The Date

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A young man waits on a bench for his date to arrive.

Submitted: February 28, 2018

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Submitted: February 28, 2018



She had promised to come, but here I sit on this bench as the sun slowly drifts towards the horizon.  I pull my hood up to ward off the chilly night air and vow to only wait a little longer.  I love her, and I thought she had loved me.  Sharing secret smiles in class, sneaking kisses where no one could see.  Was I naive or just stupid, how could someone as smart and beautiful as her ever love a geek like me?


I shivered and glanced around hoping to see her.  We had made our plans Friday after school as we sat together with our legs barely touching.  I would meet her here and we would run off together.  It wasn’t much of a plan, but we would have figured the rest out as we went, that was the idea.


I closed my eyes and the image of her beautiful face framed with the softest auburn hair filled my mind.  Her brown eyes which I thought saw pasted my appearance and saw the real me stared out of the image in my head.  I could smell her perfume and almost feel the caress of her fingers on my cheek.


Had I ruined it by insisting we wait.  She had been so ready, and I had hesitated, wanting it to be something more.  She had experience that was plain to see, but I guess I wanted the first time for us together to be special not in the janitors’ closet.  She had seemed disappointed but had continued to give me attention and spend time with me.


Secret meetings, under the bleachers or in an empty classroom.  The kissing and petting, but I had refused to let her push it further.  I guess she had found somebody else, somebody to give her what she wanted.  I stood up and with my head hang I headed for home.  All I could wonder is how I would face her Monday as she stood there teaching my English class.


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