Survive & Believe

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a few poems I've written. They're not very long which is why they are under the same title.


You’ll see them all around you

Even the kind ones will hurt you

Murders, heart breakers, destroyers

We fall for them so easily and we know the pain they bring

Yet we still get blinded by their beauty

They can treat us so well at first

But then after we see their true colours

What do we do if we cannot stop but love them?

Is there any way to stop the pain they cause?

No, we don’t want to stop the pain

We want to feel and know that we loved, and that we lost them

Our enemies laugh in our faces at us showing weakness

But in the end we provable

We make the same mistakes over and over

We learn but we don’t

We just wait for our one and only to come along

We slowly gain strength with each heart shed

We gain more friends and trust bonds

We gain so much as we lose something we loved

But we survive

We all survive

And we always will survive

We will survive


I’m staring at the moon,
Now it’s reflection.
So alike, yet so different.
I look at myself this time,
It’s me but it’s not.
Is that really what I look like?
No, It’s not.
That’s what I look like on the outside
But with in…It’s a different story.
How can I trust the reflection?
How can I know that this is my mind playing tricks?
I can’t…I just…Have to know…
But how is it, that HE can love me?
Is it on looks? No.
Is it on Charm? No.
Is it on Wit? No.
Is it on my Personality? I do not know…
Shall I ask? What should I say? No.
I look to moon once more, and then it’s reflection.
You never know what your really in for.
You just have to…Believe




Comes like summers breeze

Leaves like winters frost

With Rainbow Leaves

And bare trees

My love is lost




Blood drips from his teeth

While my life fades to nothing

But my love is free




I don’t know what to do,
With this love I have for you.
I love how it makes me feel,
I love how it’s for you.
But how can it be?
That I love you like this,
Your the best thing to happen to me.
Can you not see?

Submitted: April 22, 2012

© Copyright 2022 MisqueAmant. All rights reserved.

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