Is chaos a bad thing?

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Just some thoughts....

Submitted: November 27, 2009

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Submitted: November 27, 2009



Do you ever just sit and stare? Day dreaming about a perfect place? Living your life without a care? I'm sure you have, because this world is full of racism, intolerence, depression, hate, and no air. I'm not trying to poison your head space, just sharing my thoughts about this world tearin', into pieces, but somehow your mind can create something filled with grace, no bomb threats, gang fights, people being hurt, or children swearin'.

This world may not be a perfect one, but she sure is beautiful. Bet she's sick and tired of everyone, fighting, why can't we all just be peaceful? Hold hands and crap? Give hugs and come, put Mother Earth back together *careful!*

Then your day dreams will be just like reality, THEN maybe you'll have a perfect world, but daydream of trouble. Do you think you'll wish for some sort of torture for him? her? me? Wish for things to start to bubble? Wish that everyone will leave you be?! Thinking *MAN, EVERYTHING IS TOO SUBTLE!* Taking all your anger, you're blind you can't see! Everyone around you is holding a rifle! Screamng* AWWWW! SOMEBODY SHOOT ME!*


What is a world without a little chaos? Did you wish that this world was a place without it?

....How about now?

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