited with their beloved horse?

Note: This is one of the first stories that I have ever written so I am open to criticism. I understand that I could use some research regarding adoption policies and where horseback riding is permitted and such so if anyone happens to know any of this information then please feel free to share. Otherwise, I can go out and look p all the stuff on my own whenever I get the time to do so. If you do give feedback please keep in mind that this is a short story and that I intend for it to remain so.

Submitted: October 12, 2015

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Submitted: October 12, 2015



~~A nine year old girl with long brown hair and big brown eyes waited eagerly waiting for Miki and Taylor Tan to sign some last minute adoption by the front door of the orphanage. The girl’s name was Marie and she was papers. Miki and Taylor walked out and gave Mr.Con, the orphanages caretaker, one last handshake.
“Thank you so much Mr.Con,” Taylor said and flipped hair from his eyes.
“Yes, thank you, now our family is complete,” Miki added with an excited voice.
“No, thank you, now little Marie has a true home,” Mr.Con said and shook Taylor’s hand.
The young couple then walked over to Marie.
“Are you ready to go?” Miki asked.
Marie jumped up, “yep!”
Marie held up her arms and Taylor picked her up and carried her out to the red jeep. Suddenly Taylor turned into a driveway with a large field and white fences, and maple trees. Marie looked farther and saw a beautiful shiny roan horse with a blonde mane and tail gallop towards them.
Taylor rolled down the window, “hello Fino!” he called to the galloping steed.
“Fino?” Marie asked.
“The family horse” Miki explained briefly.
Fino whinnied and galloped next to the car until it came to a stop. Marie jumped out of the jeep and looked around at her new home. The house was just a tiny white farmhouse with a porch that had a swing on it.
“I’ll fire up the grill!” Taylor said and pranced into the house.
“Marie, I think Fino would like to meet you,” Miki said and lead Marie over to the red horse by the shoulder.
Fino neighed happily and Miki gave him a pat on the neck. Marie stepped shyly towards Fino and reached out with a shaky hand. When she was close enough, Marie stroked Fino’s shoulder blade. Fino whinnied in delight and nudged Marie’s hand for more pets. Marie giggled and stroked his nose. Just then, Taylor came waltzing up with a plate of raw steak and barbecue sauce in his arms.
“Are we having a barbecue or what?!” he shouted gleefully.
Marie and Miki laughed and followed him up to the house and around to the back. The next day Marie woke up to the sound of breakfast cooking. Marie leapt out of bed and walked into the kitchen.
“Morning Marie,” Taylor greeted happily.
Marie looked around, “where’s Miki?” she asked.
“At work, now sit down and eat your breakfast while I go and find you some clothes,” Taylor said and handed Marie her plate.
Marie sat down and began shoveling food into her mouth. Marie looked out the window. Fino was grazing in the field close to the gate. ‘Today I’m going to learn how to ride you and not be afraid anymore,’ Marie thought with a triumphant nod.
Taylor came walking into the room mumbling to himself and looking at the shirt he was carrying. Marie looked at the clothes with interest.
“Okay, I found some clothes” he said nodding triumphantly and held them up, “go try them on” he added.
Marie took the clothes and walked into her room. When Marie was dressed, she walked out to show Taylor. Taylor smiled and gave her two thumbs up.
“Come on, I’ll show you how to groom a horse,” Taylor said.
“Yippee!” Marie shouted and pulled her shoes on.
Outside, Taylor told Marie to wait for him at Fino’s gate. Taylor walked up to Fino and slipped a green halter over his head and lead Fino up to the barn. Marie followed next to Taylor and kept her eyes glued on Fino. When Taylor tied Fino securely, he handed Marie a brush and told her to brush Fino’s body with it. Marie approached Fino cautiously and began brushing his side. After a few minutes Marie had grown used to Fino and brushed him until his red coat was shining.
Taylor nodded his approval and handed Marie a comb. Marie set to work on Fino’s blonde mane. After a half hour, Taylor showed Marie how to saddle and bridle Fino. Taylor then attached a long lead line to Fino’s halter (which was still on him) and led Fino into the indoor riding ring.
“Today, you’re not going to go out on your own, yet, you’re just going to learn how to balance,” Taylor explained and helped Marie onto Fino’s back.
“Now hold your arms straight out and I’ll make Fino walk, if you feel like you’re going to fall, then grab onto that piece of leather sticking out of the saddle or it’s called the saddle horn,” Taylor instructed.
