You are Mine (Tobi from Naruto)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Tobi is not who he appears to be. OC Illyria finds this out the hard way.

Submitted: May 05, 2014

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Submitted: May 05, 2014



\"\"I sat down at my table to read my mail like I do every morning, with the sounds of my sisters screaming at each other in the background. Junk, Junk, Junk, Bills. I never got anything good anymore. It sucked to be in charge with my mother running the Geisha full time, and my father dead and buried six feet under. I was the only one around anymore to make lunches for Avalon and Atalaya who were twins on the same chunin squad and as wild as ever. I had to clean the house, work a full time job, and furthermore, pay all the damn bills too.

“I miss youth,” I sighed frustratingly after opening the bill docket and seeing just how much I owed.

“My lovely daughters! I have wonderful news!” I heard my mother’s voice long before I saw her. She waltzed into the room and threw down her geisha fan with a flourish. Both of my sisters came running in and proceeded to bounce up and down until their mother told them the great news.

“I have been offered marriage by a lovely gentleman from the geisha house! And he’s rich!” That’s all my mother worried about, which at this point in time I don’t blame her. But the thought of my father being replaced, not even a decade after his death, was revolting. I stood abruptly from my chair and walked out, only mumbling a ‘happy for you’ before leaving the three other females to squeal and be merry.

At least this meant I no longer had to pay the bills and look after my sisters… I slowly got dressed into my training outfit and slipped out the door to my teammates who had met up at a nearby restaurant.

“So are we all ready?” Nekasha, the female teammate of mine, asked me and Ryou, the male teammate.

“Ready,” I mumbled, still in a grump. She nudged me and smiled while we got up to go to our next mission, which would be in the Village Hidden in the Water. I gave her a comical grin that meant nothing before dashing off into the woods.

Our mission was short and did nothing to distract my mind from the memories of my father and of what this life is going to be like with some new man who probably won’t care anything for having stepchildren.

I grunt as I trip over a root on the road. My teammates laugh at my clumsiness and I roll my eyes like I meant to do it. How was I supposed to go on with this life that is so boring to me?

“But Dei-Dei said no, and Tobi was a good boy and listened! YOW!” I heard voices in the distance and silenced my team. We crouched down and watched as two men walked straight for us. We crawled quickly to the bushes. Nekasha gave a small gasp as she got a good look at the cloaks the men were wearing. Red clouds on black… the akatsuki. I signaled for us to sneak up from behind. Neka shook her head vigorously, no doubt remembering the horrid stories that we’ve all been told. Ryou was on her side this time. So we just watched as they passed, unnoticing.

The man talking was wearing some sort of mask that looked like an orange popsicle. The way he was speaking was so obnoxious, it was hard to imagine why he of all people would be in the akatsuki.

“Come on, they’re gone.” Ryou quickly stood and helped Nekasha up. They both began to run back towards home. I didn’t go so fast.

“Guys, they’re too close to the village. I think one of us should follow and make sure they’re not up to no good. Go on ahead and I will catch up, ok?” They both looked unsure until I smiled and waved them off. I was the best in the village at sneaking about unnoticed.

“Be back by nightfall or we’re sending someone after you.” Ryou gave me a very serious scowl. I nodded and went on my way before I lost track of the enemy.

“Tobi, if you don’t shut up, I will smack that mask right off you, un!!” I hid behind a tree while the two men quarreled and the man in the mask, Tobi, cackled and grabbed the blond by his ponytail. The blond yelled in outrage and threw Tobi as far as he could, right towards me. He skidded onto the ground and after the dust cleared, I could see him and he could clearly see me.

“Tobi found pretty girl! Pretty girl was following Tobi and Deidara!” I tried to run but the blond, Deidara turned up in front of me and stood in my way of escaping.

“Now why would someone like you be following us all alone? Or are you alone, un?” He grins and looks around, satisfied that I really was alone.

I don’t say anything, I just step backwards and conjure up a very large hammer, my weapon of choice.

