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Smiling and acting strong is harder than expected for some of us

Submitted: January 14, 2016

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Submitted: January 14, 2016



How else am I to describe it

The noise in my head

The ringing in my ears

The fear to close my eyes


I'm in a prison of chaos

A prison I can usually keep ordered and sealed tight

A prison where I rule with an iron fist

But one thing falls out of place and all the gates are open

And I'm a pathetic little girl afraid of her own shadow


A prison where all my thoughts are running free

Where all my fears are mocking me

And dare I close my eyes

All my worst nightmares and memories relive in graphic detail


In a prison where hidden emotions now prance around the halls

Where held back tears flood across every floor

Where harsh words and inflicted deeds bang on the metal bars they used to be bound behind

Where there's no place to hide


A prison with little oxygen supply

As these thoughts run on nothing but my torture

And the second I try to breath, one will sit right on my chest so I hurt again

A prison that slowly kills.


I'm a prisoner, always have been

Deemed to serve a life sentence of sorrow and pain

Whether I'm the one behind bars or not

There is no escaping beyond the prison wall.

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