Repeating this Movie Theater Dream

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This is a repeating dream I have. You can tell me how this makes you feel, or what you think of as you're reading this.

Submitted: June 21, 2011

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Submitted: June 21, 2011



On an old brick street with small brick houses, this legendary neighborhood. Standing on the curb outside of a blood red home, with too many flowers greeting you hello. An old woman holding what seems to be her husbands hand, while she’s turning to leave. Stepping off of the curb, it’s me. Seeing friends up the street and running towards them. I leave this man behind. Through tall brick columns and through narrow wet ally ways, we run. From nothing, just to this small movie theater. I feel anxious. I hesitate just for a moment before pulling open the door and just standing there staring at this place. An old ticket booth, with rooms going up the sides and a snack bar way in the back. Near a shadow spiral stairs go into a single room. But when the building starts to shake I feel as if it’s calling for me! Covering my ears and trying to get to the single room. Breathing heavily, I sit and wait… except I have my eyes closed and my ears covered. I don’t want to see what’s after me. What is it?! If only I looked before I woke up.

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