The Love Lost

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Samara is happy that Jose proposed her for marriage and due to the excitement she asks her mum if she had any love story. Her mum starts to narrate her love story; hers first love whom she lost.

Submitted: June 12, 2013

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Submitted: June 12, 2013



“Mom, finally Jose proposed me for marriage. I can’t believe he really did it. It seems I’m living a dream. I’m extremely happy.” My daughter Samara kept on jabbering. I was indeed happy for her too. Lately, she and Jose, her boyfriend have been going through hard time. They were fighting on something until Jose proposed her for marriage and everything got settled. I was doing away with the dirty clothes in the laundry box when she hugged me from back.

“Mom, have you ever been in love?” She chirped. Thousands of memories flashed back. The only name which came into my mind after hearing the word love is ‘Noah’. I kept quiet and looked at her. I smiled and pecked at her cheeks. “C’mon tell me mom. Have you ever loved someone? Have someone proposed you for marriage? How did you meet daddy?” She quizzed. I didn’t had answers. The phone rang. I rushed to pick it up so I can avert the topic.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey Regina. I heard Jose proposed Sam for marriage?” My husband questioned.

“Yeah, George. And she is so exaggerating about it all the time. Anyway, when are you coming back from your trip? We need to discuss about the wedding.” I replied.

“I’ll be back by tomorrow. Yeah, she deserves to be happy. She was going through a hard time. Well, I need to hang up now, Bye.” I said him bye and we hung up the phone. Samara affirmed me that she wanted a grand wedding by the beach. Later at midnight, when Samara was asleep in her room, I tiptoed into the attic and started frisking for my high school scrapbook. I found it after a long search and I opened it to the page where I have pinned up his photo. My eyes were swollen up red.

“Mom, is this was the guy whom you loved?” I was astonished to hear somebody. I turned back to see that it was Samara. I gave a small nod and she hugged me, “He looks really great. You had an awesome choice mom. So, did he propose you?” She asked excitedly.

“Every love story doesn’t have a perfect ending honey.” I replied back. “Why? I mean what happened? Why did you broke off? I swear you both would have looked great together. ” She added with a smile. I started narrating my love story.

High school senior year.

“Look, Noah, she is new here. She doesn’t know about you so just stay away from Reg.” I saw Ryan warning Noah in the staircase. I just shifted to New Jersey and started living with my mom and brother Ryan. My dad and mom were divorcees and I used to stay with Dad until my dad decided to marry her girlfriend and I moved out of his house. I was enrolled in new school. I was at the locker when I saw my brother Ryan threatening Noah; the stud of our school. I have heard many things about Noah; like how he manipulates girls to have one night stand with them, how he skips classes and still manages to pass grades. Ryan told me he bribes the school authority to get the grades. He also told me that every girl dies to be his girl but he never gives a damn to anyone and just flirts around. And most important, Ryan told me to stay away from Noah else I will be heartbroken like most of the girls in our school. Noah noticed me and I half smiled at him. I was taking out my books from the locker for my English class when someone poked me. I turned around and Noah came too close and kept his hand on the locker and locked me by his body.

“Hey Reg.” He whispered into my ear. I shoved him back and went straight into the class. I can hear him shouting, “What I did?” I ignored him. I took the middle seat and started waiting for the bell when he came rushing and took the seat beside me.

“Hey. Why did you push me away? I wanted to talk to you.” He said. I ignored him and stood up. I took the front seat and Miss Jill came in. She started teaching us Romeo and Juliet; the only love story which I detest. I endured the monotonous torture of Miss Jill till one hour. Finally, period came to an end. Romeo and Juliet are sent back to their era.

“Why are you ignoring me?” He caught me by hand in the hallway. I took off my hand.

“Listen, just stay away from me. I know you’re hot and every gal throws herself over you. They can give up on anything to be your girlfriend. I know you don’t believe in love. But I’m not the girl with whom you can just befriend with and then have….” I didn’t complete the sentence. “Look, I don’t want to talk to you. You’re a playboy and you got hot looks, so you better chase the cheerleader girls. I’m not the one.” I said curtly.

