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this was actually written for english teacher loved it and i hope you do too....

Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012



"Good morning Mrs.Rudy.", the aid said, wakling into the room and opening the curtains; light quickly flowing into the room. "Good morning Caty.", the old woman replied, standing up and finding her walker.

She had been awake for an hour and was eager for the day to begin.Caty quikly set the walker, which Mrs.Rudy was still searching for, softly in front of the woman. "Thank you.", she mumbled soflty, holding firmly onto the sides of the device. "What are we doing taday?", Caty asks in her bubbly voice, standing in the doorway awaiting an answer. "Well.", she began, now outside her small room," We are going to visit my grandaughter, Lily, at the hospital.", she declared in a matter-of-fact tone.

Caty was intrigued. She had been working with Mrs.Rudy for a good year and a half and had never once got the chance to meet one of her family members. "Are we walking?", her voice had taken on an even more chipper tone, if that was possible. As mrs.Rudy lead the way she answered,"Yes. The hospital is right over there.", pointing the the giant tan building.

They walked in silence after that. Once at the hospital Mrs.Rudy walked straight up to the front desk and, "Im here to see Lily Rudy.", nothing more.The lady at the desk nodded and pointed down a hall, "Room 170. Secon floor.", and went back to typing ferociously on her computer. Caty helped Mrs.Rudy into the elevator and watched the numbers change quickly from one to two. They found the room easily. Caty opened the door and Mrs.Rudy stepped in but stopped before Caty could move any further, "Would you please wait outside.", it wasnt a question and Caty was smart enough to get the hint. She nodded and closed the door.

Mrs.Rudy went to Lilys bed and sat in the chair beside it. She looked at her granddaughter. Saw how she lay unmoving. How her skin had paled. How she was staring into nothingness. A tear ran down her cheek as she screamed in horror; Caty was immediately at her side, trying to comfort her, a nurse close behind.






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