Thank You Doesn't Seem Enough.

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My amazing friend Ian and I wrote a very short piece each about our friendship.
I really felt like I wanted to share it with people, and like the title says, Thank you doesn't seem enough.

Submitted: February 12, 2010

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Submitted: February 12, 2010



A Friend to the Heart


We make mistakes; we learn from them, move on. Each day brings us new possibilities, new challenges; the opportunity to meet new people.

And that’s the thing about life: you’ll always meet someone who – even though you don’t expect it at first – will become a major aspect of your life, something to cherish. And that’s when she popped in to my life: through the power of sharing and commenting on one another’s stories, Sammy.


I never thought from a simple message that such an amazing, laid-back, down-to-earth friendship would occur from that single e-mail. I’m really glad she e-mailed me, though; I haven’t had as much fun, as much laughter or the chance to share my stories or have a decent, full-length conversation with someone for a long, long time.


She’s one of those types of people that can bring a smile to your face when you’re having an exceptionally bad day – or even when you’re thinking about something, she’s there, in your head. And your day seems a little less tense, calmer, almost, as though she’s a part of me – even though she may not be here in person, next to me – I still have had the best couple of months of a long-distance friendship that has grown on so many levels. I may have thanked her a hundred for reading my first story that I posted on the Net, but sometimes I always get the feeling that “thank you” just isn’t enough to express how much she has come to mean to me, how much I care about her.


I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. She’s been truly wonderful, perfect in everyway. She’s kind, loving, loyal, and caring. You can’t really ask for anything more than that except to keep bringing a smile to my face, to making me laugh with you, to love you. You’re truly awesome, Sammy, and I’ll always be grateful for the day that you stepped in to my heart that day.  


Cannot thank you enough

I’d never really known what it felt like to be completely appreciated and accepted. That is, until I met someone, Ian. Well, when I say met, I don’t mean face to face, only through phone calls and the wonders of the internet. But you know when you feel that immediate connection?

It was wonderful to find someone who had the same things in common with me, someone I could laugh with and have hours and hours of companionable conversation. He always offered me wondrous advice too, especially on my writing and I have him to thank for all my progress and enthusiasm. But just the way I trust him with things that I haven’t told anyone else. I don’t exactly parade my doubts and insecurities about myself, who does? But whenever I do, he somehow manages to turn them all into positives, and I have no idea how, but he damn right manages it.

Do you think he trusts me too?

I hope so. I want him to be able to trust me with his fears, doubts, dreams and hopes. It feels like in a couple of months I have found the friend that I lost years and years ago. It feels like I’ve found a friend I’ll keep forever. We have a very close friendship, trust, he’s loyal. And what I seem to look forward to at the end of my day, being able to have a conversation with him. Just seeing him smile or laugh brings a smile to my face, and that’s what I want to thank him for.

So Ian, this is for you. Thank you for being my friend, making me laugh, and being there for me. I cannot ask for a better friend.

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