The Sea by Mirandalonso

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I wrote "The Sea" for fun one day when I was bored. This is what comes out of my bored mind.... Haha, anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Again, yet another tragedy...I write a LOT of those, I tell you!

Submitted: July 16, 2011

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Submitted: July 16, 2011



I couldn't take it anymore. I'd been cooped up in my house for a full month, and that was a month too long. It was a home that didn't feel like home at all, but rather a cage, a prison, four walls that were closing in on me to the point where I couldn't breathe. I had to escape, had to break free....

So I did.

Tears burned my cheeks as I pushed open the front door and ran out into the fresh air. I had thought this sensation would feel like freedom, but somehow, I still felt chained to a miserable destiny it seemed I was doomed to.

So I continued to run, runm run down the road. I was fully aware of my weeping, of the horrible sobs ripping out of my chest, I felt the stare of shocked onlookers, heard their voices calling out to me, but I didn't react. I didn't care anymore, I just had to escape.

I left it all behind me: the brutal beatings of my abusive parents, the town that despised me for my differences, the hurt that had been left behind by the one person who I'd thought had ever truely cared....

And yet I could not break free.

I finally arrived at a beach, with a vast, blue ocean stretched out before me. I had ran as far as I could, and yet I still felt trapped, with nowhere to go....

So I gave up. I collapsed onto the muddy sand, sobbing, my hair falling around my face.

I could barely think, or rationalize, and yet an idea began to somehow form in my mind.

I had always loved this beach. As a child, it had always been the one place I could run to when the world and all its cruelties just became too much for me to bear. And just now, it seemed as if the world couldn't be more unbearable. So perhaps the sea could help me escape again... only this time for good.

I remember a time when my aunt had taken me to see a play called The Tempest. I honestly don't remember most of it, and since it was Shakespeare, I didn't pay much attention to the language... but there is one thing I remember that has always stuck with me. A song one of the characters sang, a song about a man who had drowned, who lay at the bottom of the sea, and his eyes turned to pearls, and his bones to coral.... And I'd eventually decided that when the time came for me to pass on, this would be a death that would fit me.

So why not now? Why keep living when there was nothing for me to live for?

I didn't think much about it once the idea occurred to me. I don't even remember getting up, I can only remember that vague image of the nearby cliffs as I climbed to the highest place I could reach, and then looking down at the waves crashing over the sharp rocks below.

This was it, this was the end, and I was ready.

And so I jumped.

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