Cave to the Other World

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Susie and Jason must find the needed objects if they are to save there parents and the land of Aria from the evil clutches of the Goblin King Ephron.

Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012



Cave to the Other World

Years ago, there were two young children named Susie and Jason. Susie was a polite girl that was very cautious, she had gold curly hair and sapphire blue eyes, and whenever she is seen, she is always wearing a bright blue dress. Jason however, had a daring side and love to explore new places; he also had sapphire eyes and golden hair, and wore a dark green shirt with brown shorts.

The children lived in a rickety old house, which had floor boards that creaked as you walked upon them and doors that squeaked as they are opened and closed. The hallways were decorated with paintings of their ancestors, who always seemed so grim, and in the middle of the hallway was a glass chandelier that was covered in dust and cobwebs. The house always smelt of wood varnish and that is the way the children liked it. The children lived there with grandparents.

 When the children were only young, their parents mysteriously disappeared and were never heard from again. But one story that both the children remembered being told by their mother was when she spoke of an old willow tree, which was as old as the hills. She had found the tree by the lake when she was their age. On the tree was a little knob, and when she turned the knob, something magical happened. But before she could finish her story, she would always have to leave to go to a party, and the children were left with their nanny.

One day Susie and Jason were playing in the backyard. The backyard was a huge open space where very little flowers grew, and the grass was a yellowy-green colour. It always smelt of the manure from the sheep and cattle that wondered nearby. A mysterious bush edged the bottom of the backyard. Susie and Jason always wondered what was hidden in the eerie bush, and today the two children decided they were going to explore the bush and see what secrets it held.

Susie and Jason ventured into the peculiar bush and noticed a little trail that had most likely been made by the foxes that inhabited the gum tree forest. They travelled along the trail and spotted some native animals. There were koalas eating gum tree leaves at the top of the trees and kangaroos hopped by with the little joeys in the pouches.

As they neared the end of the trail, Susie and Jason spotted a misty lake that was surrounded by many grey rocks and stones. Beside the lake was an old willow tree, with branches that stretched out over the lake, and was covered with emerald green leaves. The one thing that stood out on the willow tree was a knob that was in the centre of the tree, low enough for young children to reach.

“This is just like the story mum told us!” exclaimed Jason, “I wonder what would happen if we turn the knob!”

Reaching over, Jason turned the knob. Suddenly, two huge boulders next to the lake parted to reveal a hidden cave. The two children, stunned by what had occurred, peered into the pitch black cave. “I wonder what is at the end of the cave?” asked Susie.

“Why don’t we go and find out!” replied Jason in excitement.

Susie and Jason travelled down the dark passage not knowing where it would take them.

When the children reached the end of the passage, they exit was covered with long green vines that only let shreds of light pass through them, and , as they pulled back the vines to let the light spill in, it revealed a wonderful place.

There was a big, wide open meadow with harlequin green grass, blanketed with sunflowers, violets, forget-me-nots and bluebells. Surrounding the meadow was a deep green forest which spread as far as the eyes could see. In the distance, the children could see a large, rocky mountain, far bigger than the ones the children had seen before.

The meadow was full of grazing unicorns and wild horses and in the forest; they notice small lights, buzzing around the place. There were so many unusual creatures in this strange land that the children wanted to explore the forest, which they did.

Susie and Jason travelled through the forest but more cautiously as they had ever done. Susie suddenly heard a faint giggle and turned around thinking that see would have seen another strange creature, but nothing was there. The two of them continued through the forest, and yet again, she heard another quiet giggle.

“Jason, did you hear that?” asked Susie, “I thought I heard a little giggle.”

“I heard it too,” replied Jason, “do you think it could be another one of those creatures?”

As Jason said this, a little blue pixie shot out from behind a tree, right up to Susie’s face.

“Hello,” said the blue pixie, in a high tinkling voice, “My name’s Lucinda, what brings you humans to Aria?”

“We travelled through a cave,” replied Susie in a mouse-like voice, “we didn’t mean to come here.”

“Our mother used to talk of this place, or at least started to,” added Jason confidently, “her and our father went missing a while ago and we thought that they might have come here, well that’s what we thought when we first saw the willow tree.”

