Will Always Be There

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A special moment between a mother and daughter one afternoon at the playground.

Just a little story I wrote for my mum for Mother's Day.

Submitted: May 07, 2010

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Submitted: May 07, 2010



You watch her swing high on the swing, giggling to herself with her unique hair whipping around.
Her young delighted giggle carries over the playground to reach your ears and you smile.
Her bright blue eyes shine brightly as she flings herself and the swing higher into the air, trying to reach the sky.
You get to your feet and stride over to her.
Bracing yourself you help her on her next swing backwards.
She turns to you surprised when she feels your warm, familiar hands on her back.
She smiles gleefully at you, her front teeth resting atop her bottom lip.
You smile back and she turns to face the sky again.
As her small back connects again with your hands, you push her high into the air.
She slices upwards, squealing in delight as you send her higher and higher.
You push her again and again, lifting her higher, sending her towards the sky.
Your deep, warm laughter joins her high-pitched sounds of delight.
As her innocent, big blue eyes meet your own you heart feels with love.
When your wise and caring deep blue eyes meet hers she knows you’ll always be there to guide her and push her forward.

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