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Just a little thing about my life.

Submitted: October 18, 2013

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Submitted: October 18, 2013



A small Country where i came from Great people, Great Food, and Great community a place called Philippines when I was young life was so hard for me with parents divorced and a brother always away a mom trying to do everything for us to live, And a dad who didn't seem to care and just left my mom to do everything. She was greatest thing that I have ever got. Moms are special treat them right but for me while I was growing up all I did was to make her mad and Bring troubles to her, But still my mom fought for everything that I have done and she kept me as who I am. It is one thing to say that "Love" love is somethig that can be ever taken way she is my mystery and my legend. And now enough for that this story is going to be about me now. 

As I grew up I have moved many places and learned many things I even joined a small gang club BOGLI they were great people fun to be with but still life was hard as i grow up life even gets harder. Bad lucks and bad reputation and when i got to the time i was starting to fall in love no one was there to help me but for me to figured out as what people should do. love was not a right word for me but a right word for my mom. For me love is .... unexplainedable. Eevery single time i see a kid with parents I get jealous that feeling when they have such a perfect family and Their kids growing up like what parents mostly expect from them. Everything was fine and their kids going to college with their support but for me no. All stressed and craps happening to me now. I I have moved from Dallas to Galvesotnfor me to be independlty but it did not work out I did not think of saving up money just wasting money on Drinks Drinks Drinks and a girl i loved.. Carla Victoria Magno I think she was special but now I have fucked up everything about her. Anyways as time pass by Life gets harder for me. I lived in a aprtment No car no transportation just a bike to use to go to wor. Things was hard and even got harder and more worst I am now out of job and just got evacated from my apt cuz I wasnt able to pay my bills and now at this moment I am worrying so hard while my brother my 2nd brother goes to sleep peacefully and watch movies and play on his XBOX while i struggle on things like this. Writingo n this Website to share my feelings is what i can do now. I jsut don't get why people don't get me...... And why I always end up on the hardest decision everytime and not my brother to share with me. Im the youngest... sigh... I guess thats fornow will continue to share later on. Sorry If I am bad from writing here..

" I closed my eyes to type and visualize things that happen in my past life and type everything on here while my eyes are close just to be able to think and express my feelings please understand"

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