The dream of Love

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The guy and gal dreams about ending up together when the reality thrashes them down. :)

Submitted: July 06, 2013

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Submitted: July 06, 2013



Gray Woodson

I unbolt the door of my apartment. The hollow darkness of my shabby and senile apartment welcomes me in. In the due course of frisking for the switch, I trip over something and land on my stomach. Ouch. It hurts. It hurts more when your stomach is empty. It’s like I have been starving since days. The flickering frail lights from the opposite flat helps me to detect the switchboard and I switch on the lights. I am limping, I guess I have sprained my leg. Since the past week, no day has been better. Each day is getting worse and I couldn’t do anything to make it good. The word better is far away to oblivion.

I turn on the faucet and enjoy the hot shower. I evocate how everything got against me this week. I got screwed up real hard. I sighed. After the shower, I quietly lay on my bed and replay everything on my mind.

I had a really hard week. My girlfriend Erza broke off with me on the pretext that I never had time for her and this relationship is heading nowhere. Then I come to know she was dating a guy named Noah. I was a bit broken hearted. But then, soon enough I realize I am in love with Zoe; my only friend. Erza never had been a part of me and I never really loved her as much as I love Zoe. I have been hiding the feelings I have for her. But then she announced she is getting married to some geeky dolt guy who works in Microsoft and was her high school boyfriend. I work in a reputed IT firm but still I can’t emulate a guy who works in Microsoft. I heave another sigh. I was so disturbed all this time that I couldn’t get any sleep at night and turned up too late incessantly to office which irked the boss. He could see through my exhaustion but still that fat head dork threatened me today that I will be kicked out if I turn up late again. Ever.

I wake up groggily out of the bed. The side table clock is showing six. I got enough time to get ready for office. As I start brewing the coffee, I found my thoughts wandering to Zoe. This is it. I will tell her that I really love her and want her to be mine. Forever. And if it is late, I will risk anything to make her elope away with me. I was chuckling and the realization actually dawns upon me when I see the paper sticking on the refrigerator which shows her wedding date. My cell beeped. One text message from Zoe. Today is 24th, and I’m getting married today. I hope you didn’t forget to take a leave from your office. Just be here by the noon. I am missing you, Idiot. Come at my place ASAP. 24th June; I get alarmed and I check my phone’s calendar. I am annoyed, sad, and angry all at the same time when the calendar affirmed today is 24th June. I inhale a deep breath and dial my fat-head boss. He doesn’t answer. I dial again and this time he picks up after few rings.

“Hello?” A grisly voice answers.

“Hello boss. I want to inform you something.” I reply sternly.

“Gray! What the hell do you want to say in the peak of the morning?” He asks in a risqué tone.

“Well, I wanted to say that I won’t be able to show up today at the office. I have better things to handle.” I apprise him in an unfazed manner. I know I enraged him and I am enjoying it.

“If this is what you wanted to say, you better collect your termination later from the office. You don’t need to show your face ever.” He tries to threaten me. I give a small laugh. I somehow knew from the beginning that he will terminate me from the office and anyway I wanted to leave the stupid computer job where I have to work my ass off and still couldn’t save enough.

“Sure Fat-Head. I will collect it on my way.” I snap the phone. I see my image on mirror; the evil grin on my face surfaces and it suits better. Zoe will be mine today. Today, I will divulge the secret feelings I have for her. I rummage through my closet and find the best attire to put on. I have to awe her for sure else that blockhead will captivate her and I can’t let it happen. The knight in me is reborn and I put on my shiny armor to pursue my princess who is in distress and will be handed over to some evil prince by her wicked family if I don’t reach to her. Swoosh. I erase the fantasy from my head and start getting ready. I check a last glance of mine in the car mirror and adjust the bow tie before heading to her place. I accelerate hard to race up to the finish line and acquire my trophy; Zoe.

I park my car at the parking lot. I exhale a deep hot breathe. I motivate myself while I hop out of my Mustang. I am greeted by Zoe’s parents and I give back a full-fledged evil smile. Wish I can tell them that I will be abducting their daughter soon from the clutches of the evil loser prince and I wanted a pat on my shoulder that how they are thrilled to hear that. A knight to rescue. I find my way among the chaos to my Zoe’s room. 3 flawless wedding dresses lay on her bed.

“Gray, I am confused. I still can’t make my mind what I actually should wear.” She says in a nagging tone. I smile at her warmly. I get closer to her. I am getting chilled by the warmth of her body.

“Zoe? Will you elope away with me or would you want me to abduct you? You have got two choices but I won’t allow you to walk down the aisle with that loser.” I ask her kneeling down. Her jaws drop open. “Zoe, I’m the knight here who came to rescue you from the witch and take you away to my kingdom. I can’t hand you to that blockhead evil prince who will treat you badly.” I tell her with an immaculate expression. She looks at me with eyes wide open and starts laughing hysterically.

“Gray! I love you too. I was waiting when you’d actually profess that you love me. By the way, why don’t we talk to our parents and call off the wedding or just you can swap the place with Ryan? I mean abduct him and lock him somewhere.” She suggests.

“It would be pathetic. Who knows he might be a gay and falls in love with me. I mean everything will be in chaos and I don’t want that. Let’s just run away immediately. In the meanwhile, our clan will figure out everything.” I drop her suggestion. Finally she agreed. I kiss her on the cheek and proclaim that I love her and will always do. She covers her face with a scarf and we flee away amidst the crowd. We both hop in the car and accelerate to get away from there. Then suddenly I apply brake in the middle.

