The Definition of Normal

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Ugo is normal, young man through and through; there is nothing extraordinary about him, of course maybe except his attitude towards life with winter depression.
However his brother Tommy is definitely not what you will call common. The same goes for his dog, boss, girlfriend, the homeless guy at the corner of the street he lives on also known as Red, his danish, forever drunk friend slash unofficial roommate, the little girl with the living doll, his ara and his mothers ghost.
And not to forget; the pretty young news host Mary who has the biggest crush on him and local superhero hotshot Anders Amazing.
But more important; who exactly is the guy who tries to recruit Ugo as a brain scientist with a speciality in Amygdala? What is his brother Tommy up to when he isn't trying to win over the "love of his life", who apparently is Mary? And should Ugo take Red's prophecy a bit more serious?
Ugo is a totally ordinary guy with an uncommon life.
And is it then him who is the weird one, and the others being normal, if he is the only sane person?
Well, tune in on his wild life in New Young City.

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The Journey to the South Hill

Submitted: November 29, 2016

A special treat for the first chapter; Tommy's POV. Read Chapter