A Heart to the Sea

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Brendan, a lonely, heartbroken man, falls from his fishing boat during a terrible storm and almost drowns. However, a merman by the name of Luka saves him. Being thankful, he only expresses his gratitude but, apparently, Luka cares for Brendan another way. Finding that out three years later, he dives in to search for Luka, but he can't find him anywhere. Can he find him and confess his love?

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



 I felt my lungs tighten as I fell deeper and deeper into the never-ending blanket of blue, one so pleasing to look at, yet it would take your breath and even your life if you stay so long beneath it. My consciousness was leaving me rapidly, leaving no sort of life in my body, or so it felt. I burned inside as if a raging inferno had been lit and left to torture me, but I knew what it was. Yes, I was drowning, my very existence coming to a screeching halt all because I'd gotten myself swept out to sea from falling out of a fishing boat. I knew better than to go out alone, especially with a storm approaching. I closed my eyes and smiled; God was getting even with me.

 I had managed to let go of even the slightest sliver of hope I had left about a month ago. My wife of seven years passed away from some unknown disease, taking my heart with her. I'd turned in my life from a man to a hopeless, hollow shell. I cursed my body for not dying, too, but I couldn't do anything about it. No, I wanted to go to Heaven and see her again, so I had to live. Though, sometimes I questioned Heaven's existence, but I wouldn't keep those thoughts for long. To make matters worse, we had lost our daughter three months before her death in a fire sparked in a raging storm. It hurt the both of us as there wasn't a thing we could do. From that moment on, I swore to my wife, my dear Marianne, that I would protect her, but I failed. No, I couldn't save her from the disease. It made me feel powerless over myself and others. Indeed, a man can do nothing in the world to save lives, that had been proven to me not once but twice. Maybe I would be the third death in the Havash family. I, Brendan Havash, would perish and go to see my wife and child.

 I felt my mind getting fuzzier and fuzzier with each moment passing me by. I saw nothing but darkness creeping over my eyes, enveloping them like a sheet or thick quilt, taking away my vision. I pursed my lips and tightened my eyes, though I quickly released the tension I built up in them. I felt nothing more as my body and mind numbed, leaving nothing to show that any life existed within me. Yes, I knew I was dead.

 My body felt warm instead of cold, strained and wet. My eyes widened as my body jerked itself to sit upright. I immediately began coughing, at first water than nothing. Once the fit died down, I looked around to notice nothing but clear blue around me. I stood up, though I had to be careful as I stood upon nothing more than a single rock with bits of moss strung about it. I bent over, running my fingers slowly along the soft, cool moss. I raised up and looked around again, nothing meeting my eyes but the water and sky along with the rays of the sun, of which beat down upon me mercilessly. "Hey!" I called, cupping my hands around my mouth to, hopefully, make me louder. "Is there anyone out there!?" I heard no response so I sat down, careful of falling.

 Not only had I managed to fall out of my boat, but I'd also managed to get myself stranded. Wait, how had I gotten out of the water? I went unconscious so I couldn't have swam out. Plus, I didn't know how far I'd gotten from shore, nor the location of a rock to save myself. The question arose of how I would keep myself alive with food and clean drinking water. I began to feel nervous. Just because I managed to avoid drowning didn't mean that I would survive I guess. "Excuse me?" I heard a voice call from somewhere around me. "Are you feeling better?"

 I looked around for a boat or something for someone to be riding in, but I saw nothing. "Er...where are you?" I asked, my voice not quite as loud as the one I heard calling out to me.

 "I'm down here," I heard it answer; the voice seemed to be coming from a place below me.

 I looked down at the water and noticed a man with flowing white hair and crystal eyes. He wore nothing to cover himself on the top portion, but I couldn't quite tell with the bottom as I couldn't see it. I blinked in confusion. Why was this man in the middle of the sea? Better yet, how did he manage to just float there so easily? Granted, some people could float in the water with no problem, but not a whole lot, at least, that I knew. I cocked my head as I looked at him strangely, wondering exactly what was up with him. "Uh...Who are you?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

 He chuckled and mocked my action. "Well, is that any way to thank the person who saved your life? But, since you asked..." He paused, smirking. "The name's Luka. Pleasure to meet you."  He extended a hand to me, of which I took without a second thought.

 I smiled to him crookedly, still not fully convinced that he even existed before me even though my eyes saw him distinctly. "Pleasure, Luka. The name's Brendan Havash. So, mind telling me exactly what you and I are doing out here?" I tapped my fingers on my elbows, each one moving in synchronized movements with one another.

 He thought for a moment, his face becoming thoughtful and one finger coming to tap upon his chin directly below his lower-lip. "Hmmm...." He groaned for a bit as if thinking were hard for him. I waited impatiently, wondering exactly what he had going through his mind if anything at all. "Well, you were drowning and I saved you. Satisfactory answers?"

