In Just One Year

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Shayla Thomas has a secret that she's not sure she can keep any more. Too many people could get hurt and too many relationships could be ruined. Worst of all the man she loves life could be destroyed. One way or another she's going to have to figure something because this is one secret she can't hide for too long.

*Please note this is a story Im working on right now and its a bit of a slow progress so there wont be any updates for awhile but I would love some feedback on what I have so far thanks :)

Submitted: July 14, 2011

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Submitted: July 14, 2011



Twelve minutes went by and Shayla was still sitting there, on the toilet seat staring at the blue line as if staring at it long enough would make it go away.  She felt no emotion, her mind was blank, and her body was numb.  Another 5 minutes passed before she eased out of her trance.  She turned her head to the window that was open a little more than a crack, allowing the cold winter air to reach her and form goose pimples on her skin.

It’s cold, was the first thing she allowed herself to think in nearly twenty minutes.  Her eyes went back and forth between the test and the window, trying to decide whether it was worth it to close it or not.  She sighed, as she stood up, leaving the test on the floor.  She slammed the window shut, cutting off the circulation of fresh air into her home.

What am I gonna do, she thought as she rest her elbows on the windowsill and held her face in her palms.  She stared at the empty streets that were blanketed by a light layer of snow.  Large snowflakes were still coming down, lightly dropping themselves on the ground, on parked cars, and on roof tops, covering everything in white.

She felt tears starting to form in the corner of her eyes and she closed them tight, willing herself not to cry.  She didn’t want to think about it, didn’t want to think about telling her mother, didn’t want to think about telling anyone.  She focused on her breathing, taking deep breaths in and exhaling slowing.

Her mind flashed back to her childhood, and she smiled as she remembered the stories her mother used to tell her at night, and the pranks her and her brothers would play on each other. And suddenly she wished she had a time machine, to go back to a time when she had no major decisions to make and problems were easily resolved.  It all seemed so far away now, like a dream she once had or a fairy tale she once heard, and she realized that the stories we read are a reflection on where we are in life.  As children we read simple, beautifully told stories, with minor conflicts and happy endings.  As adults we read more complex books, with major conflicts, irreparable tragedies, and happy endings are not guaranteed.  She missed those days when stories always ended in happily ever after.

She opened her eyes, stared out into the street for a moment, then looked at the test lying on the ground.  She slowly put the test back in the box and put the box back in her back pack.  She opened the bathroom door just wide enough to poke her head out and looked to the left to make sure her mother had not come out of her bedroom.  When she was sure the halls were empty, she hurried to her room, which was in the opposite direction of her mother’s room.

As soon as she walked into her room she heard the jingle coming from her cell phone that indicated she had a missed call.  She put her back pack on the floor and grabbed it from her desk.  She had three missed calls, all three from Chris, and a text from Manny saying “miss u.” Butterflies took over her stomach upon reading that text.  What am I supposed to do, she thought as she plopped down on her bed, losing the fight to hold back tears. 

In one year I’ll be 18, just one year from now and this would all be okay, just one year.

She felt defeated. Guilt seemed to be punching her in the gut, while sadness pressed hard against her chest.  She knew how things could end and it tore her up thinking about it.

Her thoughts drifted to Manny. He was sexy, funny, and charming, all the qualities that made her fall in love with him so quickly. He sat next to her one day, while she was eating lunch alone in the crowded food court, back when she first started working at Macys.His smooth face and dimpled cheeks gave the impression of a boy.  She blushed as he spoke, admiring his olive skin and stunning gray eyes. She was shy at first, she’d never had a boyfriend before and was always very quiet around guys she didn’t know very well, but as he complimented her and flirted with her, she gained some confidence and began to flirt back. 

The following day she met him for a casual dinner at Applebee’s.  Everything about him impressed her; his scent, his smile, his sense of humor, his intelligence, the way he gave her compliments in Spanish. She was too engrossed in him to think about telling him things that he should probably know and she found herself telling him that she was a sophomore at Brooklyn College. 

It took eight months of dinners, and movies, and kissing, and cuddling, and sex, before she broke down and told him.  She’d never seen him or anyone for that matter so angry, and she could feel her heart breaking with each curse word he spewed at her.

Now, four months after her confession and just six weeks since he decided to forgive her, she was pregnant.  After all that had happened she couldn’t bear to tell him and she didn’t know what to tell Chris either.

It just so happened, that it was Manny’s suggestion that she stay with Chris, having an in-public boyfriend would take attention away from their private friendship.

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