“If your parents are missing, they might have been taken by Ephron, King of the Goblins. For the past few years, Ephron has been taking creatures and training them for battle, so he could take over Aria. He even stole a human woman by the name of Chloe, who used to visit this land. Rumour has it that he also took a human male as well.”

“That’s her. Chloe’s our mum!” exclaimed Susie, “we have to rescue her!”

“Then follow me to the Diamond Palace to talk to Queen Arianna of the fairies. She rules over Aria. She will be able to help you rescue your parents,” said Lucinda quickly.

The two children and the pixie then rushed all the way to the Diamond Palace, hoping that Queen Arianna could help them to save their parents.

The children and the pixie hurried through the forest until they reached the Diamond Palace. The palace was beside a glimmering stream of crystal clear water where the rainbow trout swam about. It was a huge, glimmering castle made of pure diamonds and created millions of rainbows across the ground as the light hit its diamond walls. There were a hundred gardens blanketed by flowers of many colours.

As the children came to the entrance to the palace, two elves dressed in white robes stood guard.

“What do you seek by coming to the palace humans?” asked the first elf.

“We have come to seek an audience with Queen Arianna, it’s very urgent!” exclaimed Susie.

“Yes,” added Jason, “It’s about the Goblin King, and our mother Chloe!”

“I see,” replied the first elf, “It is very important. You may see the Queen.”

The second elf guard escorted the two children and the pixie up the white marble staircase and through large chestnut brown doors that open into the ballroom where the Queen usually listened to the complaints from her subjects. Upon entering the ballroom, the children observed many beautiful objects and furniture. There was a mahogany table place with silver candelabras placed in front of the gold thrown embedded with many jewels and crystals.

Queen Arianna was sitting on the thrown and was even more beautiful than the palace itself. She had golden wings that shimmered when light touched it, long brown hair and emerald eyes and wore a pure white dress that touched the floor and flowed in the wind. The Queen wore a gold necklace with a heart shaped diamond on the ended and a golden tiara which also had diamonds encrusted on it. She was absolutely gorgeous.

“Hello Jason and Susie, I have been expecting you,” announced Queen Arianna.

“How do you know who we are?” asked Susie curiously.

“Your mother was a friend of mine; she helped save this land years ago when my mother Queen Kristina ruled. The Goblin King Ephron has kidnapped her and your father so he cannot be stopped when he tries to take over Aria,” replied the Queen anxiously.

“How can we stop the King Ephron and rescue our parents?” asked Jason.

“Well, one of the Moon Fairies has foretold a prophecy on how to save the Aria and your parents. Here, it is written on this paper, take a look.” Queen Arianna handed Susie, Jason and Lucinda the paper. On it was written a prophecy in rhyme.

A boy and girl will beat the Goblin King,

And all the animals will begin to sing.

To do this quest,

You must try your best.

Look around near trees of emerald green,

To defeat the creature ever so mean.

A clear sphere that shines bright,

It shall give you the sight.

Then to the cave of jewels that never fade,

There you’ll find the sharpest blade.

The last thing you will need to find,

That of which is in your heart and mind.

Then off to the Goblin Kings lair,

But only if you dare.


Follow the prophecy and you will find what you need, but how you use it will help you defeat the Goblin King and save your parents. If you are to succeed you must leave now, we do not have enough time. Defeat him by sunrise tomorrow or you will never see your parents again and Aria will be under his control. Hurry, you’re our only hope.

The trio then headed off into the woods to find emerald green trees where they would find a round object that shines brightly.

“I know a place where there are a lot of emerald green trees; it’s at the end of this path. Follow me, come on this way!” exclaimed Lucinda.

Susie and Jason followed Lucinda down the path towards the emerald trees. When they arrived there, they were surrounded by many trees some as tall as they sky, and some just a sapling. They searched around every tree looking for something round, but all they came across were red and green apples, but they weren’t spheres and they didn’t shine brightly. When they were tired from searching, they lay underneath a tree looking up at the trees and the sky.

“It’s hopeless; we are never going to find something here in this forest. There are just too many trees and who knows how far it goes on.” Whined Jason.

As Jason was complaining, Susie saw a blinding light coming from one of the emerald trees.