“Tobi wants to play!” The masked man runs up in front of me, and right in Deidara’s way of fighting me back.

“Get out of the way or I’ll destroy you too, you imbecile!” I pull back my hammer, aiming straight at his head but he jumps around from foot to foot, making me lose my aim altogether. I fumble forward and almost straight onto the ground.

“Pretty girl is clumsy too! Should we keep her, Dei-dei?” Tobi turns around to ask what seems to be his master. I decide now is my chance and I try to pummel his head again. Deidara stops me this time by throwing up some object that poofs into a giant clay doll. My hammer hits that and gets stuck. I pull and push against it with my feet until the doll shrinks suddenly and I land onto my face.

“Haha! Pretty girl is funny! Dei-dei please please please please!!!”

“OH SHUT UP ALREADY!” Deidara picks up his little doll and walks away like I’m nothing to him and I’m not even worth fighting. Tobi comes to me and bounces around my face, like he’s inspecting me.

“Very very pretty. Tobi’s new friend, come with us!” I raise my eyebrows, thinking this is insanely stupid. It must be a dream. Why in the world would real akatsuki seem so nonchalant or this hyper and crazy? I didn’t know what else to do but go with them. It wasn’t like they were trying to kill me or anything, and I definitely didn’t feel in danger of being hurt by them, not with the way they were acting towards me.

“So what’s pretty girl’s name?” Tobi links arms with me, and I don’t try and push away.

“I’m Illyria. Why are you guys here so close to the Leaf Village anyway?” I chance my luck to ask this incredibly stupid seeming man, in hopes he’d be stupid enough to tell me.

“Oh no, that’s not Ria’s business! Tobi’s a good boy, he won’t tell!” I cannot believe I am even having to listen to this. I start wondering if this is really just an elaborate trap.

“Ok then… Well, where are we going now?” This seems like an easy enough question to ask.

“Back to the lair to play lots of games and eat lots of food because Tobi is hungry!” Out of all the boyish gibberish, I managed to hear ‘lair’ and my hopes perk up. If I can get them to show me the lair, then I can sneak out when I’m with thus boy of a man and come back to Konoha and tell everyone where they’re hiding! I’d be the hero of all times!

“Well let’s go then! I’m hungry too actually.”

“Ria’s hungry too, Dei-dei! See, Tobi saved Ria from starving!”

“Illyria, you’re going to wish you’d have died by your own hammer by the time Tobi is through with you.” Deidara called back with a laugh in his voice and I got a tremor, thinking about having to deal with this kidlike behavior for days on end.

The day turned to night, and I knew Ryou was probably sending someone out to look for me about this time. I felt like I was doing a lot of good though, being with these strange men and on my way to find out secrets that would save every town around.

We got there a few hours after dark. I knew it had to be their lair because we’d just walked through a waterfall and into a cave in which several holograms appeared and Deidara proceeded to talk with them in low voices.

“Tobi has picked up a stray and wants to keep her. If you ave an problems we can kill her now.”

“No, no. Bring her in. Maybe Tobi is on to something. We’ll see what she’s got.”

“Ok, Master. Come on, Tobi. Illyria.” And before me, where a stone wall used to be, there was now a vast doorway into a brightly lit hallway appeared. My eyes widened at the site. I’d never seen anything so elaborately done.

“Ris is going to like Tobi’s home! It’s Ria’s home now too!” Tobi still had a hold to my arm and dragged me inside through the hall and into another smaller doorway. It was a sitting room of some sort, because several other akatsuki members were sitting down talking inside.

“This is Illyria, yeah. She’s Tobi’s new playmate, so he will get out of our damn hair.” Deidara introduced me and I could see one of the men, the one that looked remarkably like a fish, almost giggling.

“Oh, that poor girl! Save yourself Illyria!”

“Kisame is mean! Ria wants to be Tobi’s friend too, right?” The question was directed at me, and everyone in the room turned to look at me with smirks across their faces.

“Um, yeah! Sure!” The room burst into laughter as Tobi jumped with glee and dragged me around by my arm some more.

