Charlies Jungle Adventure

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Charlie lives in Chigley's Circus with his best friend Co-co the clown. This story is about his one chance of finding a way back to the jungle and his lost parents. Will he make it or will , like many times before, be disappointed.

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



Charlies Jungle Adventure

A great place to visit if you're young or old.

Every little story is written for you and you alone \"Wink\". will reach me from wherever you are.

I would  like to dedicate this story to Charlie the son of my niece Jody and her husband Den, also Sister Kath's first grandson.\"Charlie\"
Charlie was one of the first animal story's I ever wrote.

Charlie was a little chimp who went from town to  town.
He drove a little motor car and never wore a frown.
Charlie had adventures and to the jungle went one day.
but he was frightened by a lion  so he up and ran away.

Charlie was a young Chimpanzee, he lived with his best friend Co-co the clown at Chigley’s Circus and had been there since he was very young. He had been bought over to this country when his parents went missing after their trees were cut down. Ch\"Image\"arlie didn't remember much about the place he was born in.
In the Circus Charlie had his own special little car; it was purple with green bumpers and black leather seats and a little horn that went toot! toot! when he pressed it, which he did a lot of times when he was being chased by the clowns.

Charlie would drive round in the edge the arena in the big top with the clowns chasing after him; of course they would never catch him, but they used to pretend to throw buckets of water over him. The buckets were really full of coloured paper and when the clowns missed Charlie, and the water looked like it was going to soak the children in the front row, they would scream, then laugh as they realised they weren’t going to get wet after all. \"Charlie's

Well as I said before, Co-co was Charlies best friend they had a lovely little caravan that they shared, Co-co had one half, well three quarters really and Charlie had the other quarter, they took it in turns to keep it nice and clean. Charlie had his own little bed and wardrobe with all his tiny suits and hats hanging up on coat hangers ready for when  he got dressed for the show.

Co-co and Charlie did everything together and Charlie loved Co-co and the Circus so very much.

One of Charlies favourite jobs was helping Co-co wash the elephants down on a Saturday morning, they both ended up half drowned but it was better than going swimming and they laughed and laughed.

\"Charlie Charlie was beginning to feel really excited. It was time for the circus to move to a new town and this weekend they were off to Chester. Charlie had never been to Chester before but he knew it was not far from Wrexham, and they had been there last year and Co-co had seen the signposts but what Charlie didn’t know, was that going to Chester was going to be the start of one of the greatest adventures of his life.

They arrived at the site early the following morning the Council had given Mr. Chigley permission to put up the tents in the big field by the river Dee. There was a hustle and a bustle from the time they arrived and it was the policy of the circus to always ask for the help of the local people in putting up the Big Top and the smaller tents that were needed for the different venues.\"Clown\"
Charlie was sat on top of a big barrel, he had a huge smile on his face, it was so exciting. He was watching two of the local men unwinding the ropes ready to be attached to the Big Top; this was the tent that the clowns and Charlie did their act . men had been working very hard and had just sat down to have their tea and biscuits.“ Phew.” said Trevor. “I never realised these ropes could be so heavy, I’m quite shattered.” he added.

They carried on working for a while and then Bert took out his flask and poured another cup of tea.
"That's almost it Trevor." Bert said as he took a biscuit and dipped it in his tea, "and to think I still have that jungle to sort out before we can come to the show tonight."
Charlie almost fell off the barrel, did the man, Bert know where the lived long ago?
\"How Poor Charlie, he didn't really stop to think what he was thinking.
All could see his mind was a huge forest full lions and tigers and course chimpanzee's.
Maybe just maybe his mum and dad had managed to hide from the bad men and stayed in the jungle. Maybe they were still there ..... always maybe.

Poor Charlie he really was in a terrible state.
Charlie sat back down on the barrel and watched the men working all the time his little mind trying to work out if he should follow Bert when he left the circus.
"What if he got lost? What if Coco missed him and found another best friend to live with him in the caravan? Oh dear it was a very, very difficult decision to\"The make."
Somewhere a clock chimed twelve o'clock and Bert and Trevor put their ropes down and began to collect their belonging together.
Well that's me Bert, I'm off to watch the match on the telly, I don't envy you in this heat, having to do all cut all that grass and stuff. Still if you really get stuck in, you should be finished for tonight."
Trevor smiled and threw his rucksack over his shoulder, "See you tonight then." He patted Bert on his back and walked off down along the riverside path under the bridge.
"Aye I'll be there, it wont take that long once I get rid of the deep undergrowth and get big Bertha on it,"
He said to Charlie who was just sitting there watching as Bert got his stuff together.
\"playing\" "What do you think, my little mate. I guess you wouldn't mind staying  with me whilst I do it either, I bet it's a long time since you climbed trees if ever?" Bert walked over to the barrel and gave  Charlie a  tickle under his chin,
 Charlie looked up at Bert and took the piece of biscuit he held out for him.
"Well it's no good young un, if I want to come and see you perform tonight I shall have to get on or the Missus will have a fit." And with this Bert turned around and started to walk up the river path but away from the Race Course not towards it as Trevor had done.river_and_fields.jpg\"
Charlie made his decision and without another thought jumped off the barrel and started to follow Bert up

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