Alice and Her Overdose

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

The format will be awful, please don't hate me X_X

Okay, so yeah, I'm not particularly fond of this. But it's growing on me. Hope you can get through it.

I tried both sides of the mushroom. My mind slowed and my chest paused. I was lost.

\"Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.\"

I tripped over my own feet. I never got used to the voices. A devilish grin appeared, demented and maddening. The Cheshire cat appeared behind the smile and cleared its own voice. \"Having fun?\"

Ignoring the purple feline, I stumble backwards, from the woods into a forest of high shoots of grass. My head hits against the ground and suddenly, I'm three inches tall. Laid back laughter dances into my ears and I start to crawl, following the noise. A lanky man of insect species sucked on a hookah pipe while girls with flower petal hair giggled eerily at the clouds surrounding them. The man's eyes swoop towards me and he sniggers, choking on smoke. \"Who the hell are you supposed to be?\"

I blink. And an adorable boy is leading me away from a table. His top hat seems to keep growing and I seem to be flying and we're falling flying falling together, kissing and touching. Time stands still and then his green eyes dilate and he tells me I have to go. I have to change. Quickly quickly what am I doing here he asks. He yells he cursed, \"Get the fuck out of here!\"

Tears start to well up and I close my eyes. My heart does a few backflips and I'm suddenly in the middle of darkness. Glowing eyes watch from a safe distance and lazy rocking horseflies and bread-and-butterflies start to swim through the air. Prescription pills start to appear in swarms, screaming to be taken. Bottles pour out, with labels telling me to drink. New voices cry out, \"Off with her head!\"

I was suddenly running, being chased by a deck of cards. I stumbled when I tried to look back, into the light, and collided with a large woman decked in red. \"What have you done?\" She screeched. Taking her scepter, she plunged it into my chest, piercing my heart. I cried out in pain and the bitch faded away. I was floating.

I hit the floor with impact, without any puncture wounds. Sobbing, I tried to stand but two fat men, singing, shoved me back down, ripping my clothes and pulling my hair.

They transformed before me into a door. A door with a large keyhole, and through the keyhole, I could see.

A hospital bed. With my hair in sweaty strands and my face covered in a sickly pale color. A woman wept over my body. A woman. Who was that woman?

An official looking man patted her hand, cradling a chart in his arm. He sighed audibly and fixed the collar on his white doctor's jacket. \"Allison's unresponsive, I'm afraid. We've done all we can.\"

The woman cried harder. \"The amount of LSD was such a shock to her body, I'm surprised she made it this far with all the alcohol she consumed as well.\"

\"My baby...\" The woman murmured. \"She's gone, Ms. Liddel.\" My mother. Dammit, that was my mother.

I felt the ground slip out from under my feet. I was falling down the rabbit hole again.

Submitted: August 18, 2009

© Copyright 2021 miss woodstock. All rights reserved.

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Luna Williow

OOO I like it. But Alice is only 7 right so why would she take drugs unless they were prescribed to her or she happened to stumble upon them?

Fri, August 28th, 2009 4:15am


I made Alice (now Allison) at least seventeen. I'm uber-glad you read it :)

Sat, August 29th, 2009 12:49pm

Riley Donahue

woow, what a cool twist, I like this. It's very disconcerting yet magnetic at the same time. Could not stop reading until I got to the end

Tue, October 27th, 2009 5:37pm


I'm so flattered :D thank you so much, for reading and even more so for commenting!

Wed, October 28th, 2009 5:52pm

to lie on the floor without holding on

You didn't tell me about this. God. The imagery is so psychedelic and trippy it's overwhelming with the sadness and pity you feel for Alice/Allison.

Fri, October 30th, 2009 4:46am


I love your comments. Thank you :)

Tue, November 3rd, 2009 12:00pm

Mistress of Word Play

Excellent story. That's what happens when you play with fire. Great descriptions and good story line. Susan :)

Tue, December 15th, 2009 3:39am


Just what I was going for. Thank you so much!

Mon, December 14th, 2009 7:40pm

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