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A girl fall for rich boy and die in the process. Yuu fall for Misaki who is a rich boy for the city and Yun an unwanted girl disown by her parents, can they really be together or will she die because she fall for the wrong person or will they stay together til death do them apart?

Submitted: August 25, 2013

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Submitted: August 25, 2013



When the world turns cold, and the moon turn red , and you're feeling blue, I will be there to guide you through,. I will be the one who you cry to, and the one, to comfort you. Because you make me the man I am today. my Yuu. Each day when I am look in your eye, your sorrow pares through my heart, knowing that there nothing I can do , to take that sad face of yours away. Yuu , can you hear me, yuu are you still with me. Please don’t leave me in this cold and unkind world by myself. Please talk to me, I am in love with you and nothing can or will change that. No matter what our parent or friend say. You are the only girl for me in this world. Without you, I am nothing but a alongside fish in the sea.

When you with me like this, life get a little better because I have you by my side. This movement is the one I always wanted to last forever. Not like I don’t like our other time,we spend together, but this one means a lot to me and it's very special and peaceful . I want it to last forever. And I wish I can stop time so we can stay like this forever Yuu. You are the love of my life and the star that brightening my day, and the moon that shines on my pathway. Holding you like this, is all I want forever. Never to leave my side , Yuu , say you will stay with me till death do us apart. You will be the one who keeps me in the right direction , and let me be the one who will love you for everlasting life.

Oh, Misaki, why am I crying, why do I feel like this, why am I so lonely ever when you here with me, Why do I feel like we are million mile apart from each other. Misaki can you hear my heart beating, like it about to melt out of my chest . Misaki why are you so sad? why do you have that face , Misaki? please answer me ,Misaki can you say something . Misaki why are you always like this. You say you will wipe my tear when I cry, and hold me close when I am feeling alone, and to depend on you . But why now? , why can you answer me Misaki, Am I no good for you.

Was everything, you said to me a lie, Misaki Please talk to me. Now that you're sad it makes me say too, and I am crying for you Misaki. Yuu I am sorry I didn't mean to make you cry, and I will never lie to you. Everything that I told you is the truth and nothing will ever change that. You are the only girl I love and I want to be with you and only you. I love you from the bottom of my heart, so pleases don’t cry. I don’t want to see you cry because it pare through my heart. Yun can you hear me?, YUN I LOVE YOU TO EVERLASTING LIFE AND UNTO THE NEXT LIFE. Do you hear me so let just dance the night always and forgot about the world. Just member that I love you Yuu.

Hey you do you remember when we play games at your house, wasn't that fun. I mean the look in your eye make me happy, because we have fun. I mean I was winning for the most part, but it didn't matter to me because it was with you. I hope this day will last forever. Hey Misaki are you listening to me you are the boy I love, and I will always love you, no matter what. And if you try anything funny, we both will regret it because you make me fall in love with you. Misaki , Misaki, Misaki I love you.

Misaki, why aren't you holding me close, Misaki I can’t breathe, Misaki I feel cold,Misaki why can't I touch you, you seem so far away. Misaki please don't go, why are you walking away from me, what about the promise you make me, what about you wiping my tears away,Misaki. Misaki you Promise Me everlasting together with you.why now do you look away when I need you the most, why give me that kind of look? And I no good for you now that I am like this? Do I look unclean to you. Misaki answer me, is it because I am not worthy of you time anymore, or is it's that you already find someone better than me.

Yuu, why do you feel it like that?why do you think I can find someone better that you? and even if that happen or something like that why will I do that? Yuu I love you and only you. I was your first love, the one why show you the world behind your innocent me, I am the one who took the purity in your eyes. I can't never go you go, I am the only man who have seem you naked ,and know your weak spot and you bowwow side. And the same goes for me, you the one and only one who have seem me naked ,who know my weak and bowwow side. so you see, there no want in this world who can replace you. Yuu, you are the one and only one for me. And yes I have this face and expression, because you're sick in bed, my best friend my lover, it hard on me to see you helpless and unable to do anything about it. I am also feels lonely without you around. I don't want to lose my best friend and my love, so I worry about you and you only , my love. I miss the smell and the taste of your cooking.when all that all up together, I have the worst possible expression my love.And it not because I want to leave you or find someone better than you and beside there no one better than you in this for for me than you Yuu. I love you to the end.