 I snorted, stifling a laugh that I could feel rising from within my chest and up my throat, but I halted it there. How full of it was this guy? He'd saved me? Hah, that was a laugh. No way he could've...But, then again, he and I were alone, so maybe he could be telling the truth. The only way to know, I decided, was to speak to him and find out or, simply, trust him. "Really? You saved me? How? Do you have a boat somewhere? Did you fall off a ship, too? ...Er, I fell off a small boat, but it's the same concept."

 He laughed at me, which, honestly, made me a little upset. "Hmm...Well, let's just say I can swim better than most. That is, unless you count those like me." He took a moment to clear his throat. "You see, you and I aren't alike at all. At least, maybe not in the ways that you're thinking of."

 I cocked my head to the side, completely and utterly confused. "What exactly do you mean?"

 He sighed. "Do I really have to explain this to you?" He planted one palm against his head, closing his eyes and leaning into it. He then got an idea, or so I read from the sudden lighting of his once distraught expression. He jumped out of the water, pulling himself to sit upon the rock.

 When I lowered my eyes, trailing them along the contour of his body, I felt a wave of shock run through me. He had no legs! I felt my jaw drop a couple inches towards the ground. I couldn't believe it. Replacing his legs was a long, dark purple fish-like tail, one I had only read about on...mermaids!? Wait, I had been saved by a mythical creature? Okay, at that point, I knew I was dead, asleep or high on something. Perhaps I'd been drinking but I'd just forgotten about it? No, nothing about the encounter was fake and I knew that even if I didn't want to admit it. "Okay, so let me get this straight." I moved my hands back and forth as if I were truly pondering on something. "You're a mermaid?"

 He huffed. "How dare you!? The term is merman," he corrected me.

 "Sorry," I spoke falsely. I felt a vein pop up on my head, though I didn't understand why for sure. So, I just went along with it. "Okay, you saved me?"

 He nodded. "Yep."

 "And you're a merman?"


 "And I'm in the middle of the sea with no one but you?"


 I felt my lips twitch. At last, I understood why the vein appeared, or seemed to appear as I could feel it, though that didn't necessarily make it visible or even there at all. "So..." I paused, letting the growing anger inside of me well up to my lips, forming such harsh words upon my tongue. "How am I going to get back!?" I held nothing back in my yelling at him despite how appreciative I was for him saving my life.

 He didn't so much as flinch at the sudden rise in my voice. Instead, he only seemed to be concerned with a bit of seaweed on his tail. "Well, I don't know what to tell you on that one," he answered, making me take back my comment, yet he made e want to reinforce it as well. I sat and listened. "I could always guide a ship to you so you could be around your human friends again."
 I thought about it. "That would be nice," I told him, completely serious.

 He turned away from me, ready to swim off or so it seemed. He cocked his head towards me, though I couldn't see the entirety of his face. "I'll miss you out here. Not often I meet someone new... Someone so cute." Without another word, he dove beneath the water, leaving me alone on the tiny, solitary rock.

 As I waited, his words, though barely understood, rang through my ears and played through my mind over and over again. Cute? He thought I was cute? That wasn't something I expected from anyone, even less another man. Though, even less than that out of a mermaid. Then again, I never expected to meet one of those, either. Heck, I never thought they existed! Maybe I did imagine Luka? No, I heard and saw him plain as day, but that wouldn't mean anything to someone disoriented. I slapped myself on the head. I need to forget about him and worry about getting home safely. Okay, if he's real, then he'll bring help like he promised. Yeah, that's what will happen. I grunted, thrusting my body backwards, far enough that my hair dangled in the water. I didn't care since I had other things on my mind, more important things. Or, maybe the things on my mind were less important?

 I waited for him for what seemed to be days without so much as a single sign of his existence. Maybe he'd forgotten or he really didn't exist? No, I couldn't let myself think like that. I found a small pebble and picked it up, skipping it on the water. It skipped smoothly until it hit something beneath the water. "OW!" I heard a voice call from beneath, one that I recognized immediately.

 "Luka!?" I called out of disbelief.

 "Yeah, just be careful where you throw next time." He popped his head from beneath the water's surface. I could see a small knot growing on his head already where I'd hit him.

 "Oops...sorry. I'll watch out next time." I rubbed the back of my head nervously.

 "Or just don't throw things," he scolded.

 I nodded. "Yeah, I know..." I looked out and noticed a large thing coming towards us. "Er...is that...?" I stood up, looking out at the object more closely. "It is!" I looked down at him, smiling vibrantly. "Thank you so much, Luka!"