By the end of the day, Marie was able to trot on Fino with her arms out. Weeks went by and Marie learned how to ride quickly and now she was able to gallop on Fino. Marie desperately wanted to take Fino into town and show him to everybody. That night, at dinner, Marie decided to change the topic. 
“Is there a way to ride a horse into town?” Marie asked.
“Sure,” Miki answered.
“Can I ride Fino into town?” Marie asked shyly.
 “Alright, it’ll give you two something to do” Miki said and changed the topic.
Marie happily walked outside and saddled up Fino. Marie then kicked Fino into a gallop and the 2 made a B-line towards town, everybody immediately turned to look at her. Marie looked around; the town was small but homey. All the buildings were put together and the road was just dirt.
“What’s your horse’s name?” an old man asked from the street.
“Fino,” Marie told him.
The old man nodded and moved on. Suddenly everybody became interested in Fino. People swarmed around him giving him pats and telling Marie how pretty he was. Sadly the day was coming to an end and Marie had to leave town and go home. That night at dinner, the small family was discussing their days. When Marie told Miki and Taylor about her ride in town, they were delighted. Over the next few months, Marie got to know everybody in town. One night Marie was awoken by a loud clasp of thunder. Marie quickly ran into Taylor and Miki’s room and curled up next to them, she was terrified. Fino huddled under a tree trying to escape the pouring rain. His shelter had become flooded with mud. The thunder seemed like it was getting louder and louder. Suddenly a flash of lightning hit the tree snapping off a limb, which landed at Fino’s hooves.
Fino reared and neighed in fear. When he landed, Fino galloped out from under the tree. His ears flattened to his skull and his nostrils flaring, Fino leapt over the fence that confined him and galloped into the countryside.
The next day Marie skipped up to Fino’s fence and called his name. When Fino didn’t come, she called again. After a third time, Marie opened the door and strolled into Fino’s paddock to look for him. As Marie searched the paddock she became more frantic. When Marie saw the broken branch, she went to go investigate. When Marie saw the hoof print scarred into the Earth she bolted back to the house.
By the time she burst through the back door, she was crying. “What’s wrong?” Taylor asked looking up from his dish washing.
“Fino’s gone!” Marie wailed and ran into Taylor’s open arms.
“It’s okay,” he soothed. “We’ll go into town and ask if anybody’s seen him”.
Marie nodded and got on her coat and waited in the car until Taylor came out. Taylor and Marie asked everyone in town, everyone said they hadn’t seen Fino. Taylor and Marie went home with their spirits down. The next day Marie sat at the table, looking at the pancakes Taylor had made. When Miki got up to go to work, she came right back in the house her eyes wide.
“Did you forget something?” Taylor asked.
“You two have to see this,” Miki exclaimed.
Marie and Taylor rushed to the front door and swung it open. All the town people were on horses and were clustered in the driveway looking expectantly at them.
The Sheriff stepped forward. “Where do you want us to start looking for Fino?” he asked.
The family smiled at each other and Taylor split the volunteers up into groups to search. The volunteers searched all day until sunset and split up to go home, promising to be back tomorrow. Marie went to bed that night with a flicker of hope that the volunteers would find Fino.
It was the volunteer’s third day of searching and there was not a trace of Fino. Marie sat by the phone 24/7. Since every volunteer had a cell phone, they would call when Fino was found. Suddenly the phone rang, Marie snatched it up, “hello?” she said eagerly.
 “Hello Marie.” It was Mr.Con. “I have some good news. I just found out that you lost your horse."
"The orphans had found a horse wandering around and he matches the description of Feno-“
“Fino,” Marie corrected.
“We were wondering if you could come get him.” Mr.Con finished.
“Okay!” Marie said excitedly and hung up the phone.
Marie burst into the kitchen and announced the news to Taylor and Miki. While Miki stayed behind to call the volunteers, Taylor and Marie drove to the orphanage. When they got there Marie leapt out of the car and wrapped her arms around Fino’s neck. Fino lowered his head and blew into Marie’s hair. The girl and the horse were happily reunited.

© Copyright 2019 Miranda Reyes. All rights reserved.

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