Girls and Boys

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Life poem

Submitted: September 29, 2006

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Submitted: September 29, 2006



It’s funny how life evolves into something you never planned. It could be for the worst or for the better, but regardless – it’s nothing like you dreamed of as a child.

Little girls are forced out of their fantasy of ever becoming a princess, and little boys seldom ever grow up to become someone’s prince charming.

What we do to ourselves in our own minds can tear us down more then the words of others, and in a world where life is busy, we must often seek comfort only in the taste of our own bitter tears.

We cry to ease the pain, though it typically never does, and continue to search for a hand that refuses to reach out, as we fall into the abyss of our own sorrows and depression.

To turn to anyone is easy, but to find someone who will stay and truly listen, can often be a hopeless attempt.

When we were young we spoke of growing up, the excitement of becoming an adult. We refused to listen when told the excitement was merely a curtain. A curtain which sheltered us from the responsibilities which would eventually be thrown upon us.

So we all grew up and got jobs, or got married or got pregnant – and suddenly we began to wonder - what do we really have in our lives? Broken promises, shattered dreams, a forgotten soul which once lived inside of us but now hides in the shadows of our “to-do” lists?

You forget who you are and work aimlessly at what everyone thinks you should become. Then one day you wake up feeling lost, with an inclination deep inside that you just need to cry for a lifetime; and you pray that somewhere in those tears you might just find yourself. The person bursting with excitement – with secrets to write down in diaries, and tales to tell among friends. The person who laughed with ease, and truly believed the sky was their only limit.

Life seldom does turn out as we plan. And although you can always look forward to the days ahead, once mistakes are made and changes accepted – you can never trace your steps back to the beginning.

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