Giving Freesia

Poem by: Miriam


Submitted: December 17, 2007

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Submitted: December 17, 2007



fair young lass

dancing in the sun

eyes alight and pure

feet never but grazing the ground

love struk doe

enchanted, she is

by a man

broody man

tall and broad

impassive as a wall

shadowed from the joys

of sun and light steps

eyes dark and hauting

desire pulses in him

for such a doe

smiling she extends her arms

towards his darkness

seeking to draw him out

towards her light

embracing him

attempting to show love

smirking he grasps her form

drawing her deeper to his abyss

bringin her down to him, on him

ensnaring her body harshly

showing her his passion

crying out again and again

tears down her glazed eyes

light gone from them long ago

broken and fallen heavily to the ground

covered in dirt, her body a shell

she weeps for her love lost

he streches in satisfaction

feeling lighter than before

a smile tugs at his melonconly lips

and his morose air lightens

striding from her, he leaves her there

his lust is satisfied for now

she pulls herself up

each movment new and painfull

her body no longer clean

never to be again

her heart strewn in peices

nothing will fix

eyes distant, she gathers up flowers

suprised, he leers

as she approces him

he gestures for her to come near

so he may touch her

shaking her head, she smiles sadly

eyes briming with tears

she extends her arms

and with a stiffled sob

drops freesia at his feet

smiling softly, she turns from him

whispering "i give this to you"

confused, he grasps them up

looking in shock at her staggering exit

he feels somthing pull inside of him

eyes filling with doubt he searches

for the flowers meaning, for hers

when he discovers

innocence, purity, love

he falls to his knees

light shining down his cheeks

torrents of tears

he looks at his hands

and says nothing

© Copyright 2017 Miriam. All rights reserved.

Giving Freesia Giving Freesia

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


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