“Look up there!” exclaimed Susie, “what is it? Do you think you can fly up there and see what it is Lucinda?”

“Sure, I’ll go have a look.” Replied Lucinda. Lucinda flew up to the tree where the light was coming from, only to find a sphere made of crystal.

“I see something; it looks like a ball of crystal. I think it’s the clear sphere mentioned in the prophecy. I am bringing it down.” Lucinda yelled to Susie and Jason and began to fly down. The three of them looked at the ball.

“Ok, so we now have the crystal ball, next we have to go to a cave of jewels, maybe a diamond cave?” suggested Jason.

“That’s a great idea, and I know just where one is. It is right near the Sapphire Spring.” Said Lucinda, and once again they travelled down the path to the Sapphire Spring.

When they reached the Sapphire Spring, Lucinda showed them the cave which was beside a giant oak tree.

“We have to be very quick. This is an abandoned mine and is very unstable.” Informed Lucinda. The trio then entered the cave cautiously, being careful not to touch anything. As they travelled down the mine they kept their eyes open to spot a blade of some sort, but they didn’t see anything. The further they travelled, the more worried they got that they weren’t going to get out.

Halfway through the mine, they spotted a sword made completely out of diamonds. The only problem was that it stuck in the mines walls.

“How are we going to get it out?” asked Susie, “We have to get it out.”

“Well I have an idea!” Jason exclaimed. As he said that, he pulled the sword from the wall, and at first nothing happened, then the mine shook and bits of dirt and rock started falling to the floor.

“Run!” screamed Lucinda and they ran to the entrance of the mine, dodging falling rock. They saw the light at the entrance of the tunnel, and just before a large rock fell from the roof of the mine, they made it out side before the rock blocked the entrance.

“Well, that worked. Now we have to find our way to the Goblin Kings lair.” Said Jason.

“The prophecy said that the clear sphere would give us sight, so maybe it meant it could show us the way.” Susie said curiously. As the night grew dark, the children and the pixie sat beside the Sapphire Spring in a circle and placed the crystal ball in the centre.

“Show us the way to the Goblin Kings Lair.” Said Jason, but nothing happened.

“The prophecy also said that we would have to find something found in our heart and mind. I know! Think of something you love.” Susie exclaimed.

Jason and Susie thought of their parents and the way to the Goblin Kings Lair. Suddenly, the crystal ball shone like a light and rose from the ground. All three stood up as the crystal ball rose, and then it began to float away. The trio followed the crystal ball until it stopped at an opening in the Giants Mountain. The crystal ball then fell to the floor and the light went out.

“This must be the entrance. Come on let’s go and defeat the Goblin King.” Said Susie, and picked up the crystal ball and entered the three of them entered the Lair.

Travelling through the tunnels was very hot, like a furnace and the smell of fire lingered in the air. Every now and then they had to stop and make sure there weren’t any goblins around. They continued down the tunnel until they came to a huge room where coal was being dumped into a pit of red. Goblins came in and out of tunnels with coal to burn. They were creatures of fire, there skin was red and orange resembling fire, and their bodies were covered in spike, some small and some big and they had a bloodthirsty look in their eyes.

Beside the pit of red, the Goblin King Ephron sat on a throne of rock fast asleep. Next to the throne was a cage which contained a man and women who unmistakably looked like Susie and Jason. The Goblin King was bigger than all of the goblins, at least 7 feet tall and had a key around his neck, most likely to unlock the cage. How were they possibly going to beat him and get the key?

Susie, Jason and Lucinda came up with a plan. They went through another tunnel to where the Goblin King was when no goblins were there. They crept up behind him a pulled out the sword. Jason then swung the sword, and chopped off his head in one go. He then snatched the key and unlocked the cage. Susie and Jason’s parents embraced their children with a hug and the five of them left the Lair and returned to the Diamond Palace to give Queen Arianna the news.

When they told Queen Arianna the news, she was delighted and thankful. Aria was safe again. Susie, Jason and Lucinda were given a medal encrusted with diamonds as a reward for saving the land. The children and their parents said their goodbyes to the Queen and Lucinda and returned home to their grandparents, and they were a family once again.


The End


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