Bashful's Blues.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
My entry for PeaceLoveLingleton's character challenge.
Bashful has usually been slightly down on his luck in the romance department, yet here he finds himself in the midst of what must be a highly realistic dream.
He is now forced to make a decision, but what will it be?

Submitted: December 28, 2009

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Submitted: December 28, 2009



‘Oh man, Oh man Oh man... Here she comes!’ Bashful breathed to his brother, his overlarge, clumpy hands hastily flying to his beard, fumbling and sub-consciously creating more knots than he realised. His brother, Doc, smiled wisely at him with his bright blue eyes twinkling furiously.

‘Go on...’ Doc laughed, pushing him roughly forward so that Bashful fell to the floor, hurriedly scrambling to his feet with his face a bright, bright red as he looked up at the woman of his dreams; Bashfulliena. Oh, her long brown flowing hair that went all the way to her perfectly rounded hips. A dazzling white light engulfed Bashful’s face as she smiled a beaming, beautiful smile that lit up her face, the room, and everyone that was milling around her. With caring yet blazing blue eyes she gazed down at Bashful and chuckled slightly at his bright red face and his shaking hands knotting his overlarge beard.

‘Here’ Bashfulliena said quietly, and slowly bent down to her knees to untie the knots he had created in her presence. Bashful’s heart seemed to stop beating right there in his chest when he felt her hand slightly caress his face, he was so overcome by peace, serenity and love that he hardly noticed the crowd that was slowly increasing watching his dream come true. It was a perfect moment he thought, right in the centre of the village of Knowhow, sitting now on the cold cement edge of the fountain. The sun was brightly shining above, as though smiling down on them both, as the leaves of the tree swayed ever so slightly in the summer breeze; even the sunflowers seemed to be watching as Bashfulliena leaned in closer to Bashful’s face. She could hear his breathing become sharper and faster the closer she went to him. The poor thing, she thought to herself, he obviously hasn’t been in this situation before.

Arousal drowned Bashful’s soul as her rose pink lips pressed close to his in an urgency of affection and love as her fingers lovingly twiddled the end of his beard. When all of a sudden this dream was blasted back to reality as Bashfulliena pulled away, Bashful’s brown eyes widened in shock and sadness of it being cut short, and it was then that it dawned on him of the people that stood in disbelief around them. But this was not the cause of the disruption, for a young woman with skin as white as snow, lips as red as the rose and hair as black as ebony stood before them on the other side of the fountain. Oblivious to the water that was beginning to drench her she shouted, declaring her undying love for Bashful, and for him to accept her faithful hand in marriage!

Bashful now had a decision to make...

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