Things We Lost

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

I finally realized my destiny when my story came to a close and I realized that I was the villain all along.

Imagine my life as a game, a game where you have to save everyone. But as you go throughout the game you have to make harder questionable decisions. The whole game gets darker and darker. Until you realized that you were playing the villain all along.

You probably think I am lying to you about all this. Well of course I am, if I told you the truth you would think I'm insane. Which I am.

I know how this ends and I'm sorry that it happened but it did.

I have nothing to apologize for.

Listen closely, this is the only story I will ever tell.

Table of Contents

Things We Got

The bells rang across the country, the whole city celebrated. A parade ran down the street and fireworks lit up the sky. Today was my... Read Chapter

Things We Did

I flew across town, around building and through parks. The people below me looked like tiny ants. I could see for miles, my vision was sh... Read Chapter

Things We Asked

I flew till I was downtown. No cars were on the streets, no people roamed the city. All I could hear was the sound of myself crying. ... Read Chapter

Things We Learned

 I flew out of town and into the woods, where I could hide and sort all this out. I put back on my coat, hiding my wings, then l... Read Chapter

Things We Worked

One day. One day left till my life will change, one day to master the rest of these powers. I didn't know one day could go by s... Read Chapter

Things We Destroyed

Nathaniel: I am no stronger then I was when I came. They weigh me before and after my week, I am the exact same, but something c... Read Chapter

Things We Thought

Back on Malison:  "Thaniel!" I screamed as the military piled out from a rocket. He had to be there, the war was ... Read Chapter

Things We Cried

I woke up in my father's office, with a light shining into my eyes. I snapped awake, rubbing my forehead because of the headach... Read Chapter

Things We Remembered

What happened to me?  My body ached all over, pain filled my lungs each time I breathed. I never felt pain like this, ... Read Chapter

Things We Received

They took me to a hut. I recognized this style of architecture from another planet, not Norsett, but somewhere else. It looks l... Read Chapter

Things We Rejected

There is only one thing that could ruin my fun. Responsibilities.  Responsibilities of a leader are incredibly boring ... Read Chapter

Things We Drank

"Sir!" A women bowed as she ran over to me. "The Saxons have surrounded us on all sides." "Good." I smiled. "But that's not good ... Read Chapter

Things We Debated

Back on Malison:  After the war I went back home.  Dad ignored my pleading as usual. Nathaniel has been dead ... Read Chapter

Things We Appreciated

Azun:  Why does he always state his opinion in the incorrect time? Ames got me fired, but I shouldn't of acted up like that, los... Read Chapter

Things We Tried

Nathaniel: "What is something the people absolutely love?" I asked Alvin.  Coming up with something to get me out ... Read Chapter

Things We Declined

Azun:  I STAR Luke that night. Of course Ames had to be there to see what was so special about me that Luke spent all ... Read Chapter

Things We Did

Nathaniel: As I planned, the people were not happy with my decision. They threw eggs at Alvin's hut this morning as I prepa... Read Chapter

Things We Improve

Azun:  I watch Nathaniel through a crystal ball. I don't know when this is, it could be the past, present or... Read Chapter

Things We Love

Soren:  "Did you hear that Loki has killed our chief?" I overhear a man say to his wife.  "Yeah!" She agrees.... Read Chapter

Things We Write

Dear Azun,  I am sailing home now.  I can not believe my time at sea lasted so long, but I have connected with my power a... Read Chapter

Things We Fought

Nathaniel:  Whenever things finally start to go my way, there must be a plot twist. That's my luck and my life.  But no... Read Chapter

Things We Wrote

Azun:  I am taking my time watching Malison grow. The war was won, everyone is happy they can be with their famil... Read Chapter

Things We Hide

Nathaniel:  I can't block out the sound from all the bleeding and fighting. Children are screaming, I can't bear it!&n... Read Chapter

Things We Killed

Ames:  I am not letting Azun throw away a shot that is rightfully mine.  There are rumors that Mike and Luke are to ret... Read Chapter