To my astonishment, he started laughing hysterically. “Who said that I’m a playboy and I chase girls?” Everyone was staring at us with strange expression. “Listen, I just wanted to be friends with you. I don’t want to throw you on my bed and ride over you. And about the other girls, they approached me, I never forced them. I’m not as bad as you think I am. But you know what? Everyone has the same wrong impression about me as you got but I never cared about a single soul. But for the first time, you called me a playboy and this image of mine is stinging me and I don’t know why? I just wanted a plain friendship. Anyway, good luck with the guys around. They’re bastards.” He walked away laughing leaving me behind.

“They wouldn’t be more ridiculous than you.” I shouted back but he disappeared.

I was having my lunch at school’s cafeteria when Noah suddenly came from nowhere and sat at my table. He shouted ‘Hey.’ I was silent.

“I just came to know that you stay with Ryan and he is your brother.” He initiated the discourse.

“Yeah. He is my brother.” I replied sternly. He smiled.

“Till now I was thinking that he was your boyfriend. That’s why he was getting possessive about you. Anyway, as of now I came to know you’re single, will you be my girlfriend? And you know what? I stay just beside your house which makes us neighbours. There would be hardly 1 metre difference between our fences. I mean I didn’t realize that one leap from my balcony and I would land up at your room.” He said excitedly. My jaws dropped. I was staring at him with eyes wide open. I didn’t respond and walked off.

“Noah proposed you? You’re lucky that you can spend 1 week with him and not like the rest who just gets a chance of just one night to be with him.” Zia winked at me. She smiled slyly and disappeared into the washroom. I didn’t know this news will spread like a fire epidemic. I went straight to Ryan and told him everything. Ryan texted Noah to meet him at the car parking. I went along with him to meet Noah. Noah came whistling with hands stuffed in his pockets. Ryan stopped for a while and lurched at him and what happened next was blank. I couldn’t blink for a while. After a second, I realized Ryan punched Noah on his face. Noah didn’t retaliate and lied on the floor covering his mouth. I never saw this side of my brother. I never knew he was a pro in punching. I was flabbergasted.

“I told you to stay away from her. If you can’t find a girl to sleep with, that doesn’t mean you should approach my sister.” Ryan yelled at him. The whole night I couldn’t sleep. I was feeling bad for Noah. Suddenly I remember that Noah told me, we can check each other clearly through our balcony. I went to the balcony to check his status. The view of his room was distinctively clear from my balcony. I saw he was sleeping soundly and it amazed me that he looked so immaculate while he is dozing. I turned around when I heard a frail sound from behind.

“Noah? I thought you were asleep. What are you doing? You’re hurt. You should rest.” I almost screamed at him. I found him sitting on the railing of the balcony and smiling at me.

“You were thinking of me right? I’m sorry I should have been a bit polished while talking. Please be my girlfriend.” He asked while covering his mouth. I looked at him unenthusiastically.

“You got to be kidding me right? I just dislike you. You’re nothing but a random obnoxious playboy.” I said vehemently.

“You still think so?  I mean don’t you have slightest gumption? Your brother punched me and I didn’t attack him back. I’m sitting here proposing you when I should have strangled you to take revenge of my broken jaw when I have the opportunity. But instead, I am here apologizing and asking you again to be my girlfriend. C’mon, no playboy would do that.” He said fervently.

“Your sweet talks isn’t enough to get me on your bed. I’m sleepy. Goodnight.” I slammed the door and switched off the light.

Next day, he pulled me by side in school. I was taken aback. “I know I’m a playboy and I manipulate girls to ride on them but I promise I will change. I am changed. I want us to be an official couple and I swear I have never been in relationship with the girls I have spent nights with. You’re the first one with whom I will be in relationship with.” He said with an immaculate expression. I raised my eyebrows at him. He realized the last line was a disaster. “Well, I meant just relationship. You’re special and you deserve a special guy. I will prove it you that I am perfect guy for you. I’m in love with you Reg. You’re my dream. Please be my reality.” He corrected himself.