 He, unlike myself, had a rather saddened look upon his face, one that appeared very out of place for him. Though, with me only knowing him a short time, I couldn't pass too much judgement upon what looked right and wrong with him. "Yeah, I'm happy for you. Good luck with your life, Brendan." He spoke nothing else as he dove beneath, leaving me alone once more with the oncoming ship, or what I presumed to be a ship.

 I was quickly discovered and brought on board the ship and taken home. Sure, it felt great to get back, but I couldn't take the lingering thought of his words to me and the sad look on his face. I, three years later, found myself standing upon the same port that I had departed from that day--I had just left my wife and daughter's graves about an hour prior to my visiting of the port-- the very one where I got swept away to Luka. I put one arm around my body, cupping my palm around my slender side. I gazed out at the water's beauty, one that I had begun to miss shortly after my leaving of him. After all that time, I still wondered why. Why did I miss Luka? What captured my heart? ...My heart? He took my heart? I, suddenly realizing this, touched the place upon my chest where my heart resided. Surely, it was beating faster than normal. At that moment, I realized what I needed to do and wanted to do.

 I, feeling no shame or fear, ripped my shirt off, one that had been rather expensive, and threw it onto the ground. As I hit the water, I felt greater than I had in a long time. I looked up once my face surfaced, a small, pain-filled smile on my face. My darling Marianne...I'm sorry that I've fallen in love with another. Please, forgive me...And tell Jenny that I love her dearly...Our baby girl. I, despite knowing nothing of where I was going or needed to go, swam out deeper into the water, my hopes rising with every inch that I swam away from land.

 I swam until I grew tired. I stopped and looked down, allowing my body to float along with the soft waves that battered against me; though weak, they were still strong enough to push my form back even the slightest bit. No matter which direction I looked, I could see no sign of Luka. "Luka!" I called out of desperation. No answer. "Come on, answer me!" I pleaded. Still nothing.

 At first, I thought he was only playing with me, but I soon realized that, perhaps, I would never see him again. Maybe...I'd lost the only chance that had ever presented itself to me and ever would. Maybe...he and I weren't meant to see each other again? I shook my head. No, no I would see him again if it killed me. I...wouldn't let go of him so easily, especially with my heart leading me to him again. No, it wouldn't end like that. Love stories just don't. ...Love story? Great, I was becoming corny, desperate and stupid. I wanted to face palm myself, but I kept my arms and hands in the water where they needed to be.

 I felt all hope that I'd once clung to so vigorously drain from my body entirely. Now, my body afloat in the great, vast sea, I was utterly alone aside from the fishes below me. Great, now what? I'd went and put myself in another mess. "Aww...Looking for me?" I heard a voice call, one sounding familiar to my ears. I looked around. "How sweet are you?"

 I looked behind me finally and saw the familiar face immediately. "You...heard me...? You came back to me...?"

 He shook his head. "No, you came back to me," he answered, smiling smugly.

 I went to him and he embraced me with opened arms and slightly parted lips. I pressed mine down on his wet, salty ones. They tasted like salt water and sweetness...Almost bittersweet. My arms wrapped around his body; I knew he would keep me afloat. When our lips broke their embrace to allow us to breathe, I gazed deep into those crystalline orbs that gazed directly into mine as well. I felt the smile I wore suddenly upturn into a deep frown. "But...Luka...I can't live in the sea. I'm a human... I can't but...I love you." Each word pained me more than a bullet to the chest, which I had taken before many years earlier back before I hit thirty. For all I knew, it was still there, buried in my flesh somewhere.

 He smiled and reached beneath him, taking some sort of blueish pearl and holding it in front of me. Around it I saw that it was made into a necklace by shells of various colors. "Wear this," he instructed, lifting it over my head and slipping on me. Immediately, I felt my legs begin to burn and feel as if they were being pressed together by some unseen force. "We can be together this way."

 I cringed and squirmed from the burning pain in my lower body. "Gah..." I groaned, thrusting my body forward and writhing as the burning intensified greatly and rapidly. Finally, I closed my eyes to try to distract my mind elsewhere in a feeble attempt to ease even a sliver of the excruciating pain I felt. When it died down, I opened my eyes slowly to see nothing had changed. "What...What did this thing do to me?" I asked shakily, touching the smooth, cool pearl.

 He smiled wider, taking one of my hands in his, the one cupping the pearl. "Look down," he said simply. I did and saw a navy fish tail like his. I felt my heart explode with joy.

 "Luka..." I whispered, cupping one of his cheeks with my hand as my body leaned forward.

 "Brendan...I love you," he spoke in return, leaning forward to kiss me tenderly. Suddenly, I didn't feel so lonely anymore...Because I'd found someone to make my life complete.

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