HER TO HIM: Are you serious?

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You can't only type what you need to say in a poem, you have to reach out and be there in person, if you can't, then it still isn't resolved...

Submitted: December 06, 2014

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Submitted: December 06, 2014



HER TO HIM… Are you serious?


How can you think you love me?

What thoughts are running through your mind?

You can’t even manage to talk to me,

Nevermind spend forever with me.


You chose to live in another hemisphere

To get away from me

You are terrified when you are with me,

Terrified of yourself and your feelings.


It can’t be love

If there is no friendship

It can’t be forever

If there is no conversation

It can’t be love

If you can’t even email me

Or eat a meal with me.


I get the feeling you’re playing me

Playing games to polish your ego

Playing silly buggers

With something so sacred

You can’t know what it means,

Never mind supply it abundantly.


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