HIM TO HER: A poem to say what I couldn't say

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I really wanted to tell you... now I found a way to...

Submitted: December 03, 2014

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Submitted: December 03, 2014



Please read this so you know….


I told you I loved you

A thousand times in my head

Even though, in reality,

It was never actually said.


I know I implied it,

Several times I tried to say it,

I’m positive that I showed it,

I kept thinking: You must know it.


But now,



I don’t think you do.


If I’m not too late,

If there’s no ‘sell-by-date’

Then please read me now:

I LOVE YOU; it’s truer than true.


I love your gentle nature

And crazy laughter.

I love the time and attention

You willingly share with genuine care.


I love your smile and patience

Your capacity to love

Your openness

And ability see objectively.


I love your humility

Accepting your own human weakness

And your ability to forgive

Whilst still living with eagerness.


If it’s not too late,

I can’t be subtle anymore,

It really is you whom I love,

You, whom I adore.


My heart and mind are joined

As I hope

As I pray

That you would love me too.

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