Credit Card Mystery

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have you ever had your credit card stolen? This is a trus story that happenned in June 2010.

Submitted: June 07, 2010

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Submitted: June 07, 2010




Mary decided to go down to Zoars for plants and doggy food.  Spotty always goes with her when she purchases the food.  They headed off in the car. First stop, to purchase bedding flowers and some Runner Bean plants at their garden Centre. In these modern days Mary paid with her cash card.
Next it was over to park at Zoars’ car park.
Spotty jumped out pulling eagerly to get into the shop.  She loves to visit as there are lots of doggy paraphernalia that needs to be investigated.  Dog bedding; medicines; toys; dog food in bags; all only to smell but not touch.
Mary spoke to Assistant A who then called over to the young boy to fetch a bag of Tasty Omega to the till.
At the till problems were happening.  The card machine was not working and Assistant B was on the phone taking messages on how to fix the problem.
At the other till Assistant C explained that the machines were not working but let’s have another try. Put your card in and your pin number  were her words.She did this.
 The boy stood at the end with the bag of ‘Tasty’ resting on the counter.
Spotty wanted to go and smell the variety of ‘doggy treats’ nearby.They did and on returning said,
‘Well is it working yet?’
‘No’ came the reply from Assistant C.
Assistant B was talking to another customer who too wanted to pay by card.  She called Assistant A over and said they would have to use the machine over the other shop.  At this point Mary had turned away from Assistant C.
The other Assistant had a customer too so the boy with my dog food; Assistant A and myself went over to the other shop.
The boy put the bag into the car and walked over; Mary drove to park by the ‘horsey’ shop.  Leaving Spotty in the car  went over to pay and  when she went to find her card it was not there. Next searched, her bag and purse. The boywent back over to see if it had been left in the other shop only to return saying it was not there.  Again the bags were scrutinized and the car searched .  No Card!!
Back over to the shop and spoke to the other 3 assistants who categorically said it was not there.
The last time her card had been seen was in the machine.  Assistant B re-assured and said to go over into the office and get the card cancelled.  This was done and she went back home with full blown out stress knowing the card was and it could either been taken by the staff or a customer behind be.
The next day she visited the local police station and reported the incident.
(Sorry about the formatt first time to paste from word but hope you get the story o.k.)

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