Lurking in the Phantoms

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Will I find her?
Without Question.
Will I save her?

Soren believes that I am crazy searching for someone who is dead, but I know she is not. I can find her with the help of others from our world.

There are more out here who want be dead for my rebellion against the family. I am week in power from defending so many of them off, if another comes I don't think I can fight my way out.

He is Lurking in the Phantoms.... I don't think he will spare my life if I give him the option.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Aron

"I want to go home." Soren begged. We were at the airport, I had him handcuffed to my wrist. He was coming with me to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2: Soren

I get sea sick so bad, let me tell you that. Those fries were not doing me any favors on this stupid idiotic trip. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3: Aron

My arms ached from rowing and rowing for the past three days now. I still don't know what happened when Soren got out, I can'... Read Chapter

Chapter 4: Stella

My hands were covered in dust. I was in a strange place, The portal sent me somewhere that I didn't even know existed. T... Read Chapter

Chapter 5: Aron

My eyes cracked open to see logs and straw above me. My face was to the side, I saw a wooden handmade chair and side desk wit... Read Chapter

Chapter 6: Stella

Boston, Massachusetts. Why did this place sound so familiar? I learned next to nothing about Earth back on Malison. This place ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7: Aron

"Pirates have lined up around our island and are going to attack anyway." Alisha told me. "We need all the help we can get." ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8: Stella

"We need to talk." The commander said, pulling me inside.  "Why?" I hesitated to answer.  This man just kille... Read Chapter

Chapter 9: Aron

"See that coconut?" I told Alisha, she nodded. "I need a lot of them." Alisha scaled the tree in less then ten second ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10: Aron

Just as Alisha had promised, the whole crew had passed out by the next hour. They laid asleep everywhere in the deck, the cap... Read Chapter

Chapter 11: Stella

I wake up in a patch of grass, it's midday, like we slept through the whole night. Pieces of glass poked at my hand, I released... Read Chapter

Chapter 12: Soren

I don't hate people, I just feel a whole lot better when they aren't around. I probably look extremely calm on this rowboat, ... Read Chapter

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