I Have A Question, God

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This is a question that I asked in my morning walk and prayer time. There had been many sorrows and things going on in the world, and in peoples'lives, as well as my own.So I wondered and pondered things as I went along.

Submitted: January 10, 2010

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Submitted: January 10, 2010



I Have A Question, God.

How many tears have You shed over time?

Enough to fill the lakes of the world?

Have You wept bitter tears for the ones who are righteous;

for the ones who have hardened their hearts;

Or, for both?

 There is much peace,

but it has hidden itself for the violence.

There is much joy,

but it has been lost to the cries of the hurting.

There is much patience,

but it has gotten lost in the shuffle of life.

There is much goodness,

but it has been buried beneath the rubble of hatred.

There is much kindness,

but it has vanished with the winds of contempt.

There is much gentleness,

but it has faded in the shadows of so much anger.

There is much faithfulness,

but it has disappeared beneath the mountain of lies.

There is much self-control,

but it has been destroyed by self-indulgence.

There is much love.

But many cannot see.

Do You weep, God?

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