"Happy Easter" ... or is it?

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So tired of actions being hypocritical to words spoken...

Submitted: April 05, 2015

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Submitted: April 05, 2015



So I missed church this morning, I’ll have to go to another church tonight … I missed the repeat of the ritual that happens every year… why do humans repeat, repeat, repeat??? Year in and year out – the same, the same… Dwelling on man’s cruelty in one of the most inhumane, ghastly, revolting and painful forms of execution in our known history… Horrific… and yet, each year people use it to ‘renew’ their strength, ‘renew’ their belief… how solid is your belief in the first place if you have to renew it every year through another’s pain? Human strength – minimal… human memory – so under-developed… human action – such a contradiction to Soul-Will.

We live as these humans, reminding ourselves that we are weak (or pretending that we are not), living the fact that we have poor memories, lazy brains and a minimal ability to commit and be in and of something good, and bigger than ourselves and our little isolated lives, completely, at all times. Every year, for the past 3 years I have attended the Easter services and taken the journey again and again – all left me gutted at the end. Tears, agony, heart-wrenching, soul-wrenching pain within me, every year. I can’t fathom how man can be so very cruel and insecure and unstable. I can’t get my being around the level of hate in people; and subservience to human’s futile power so far as to slowly and brutally kill other people, without justifiable or rational cause or reason. It kills me inside to know humans had to suffer in the way the Romans made them suffer. And still, people sit there in pews each year, watching and listening to the fact and many seem to be completely unmoved; like it’s the most ‘normal’ and expected story out there… I cry. I cry for the unemotional, unfeeling people watching. I cry for my lost soul. I cry for the pain of that human called Jesus, and that I know I cannot even begin to empathise with Him, because nothing I have ever felt or lived through could possibly compare or be linked to the story and/or experiences of Jesus Christ. Nothing. To selflessly put away the human ego, to sacrificially serve something good without harming anyone else or demeaning any others, but instead to ask that they be forgiven… such humility, such Grace, such awesomeness seems so very far away from this life, from my exponential weaknesses, self-pity and self-absorption.

 Every time I watch an Easter recount, read the story and/or remember His journey, I ache inside. I ache for the ‘lost-ness’ and fear in man. For the ‘religious’ sects that still practice hurting others to make themselves feel more ‘powerful’ and ‘in control’; as if being humanly ‘powerful’ means anything in the context of eternity. Such insecurity everywhere, such fear, such hurt and pain in the world today; 2000 years ago and all the decades’ in-between. I ache for the ‘lost-ness’ inside myself, the feeling of being helpless to do anything to change men’s hearts and minds to action ‘love’ instead of ‘fear’. To desire companionship instead of control and dictatorship, love instead of hate.

The Easter story is one that takes the deficiencies of humanity and puts them on a pedestal to show the world how capable of practicing absolutely cruelty man is. I hate it. I hate that a group of adult men could be so insecure around one lone man that they would deem it ok to torture him in horrific manners without relief.

We are supposed to have learnt from the story, yet we haven’t. We are told the story year after year, shown that man’s earthly desires cannot effect eternity, that good will win, and love and hope will rise. Yet, Muslims are still torturing others, that sect in middle Africa ‘Barak’ whatever it is, is still causing hell for innocent people, the Middle East is still stoning women to death, Korea is still practicing political executions, xenophobia in Africa, drug dealers, cigarette companies, gangs in most cities around the world, gun-crime, knife-crime, self-hate, soul’s so very lost… it’s all here and flourishing. It’s like this story we have been hearing for almost 2000 years has not meant anything to billions who have heard it. The story that displays everything meaningless in the desire for power, the desire for inequality, the hypocrisy of human belief against human action… all of it… it was so very messed up then, and ,2000 years later, it doesn’t feel like it’s much better… but Thank-You LORD, Thank-You that we are slowly moving to a better place where we at least we have Human Rights and an underlying acknowledgement that we need to start loving each other and stop hating each other… maybe the upcoming generation can see the hell their parents have and are causing; the pain, the hurt and the anguish. Instead of keeping up the generational curse, maybe they can put an end to it; for no good, joy or love comes out of belittling, reducing, demeaning and/or killing others. The only result of pretending you are more ‘powerful’ and/or ‘right’ than others is a spotlight on your own deep, deep fears, hurts, pains, anxieties and your lies – your lies to yourself that you serve something ‘good’, your lies to yourself that you are ‘making the world ‘cleaner’’. Their actions show that they are incredibly scared and insecure and trying to make the insanity of this world their Mecca, the insanity of hate for their ‘god’ their purpose… instead of the love, peace, humility, forgiveness, beauty, patience, respect and glory that eternity placed on a cross.

“Happy Easter” to you and yours {though the ‘happy’ part is so debatable at present}, and to everyone around the world. May we all make a chosen and disserted effort to step out in Love and knowing that we are responsible for using our lives and actions to tell the world who we are and what we want our eternity to be. God Bless. 

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