“That was just so lame and cheesy lines.” I guffawed. I know I have been falling for him and soon after few days, we got into relationship officially. Everyone in the school, including Ryan was in shock. He flipped out at first and then realized Noah is a really changed person and he approved of our relation. After spending few weeks with him, I got to know Noah is a really trustworthy boyfriend. He never kissed me on lips or touched me which makes me feel awkward or asked me for physical relationship. He just used to hug me for prolonged time like he never wants to part away from me. I used to love it. Summer changed to autumn and autumn changed to winter. 14th Feb was approaching when I thought he will finally kiss me on lips. I wanted him to kiss me. I want him to promise me his love forever.

I was getting excited as the Valentine day was getting closer. One afternoon before the Valentine day, as I was lying down on my bed, I phoned Noah. The rings followed but he didn’t pick it up. I left him voice messages to call me back when he gets free. I waited the whole night but he didn’t call back. Next day, I woke up late in the noon. The first thing I did was I checked my phone but there were no messages or calls of Noah. I got ready in a jiffy, went down to kitchen to find Ryan but I couldn’t find him.

“Mom, where is Ryan?” I asked her. She didn’t reply and seemed upset.

“What happened? Where is he? He and Noah aren’t picking up their phone.” I asked her. I was getting irked by the passing time.

“Noah met with an accident and Ryan is at the hospital attending him. He got multiple fractures.” Mom completed her sentence and I dashed out of the house the next moment. I drove to the hospital and checked for him. I went to his ward and started crying.

“I love you Noah.” I cried and kissed his forehead. I waited by his side and stared at him. He was still unconscious. I saw Ryan entered the room. I looked at him with tears.

“Sorry Reg.” Ryan apologized with guilt stricken face.

“Why are you being sorry?” I was confused. He started crying, “I was drunk last night and I drove the car over him while he was crossing the road. I wasn’t in senses and he is in this state because of me. I’m sorry.” He apologized. I was unable to move or think.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized again. I looked at him with tears stinging eyes and bitter expression. The night passed and Valentine day arrived; the day I was waiting for. I opened my drawers and took out the present I bought for Noah. I drove to hospital and finally I smiled when the doctor told me Noah has convalesced from unconsciousness. I went into his room to see Noah was lying down but he seemed better.

“Hi Noah. I missed you so much baby.” I gently hugged him.

“Regina? I need to tell you something.” He said stiffly. I got alarmed and confused at the same time. “Listen, I love you and I wanted to make this day special for us. But I’m sorry I met with an accident. But next time, I promise that I will make it special. And I promise you my heart and my life to you. Well, will you let me kiss on your… well chuck it.” He smiled. I hold him by his shoulders and kissed him on lips. He was in shock after we finished kissing. I got every proof that Noah and I are meant to be couple and one fine day, after we graduate college, we will be pronounced as wedlock couple.

After few weeks Noah recovered. He started coming to school and in summer we both graduated our high school. One late night, we were returning from a walk when few guys attacked Noah and me. I couldn’t figure out why they were beating Noah. Then, I heard a ruffian commanding the other one, “I thought Ryan have killed him that night but he missed. Ryan could have disconnected his life support in the hospital.” “How could he? He was looking out for every chance but his pesky sister never left Noah’s side.” The other explained. “He should have then we wouldn’t have a headache by now. He witnessed us and Ryan killing that guard. He is the biggest threat alive.” Then the guy took out revolver and shot Noah. Meanwhile, I was even hurt.

I called the paramedics and he was declared dead by them. I saw him dying and I couldn’t do anything to save him. I went home with bruises and blood. My mom asked what happened but I didn’t reply. I went straight to my room, packed my bags and came back to stay with Dad.

“So you never contacted Ryan?” Samara asked me. I shook my head. I saw her eyes were moist.

“Yeah, and he never tried to contact me again.” I stood up and came down with Samara into the drawing room to find the house in dark. I was about to check the switch board when I saw a candle was lit in centre table. I went near it to find a box. I opened it. It made me cry; the tears of joy swell up in my eyes.

There was ring and a paper attached to it. ‘I couldn’t make you feel special but this time, I don’t want to miss the opportunity. I love you Reg. Happy 25th Anniversary. Love, George.”

I looked at my side when George showed up and kissed me on lips.


© Copyright 2020 mishty. All rights reserved.

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