“Let’s go play in Tobi’s room!” As we left the room, the laughter could still be heard, and a few jokes were made about me being the new ragdoll and I’d have wished I was dead if I knew what I was getting into.

Tobi’s room seemed normal enough. There was a bed, a shelf with random books about Taijitsu and Jujitsu and things like that. A desk was pushed into the corner where there was a half written letter. This surprised me. By the way Tobi seemed to act, I didn’t think he would know how to read and write. But I guess there had to be a reason he was in the akatsuki in the first place.

The door slammed and I heard a locking sound. I turned around to see Tobi right in front of me, not bouncing, not giggling, not talking at all. My heart started to quicken and my first thoughts on this all being a trapped came back into my head.

“I remember you from the geisha I’d been to years before. I wanted you then, but you were too young. And now I have you all to myself.” I heard a gravelly voice instead of a perky high pitched one, and my stomach instantly dropped.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about. What’s going on? Who are you?!” I back up towards the wall, and my back hits it hard. He follows swiftly and pins me there.

He slowly removes his mask and I gasp. I remember that scarred face. I’d been twelve at the time and he’d been eyeing me from across the geisha house. He was with a few other cloaked men and they were all having a drink and watching the girls greedily.

“You are mine now. And everyone knows it.” He pushes me further into the wall. “And you will love me. I guarantee it.” He goes to kiss me but I twist my head away.

“Let me go! I’m sorry I called you imbecile and tried to hit you with my hammer!” I tried to move away and managed to crawl underneath his arm. He laughs and turns to chase me. I stall enough so I can conjure my hammer back up.

“I know what you were planning. ‘I’ll get this very dumb man to lead me back to his hideout and then report back to my team so we can go kill the akatsuki.’ Am I right?” I blush at his words. Were my intentions that clear? “I am a very intelligent man, and I know that you’d been following us since you left your friends on the road. I also know where I can find you if you ever run away. And I won’t be afraid to kill your mother and your two little sisters to get you.” I’m breathing so hard now, trying to wrack my brains on how he would possibly know about my family and how he’d seen my teammates when we’d been so well hidden.

“Kill them, I don’t care. Kill them all. You can kill me too!” I try to sound like I don’t even want to live while I unravel the hidden scroll on my hammer that would allow me to read out the words that would claim the soul of my enemy.

“Oh, I don’t want to kill you. I want to use you until there’s nothing left.” I shiver, which distracts me from the scroll I’d been in the middle of reading. He charges at me and pulls the hammer away from my grasp. “You’re spells won’t work on me. You see, I am the true leader of this group. And only you and Pain “Master” knows about it. So you’ll do as I say or your stay here will be just as agonizing as what the rest have made it out to be.” I only nod my head in compliance. He gives a deadly smirk and I shudder once more. He leans down and kisses my lips then walks away to get his mask.

Surprisingly, after he’s gone from the room, my lips are still tingling and his words are ringing in my mind, but they don’t sound as scary now. I don’t understand why he would want me to love him if he just wants to use me. And how was I so special for him to remember a single day that was more than five years ago? He didn’t even talk to me, just looked at me. I do remember thinking how attractive he was before I heard a few other girls saying how evil those men were that he’d been with.

“Ria! Dinnertime!” Tobi’s voice rang out chirpily in the hallway. I had just gone through everything in the room to get a better idea of the man I was staying with.

I walked out of the room to be greeting by a once more friendly Tobi. My fear of him was still visible but this naïve act of his seemed a lot easier to handle now that I knew the real truth. He looped his arm with mine, like he’d done before and guided me into the dinging area. Before we walked in, he whispered quietly in my ear, “Not a word about what happened in the room,” and nuzzled against my neck. I nod so that he knows I heard him.

It has been days now, and I am slowly beginning to understand Tobi. No one else has any clue about Tobi’s secrets. And I was able to sneak away to talk to “Master” Pein about why exactly I was here.

