Single Parent Families

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Single Parent Families


The single parent home is the hardest home to keep healthy and happy. There are many aspects of how the circumstances came to be. It is widespread and does not discriminate. Some parents only hold the title of mother /father they do not care for their child’s daily needs.


There are many disadvantages to single parent families.  The children who grow up in these homes are not always supervised. Proper child care is not affordable for the single parent. They need to work twice as hard as a traditional family.  It is difficult running a household on the wages we are earning today. The government helps to a degree but not enough to get out of poverty.


 Educational achievement is another issue that is declining and is most prominent in single parent homes. The child is likely to ignore the direction of school and possibly become a truancy issue. There are odds against a child in these homes and building their education.


Emotional health of the family is at best fair this is caused by from added stress of finances and time management often times these this cannot be addressed as promptly as needed. Developmental health may also decrease due to opportunities that are missed because of having only one provider in the home. Caring for the child’s emotional needs are challenging when the parent’s significant priority is providing housing and food.


Children in a single parent home are most inclined to be have legal issues and mental illness. Single parent children need our support and guidance. Not only are the parents responsible but so is society to a certain extent. We can make a difference by directing these families in the right direction to a healthy happy home.



Submitted: June 14, 2016

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