Loving Someone is hard....

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Loving smone is hard and being rejected and yet be in love is the hardest feeling of all...

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013



My life was just perfect until you came along I had friends,family everything..but then you had to come.I did'nt notice you at first though we were in the same class.I never noticed you until the day you  talked to me.

I still remember that saturday..You read my poem and commented on it & you read me your poem.I mean literally read it to me.I thought about you that whole day.You would not probably believe me if I told you but I guess I fell in love with you when you smiled and talked to me for the first time.From then on we started talking to each other.I realized I was the only girl u talked to in the whole class..I loved that fact.My friends used to tease me all the time I tried to hide it from everyone but no use because the more we talked the more I fell for you.Then we became partners in physics practicalsI could not keep the grin off my face that day.

I remember that day when you spoke about your guitar in front of the whole class so passionately and your eyes were on me for the whole time.You remember I spoke just after u and how I forgot all my lines one's my eyes met ur's.
I remember you  waiting for me after chemistry practicals then walking  me to the class.I remember our fight.I remember the first time u spoke my name.

But then everything changed.My worst nightmares were realised...

Did never mean anything to you?
If I never meant anything to you then why did u look at me about 20 times in a day..yes I counted
If I never meant anything to you??..Then why did you smile at me all the time
If I never meant anything to you??..Then why did you care about me...WHY?WHY?WHY?
My friends told me you were a player..but then why did I feel you liked me??
I never fell for anyone then why you??
I fought with my friends over you..I speant half time dreaming about you..I don't know why even when I want to hate you I can't..I love you..thats all I can say..Its been 5 months since the first time I noticed..But believe me my love had'nt gone a step back..I still love you as much as I did before and maybe more...
BUT ONLY IF YoOU  COULD SEE...........:'(:'(

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