He said it was only right for me to know a bit about Tobi. I now know his real name is Obito and he used to love a girl named Rin who his best friend killed. His personality has gone haywire since then. To everyone else he is just obnoxious Tobi. To the group, unknowingly, he is the mastermind named Madara. To Pein, he is a friend, and he is what Pein imagines to be the original Obito.

Talking to Pein and hearing all this has made me curious to find out more and to see if I can find this Obito that is supposedly still buried deep inside. I know this is the only thing I can hope to do, because escaping here is futile, I know now. I’d be killed on the spot.

“Ria, Tobi wants to play!” I manage a smile because to me, this Tobi is my real friend.

“Ok Tobi, what should we play? Want to build a fort maybe?” I plop down beside him on the couch and throw my legs over him to get more comfortable.

“Yeah! We should ask Dei-dei to play too!” I laugh at the thought. Deidara building a fort? He might blow one up, but never make one! Tobi goes to try anyway but I can hear Deidara shout and slam his bedroom door.

“Deidara-sana says no,” I can hear Tobi pouting through the mask. I pat his head and hug him to make him feel better.

“It’s ok, Tobi, we can build one ourselves.”

When our fort is finished and we are hiding underneath with a board game, I feel Tobi’s hand slide up my arm and suddenly he pulls me against him and whispers something.

“I-I can’t hear you,” I whisper back.

“I said… I’m sorry for the other day. It’s hard for me to fight to control my anger.” That’s when I know it’s not Tobi or Madara I’m talking to now. It’s Obito. And I can feel my heart go out to him immediately.

“It’s ok, Obito-“

“How do you know that name?! That man doesn’t exist anymore!” I am abruptly shoved backwards and the fort collapse over us. Covers tangle around us as Madara searches for me in anger. He finds my leg and pulls me out from underneath the sheets and I can see through the one hoe in his mask that shows his sharingan eye that he is livid. I’ve said the wrong thing.

“Come with me,” He growls and pulls me to my feet. I am brought out to the front of cave entrance, just on the inside by the waterfall so the noise will drown us out.

“Pain told me. I’m sorry, I wasn’t supposed to know.” He’s kissing me before I know it and I’m kissing back, feeling the longing in his lips. The frustration inside me is growing though. I can’t handle all these changes of personalities.

“Tobi, stop.” I manage to push him away. He looks at me and shakes his head.

“No, don’t call me that when we’re alone. You can call me Obito, because that’s who I am. You’ve awakened something inside me that hasn’t been there in a very long time. And it’s hard, with this madara and Tobi side of me, to stay clearheaded. I don’t want to hurt you, Illyria. The thing is, I need you. There’s something about you that’s making me feel sane again.

“I want to help you. But I’m scared…” he hugs me close.

“I am an evil man. I’ve done so many bad things. And I see why you wouldn’t want to stay. But I don’t want to hurt you. I want to cherish you. And I’ve never felt that way before. Obito is yours. If you’ll have him. And Madara will never hurt you.” It’s all so much, so much more than my boring life had ever expected to witness.

“I don’t just want Obito. I want all of you. Tobi is my friend. Obito is my love, and Madara, you are mine to control. Kiss me.” I pull him by his cloak so that our lips collide. I can feel the dominance try to sway Madara into shoving me harshly to the floor so that he has control but he fights it and he lets me caress him and pull him close.

“I am yours, but only if you’re ALL mine.” I pull away to say sincerely.

“Illyria, you have a deal.” He laughs and I join him. We both giggle for a little while, and kiss for a little while longer.

Inside, Kisame can be heard shouting, “You idiots! Put the damn couch cushions back! Deidara, why did you let Tobi bring Ria back here?! Now we have two bleeding idiots to clean up after!” We start to laugh again, even harder this time.

I know that from now on, I have a lot more to deal with than bills and cleaning, and I never really got to say goodbye to my family and everyone will think I’m dead after a while, but I can feel my life means something now. It will never be the same old thing every day. I have three different men who love me and I love them.


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