Complications of gossip girl

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Love .. What is love? Or is it just lust he says.. Story about real feelings sad and happy. To trust or not to trust complicated.

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



As I waited for him to turn up somehow the thought of him actually being here was fading. What was I supposed to believe after ten missed calls? The missed calls were a sign of our relationship not working out. He knows that he is a deep sleeper or maybe he plan to not wake up I mean come on it was Valentine’s Day. He made no effort. Love what is love? Or is it just lust so he says. His confusing words and riddles make it more of a mystery to figure him out. He is afraid to be honest; I find the truth in his jokes. Although the words from his mouth come out as a joke it feels so real, like the words he wanting to say to me without hurting me has already been said. He makes me feel so annoyed and sad sometimes but when I see him face to face everything negative seems to disappear. I can’t control the feelings I have for this guy. Knowing the fact that he will be going back to his home country saddens me and pops up in my head every time we hug. Holding each other tightly so we don’t vanish hoping to stay with each other as long as we can. His warm body and resting my head on his shoulder made me want to drift away. I could feel his warm breaths as he held tightly on to me and kissing me on the cheek as he watched me sleep felt nice or should I be feeling sad that maybe he felt quite sad too thinking we will not be together for so long. He is always reminding me that I am his girlfriend why am I not happy? Or do I want to become his wife? I love him so much that knowing the end breaks my heart. The relationship has nearly been broken so many times first when he was getting ready to move in with uncle and second when he didn’t want to feel even more hurt of losing us. Somehow fate bought us back together that just sounded cheesy but to me it didn’t because it is real. Once you have cried a certain times for a person you can’t cry anymore. Maybe the crying has made me stronger and when the time comes to let go of this relationship there won’t be any more tears left to flow. As I slowly opened my eyes the quietness of the woods and looking up at the tress and skies made the memory so lovely and the thought of waking up next the one you love felt wonderful. At the end of the day memories are all you have left whether there good ones or bad. This life is temporary the people you love won’t be will you forever nor will you. ’People always leave’ that is absolutely true. The thought of never seeing that person ever again is just painful. Moving on is the hard bit, time does heal wounds but not fully fix it just ease the pain.

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