The Other Line

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How can death end a friendship.

Submitted: July 04, 2011

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Submitted: July 04, 2011



One night at the house of Campbell family, Alyssa get her books to read about \"Intern Professions\" . She had to learn all about it before her final examination. Twelve o'clock midnight when Alyssa finished segregating her stuffs for tomorrow's class. Her mother woke up to drink some water when she saw Alyssa. Mother interdicted her not to sleep so late at night again. Alyssa then agreed and went to sleep. But before she about to close her eyes, one phone call from her bestfriend, Claire, disturbed her. Claire told Alyssa about her sickness that it goes not so very good these days. Alyssa is tired and sleepy so she told Claire to get some enough rest. She threw her phone somewhere her bed and fell asleep. Early morning, she went up from her bed and fixed up herself when she found out that nobody is in their home except for her. A voice from her room got her attention -- it was Claire's! She hurriedly ran. She saw Claire sitting on her bed, sighting somewhere downward looking so tired and sad. The atmosphere became cold. Alyssa walked slowly as Claire clenched her arms very tight. \"Alyssa, answer.\", said Claire dreadfully. \"Alyssa, answer!\", Claire said once again, much louder.Alyssa tried to get off out of Claire's cold hands but she can't. Claire is so strong. A strongwind came from the open window and Claire then disappeared. Her phone rang and she answered it but no one is speaking from the other line.It rang again but still, nobody is talking. Until the third time. Alyssa felt uptighted.Then after, her mother woke her up from having a nightmare. She searched for her phone and skimmed to it. She had one missed call and one text message.

From: Claire

 Alyssa, help. I can't breath.


The End.

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