Misaki I love you too, almost to the point of no return. I can see you mouth moving, but the world you saying I can't hear them. I want to hear what is it that you saying and what making you crying, but somehow you seem so far away. It like we live in two complete different world. And in my world I want to hear your voice and look at you smiling face. I want you to have the same expression, that you always wear. You know the one that make me fall in love with you, and the one you have the first time we meet and the first time you asked me out on a date. Misaki help me I am so lonely without you here, I know that you along too. Misaki what going on, I feel so cold and darkness is everywhere I turn and look. Misaki I can't see my hand anymore or feels anything. It feels like my soul, is somehow leaving my body behind. Misaki I can't see you mouth moving or feels you touch. I don't want to leave yet, I want to be able to touch you again Misaki, My loveeeeeee

Yuu, No, it can't be, No I wouldn't lose you ,not to God or this world, Yuu can you hear me, please hold on to my hand, and followed my voice, Yuu if you can hear me, squeeze my hand and let me know that your stay with me. Misaki, we need you to make a decision of what to do, at this rate we are ruining out of option. you the only one who can decide what to do from here on. what do they want me to say, that it okay to do whatever they want with her, I can't do that she my Yuu, and I can't let that to happen, because I promise her everlasting, together forever. Misaki we are waiting on your decision, as to what to do we ruining out of time. Yes Doctors please do whatever it take to bring my Yuu back to me. take whatever of my you want to safe her. I don't care how much it cost just do it. Yuu, don’t worry I will protect you no matter what and because I love you.

That was the last time I saw Misaki mouth move before my eye was close. Was I death, is this what it mean to die and leave the one you love behind. I am so sorry Misaki, I don't plant for this to happen. I didn't mean to leave you all along in this cold and lonely world. Yes I know that we promise each other everlasting, somehow my was cut short, I am so sorry. so please don't cry.if you cry my soul wouldn't rest in pace and you will cry your happiness always with this tear.I love and i will always love you in death. when I open my eye laying next to me in another bed was my beloved Misaki, but somehow something seem out of place his face was cover with a white sheet of blank, and his face have no expression ,no not one bit. Misaki look so pale and his body feels like ice cold winter. But why ? Why is it that my beloved not moving, why doesn't he have on the expression I love the best? why is it that he not greeting me with his warm and caring smile. what happen to my Misaki, Doctor, someone help, me my Misaki is not move. Why is this happening to me, and I that unlikable. Misaki Please come back , you can't leave me in this cruel world to suffer, I wouldn't bear the though of being along, No I wouldn't. Misaki if you know what do for you and me, you better open you eye. Misaki Please come back, I don't want to be long again please hear my voice and come back to me. Misaki my love. when I look down there was a note in this hand address to me.

Hey Yuu my one and only belover, I love this wouldn't make you happy, but I have to do it, because I promise to protected you no matter what the cost is. and yet when you got sick I was so depress and didn't know what to do, I was running out of option and if I didn't make a decision, you was going to be taking away from me. Isn't that funny, how thing turn out sometime. laugh.... I mean we have our life plan at head of us, but somewhere,somehow God have different plan for us. I mean knowing you, about now you're going crazy, yeah that you my love. But don't worry will someday meet around I am sure of it. Because we are destiny to be together. And don't worry I will remember everything about you , and how you like to be silly from time to time. and how you like to laugh at my joke, even when you know it not funny. what I did, i did it for you, I want to safe you, and also because I love you Yuu.

No Misaki, what did you do , No why did you do it? was it because you feels sorry for me, why do you have to leave me along in is world, Misaki , you broke you promise, you never love me, because if you did, you wouldn't leave me in this cold dark and lonely world. Misaki you broke you promise and so will I. you said that you love me, right and you did whatever you have to right. Thank you but it not what I want you to be with me to love me and to hold me close. That the promise we make, However you broke that promise. So let me break my too. so I turn off, and dead along side with Misaki. I was taking my last breath when someone grape my hand, I wouldn't see clearly who it was, but I can feels the touch and I know it belong to, it was the touch of my beloved Misaki. I can hear him talking but it was too low for me to make it out or hear what he was saying. However the last time i hear was I love you Yuu, Please forgive them. But who are the them she speak of, did someone did this to me, why, how, and why did Misaki look like he was dead. Was I play by my beloved? If I was play, I can't forgive them and not knowing who they are, I can't there no way in heaven for that to happen. And so it seem, that I Yuu fall in love at the age of 15 and betray at the age of 21. It true what they say Love make you do crazy things. And So I die with my hand in his and tear dripping down our face.

Misaki -kun My beloved

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