Skeleton Curse

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A girl seeks a mystery when she discovers a skeleton underneath the school.

Submitted: May 25, 2012

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Submitted: May 25, 2012




Skeleton Curse

She sighed and let herself fall into her desk. She let her stuff fall to her side. Then suddenly there came a loud crack. Her eyes got wide, and she looked down under her desk. As she looked all she could feel was her desk plummet underneath her into the floor, she squeezed her eyes shut as her desk fell.

She opened her eyes to see people’s feet surrounding her. They shuffled as they saw she was ok.  But still one guy wanted to make sure.

Are you okay, Mim? that one guy said sounding sympathetic and worried.  He held his hand out and she took it.

Yeah I’m okay, Rick. Mim answered with a smile while taking his hand.  Yeah, now they see me, after I fall through the fucking floor, she thought angrily.

The students all helped pulled the desk out of the floor. They set the desk far away from the gaping hole. They all peered in, all of them curious but to scared to go inside.

But Mim was different; she still got curious as what might be under the floor, as well. So she jumped into the giant hole where the desk was. She squinted through the darkness, to see a shape that looked like a construction helmet. Does anyone have a flashlight?

You’re not seriously thinking about going down there are you? Rick asked.

Uh, yeah…” She answered, Why not? It’s a mystery! she said mysteriously.

Fine, then I am going with you. He said determined and then grabbed a flashlight out of his bag.

What, do you just carry stuff like that around in your bag?

Yes, there are mysteries everywhere. He said as he jumped into the hole and landed beside her. He glanced at her and smiled.

She smiled to herself, blushing and took the flashlight and turned it on. They started heading in the direction of the helmet.

Finally, after what seemed like ages of walking, they got near it and she knelt down and picked it up. Ashe she picked it up, she revealed a slightly broken skull.

She dropped the helmet and gasped. Once again, she knelt down, and her heart sped up as adrenaline rushed throughout her body, a sign of thrill for a newly found mystery. She loved mysteries.

Rick walked back to the giant hole, as Mim sat with the skull, intrigued by it. Rick informed everyone with what they found. Quickly they removed the floor that was above, where they found the skull.

Then they started digging through the dirt to find more. Rick started digging through a hill. As he dug, he started uncovering a hand. He jumped back quickly, it looked like it was about to grab him.

Mim looked across at him as she started digging through another mound. She was uncovering another skeleton waist deep in cement. The skeleton looked like it was trying to get out like the skeleton had been alive at one point in time. As she studied the skeleton, she noticed there was a vacant layer in the cement where all the flesh used to be. She stared at it while Rick moved close to her side.

What do you think happened? he asked his voice quivered with sadness.

I don’t knowmaybe somebody was trying to get rid of the bodies…”

Okaymaybebut then why did we only find parts of one body?”

UmmI don’t knowmaybe while the building was being assembled this skeleton was in a fight with someone and accidentally got pushed down where the foundation is. Before he knew it he was stuck with half his body out.

Maybebut what happened to the other body?

Couple days laterthe guy who accidentally pushed the other guy, found out someone saw it happen. Sohe killed him, he couldn’t let anyone find out. He decapitated him, she said showing him the skull. Next he cut off the limbs, she said pointing at the hand. Then he already knew, since these guys all worked on the building, the next day, they were covering the foundation with dirt, then start building the school. So it was now or never. He knew he’d get away with it since most people would think the guys just left. All the students and teachers crowded around the hole, listening to her as if she was a great detective who had just solved an almost perfect crime. That night he came to dump the body, she got out of the hole and went to the window to show the streak of blood on the sidewalk.

I thought that was from a fight last year…” said one of guys standing in the front of the crowd of students.

Maybeor maybe not. He then threw the hand in and was about to dispose the head when he saw something move. He directed the light on the object, scared by what he saw, a guy half decomposed and moving to get free, he dropped the head in the hole along with the guys helmet, she said and pointed at the helmet. He bolted and grabbed the rest of the body partssoon the body parts and half decomposed body was covered with dirt and built on top of. And nobody even knew they were there.

Bullshit! said a skeptical guy You’re story is way too farfetched to be true! he spat.

As if on cue, the skeleton started to move. Since its flesh was gone it was able to get out of the cement. It crawled out of the hole and grabbed the skeptical guy. Its grip tightened on his arms suddenly he started to rot, decompose and his flesh started to fall off.

While this was going on, Rick was digging through the mound, trying to find something to stop this chaos. Finally, he found a piece of paper with writing, but was not English. A curse, maybe? Then he remembered reading something that said if you read a curse backwards it would undo it.

Rick jumped out of the hole and grabbed Mim. He quickly showed her the paper and explained everything to her.

What makes you thinks that and what makes you think it’ll do any good?!

It’s better than not doing anything! Plus, it’s a curse, it has to be able to be taken off.

She nodded and they read the paper out loud backwards, quickly.  Suddenly, the skeleton’s bones fell into a huge heap on the floor. One hand tried moving toward another guy it was trying to get, then suddenly it just stopped.

The End

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