The Amulet Bearers: Journey

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When Ally had set out in the middle of the night, with her companion Alec, on a quest to retrieve her stolen sister she never could have imagined where it would take her.

Now she finds herself an Amulet Bearer, immersed in a ten-thousand year old prophecy, with five others - a human, two elves and two dwarves, whose personalities barely let a day go by without an arguement. Together, their job is to save the magical Valley they call home. But with a war suddenly being declared, will three races - seperated by hate for five millienia - be able to band together once more to save their home?

When colour drains from the land,
The six, no longer alone, shall stand.
The ant and the moon illuminated by a greater power,
Though neither shall deny, neither shall cower.
The water carries the revealed crown,
But without it, water would surely drown.
The cat slinks home in the night,
To take part in the time-old fight,
Hated by most, except a few,
The unseen hand will guide her through.
Alone in the hearth, the fire burns,
Yet for another it truly yearns.
The snake will strike after the sixth moon,
The clash of races will be soon,
Every true battle will have its cost,
Life will be made and life will be lost.

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Taken Down

Submitted: July 09, 2011

Hey Guys, I feel so horrible doing this, I always told myself I would never, but I’m leaving Booksie and taking down Amulet Bearers... Read Chapter