“What happened?” She asks with a confused expression.

“I need you to know something. I got fired by my boss in the morning, so I need to collect the termination letter from the office.” I give a sheepish grin. Zoe looks at me and smiles. “So we have three tedious tasks to do.” She says with a mischievous smile. I scratch my head and ask, “What?” “First we have to marry, second we got to find a new job for you and then the last, and we have to placate our clans.” She winks at me.

The alarm started ringing. I wake up with a start. I find myself on bed instead of in the car with Zoe. I realize I was dreaming. I sigh. My phone beeped. One text message from Zoe, ‘Idiot, where are you? Report to me at once. I am waiting.’ I smile and I text her back, ‘Aye Mam. I will be there soon to rescue you.’ I sprang out of my bed and while getting ready, I see the same evil smile emerges on my face.

Zoe Clark.

Finally, one day left for the D day. My wedding. Ryan weds Zoe; the name that has been printed on the wedding card. I wish I could edit it and write his name instead of Ryan. Gray weds Zoe. I have been with him for 2 years and the idiot got in relationship with a sassy bitch; Erza who dumped him for some so called stud. I have tried to insinuate him that I have feelings for him but he never paid any heed.

I sit on my bed and stare at the wedding dresses in the closet. My phone starts ringing. Ryan on the other end. I put the phone on silent mode and close my eyes thinking how to make Gray realize that we are the perfect two. I inhale a deep breathe. Ryan and I were high school sweethearts but I never thought of tying the knot with him. My heart belongs to Gray. Mom knocks and comes in. I smile at her and she smiles back. She sits at the edge of the bed and says, “Have you confessed your feelings for him?” I look at her flabbergasted. “Mom, I am the girl here. He should have told me. Moreover, I have hinted him that I love him.” I say indignantly.

“Some guys are dunce in the matter of love, so until you tell them directly, they will never realize.” Mom replies and pats me. I sigh. “Tomorrow I am marrying Ryan. I am sure he will just come, give the speech, dine and will walk away.” She laughs at my statement. “Maybe, but who knows he will finally realize and take you away?”

“Mom, it ain’t fairytale that the knight will come and rescue the damsel in distress.” I say with exhaustion. “Believe in fairytale. Miracles do happen.” She kisses me goodnight. I lay on bed clasping my pillow, thinking of Gray.

New morning. My birds chirped and I woke up with a smile in my face. The day arrived; I am going to walk through the aisle today. I check my phone and there is no text message or voice message of Gray. I stare out of the window ruefully and see the people busy with decorations. I am gonna have a grandeur wedding with exquisite decorations. Ryan has already booked an exotic location for the vacation. My phone rings. I pick it up. Ryan.

“Excited? I am so terribly excited. I’m marrying my high school girlfriend.” He chirps.

“Yeah, so what are you doing now?” I ask unenthusiastically. I am playing with the paper weight on the phone table. “Nothing much. I was thinking about us.” He replies. “Uh-Huh. Well, I need to go. I have to get ready.” I disconnect the phone. I curse Gray inside my head. There is a knock at the door. I open to see that it is my girlfriend Eleanor who has come to help me with the makeup. I make a sad face.

“Were you expecting someone else? Ryan?” she quips. “I was expecting Gray and the idiot isn’t showing up.” I say in a nagging tone. “He will definitely show up. Let’s start with your makeup.” She says and I nod my head. She leaves to attend something after my makeup is done. I sit alone staring at the mirror when there is frail knock at the door. “Yes?” I say. The door opens and I see Gray wearing a tux comes in. I run to hug him. He is taken aback by the sudden affection.

“What happened?” He asks with a surprise. “I love you Gray! I have been trying to hint you from the start and you never paid any heed.” I scream at him. “But you love Ryan and you are marrying him.” He says and I scratch him. “Idiot! He is marrying me. I am not marrying him.” I reply. “One or the same.” He says calmly. I start crying and he takes me in his arms.

“I love you Zoe.” He whispers. I look up at him and see him smile. “But what can we do now? I mean give me Ryan’s phone number. I will call him and tell him to back off because I’m marrying you.” He smiles at me and kisses my cheek. I blush and look away. “He won’t back up. Better we flee away from here right now.” I suggest. He looks pensive.

“Why don’t we just tell your parents the whole story and I am sure they will understand.” He replies. “No, it would be awkward. First let us get out of here and I am sure they will figure out the reason of our absence.” I wink at him. He gave in. We holds my hand and we walk out of there without any attention. And the father pronounces us as lawfully wedlock couple and my heart practically stopped when he announced, ‘The groom may kiss the bride.’ We look at each other and Gray kisses me and I respond to his kiss.

“Zoe! Zoe! Wake up, it’s already too late.” I find someone bellowing at my ears. I open up my left eye to see Eleanor calling out. I wake up alarmed. “What?” I ask confused. “It’s 10 am and you are still not dressed.” She complains. “It was a dream?” I quiz her. She looks at me bewildered. “What dream?” she quizzes back. “Nothing, yeah! Let’s get ready. I have to marry Ryan.” I reply in a lethargic tone. She gives me a weird look. I ignore it and walk towards the bathroom.

I take my phone and text Gray, ‘Idiot, where are you? Report to me at once. I am waiting.’ After few minutes, my phone beeped. Gray’s text message, ‘Aye Mam. I will be there soon to rescue you.’ I blink and squint hard at the screen. And I guess finally, he comprehended my insinuation.

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