The Box

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Angry poem

Submitted: September 29, 2006

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Submitted: September 29, 2006



Ever feel like you’re trapped? Trapped in a box deep in the ground, nailed shut so you can’t escape? Everything begins to suffocate you, and you’d give anything for one more chance at the life you lived before you allowed yourself to die.

The problems of others, the pressures of everyday life and all the bullshit from the people you loved, who said they loved you – it all finally took a tumble and came crashing down. You were fine one day, dealing with it all like you always did, and then BOOM – it snapped!

The walls began to close in, the problems began to multiply and the bullshit began to pour in, covering you all the way to the top of your head, choking and drowning you in its own pathetic existence. But you wouldn’t stop it. You let it go and go and control and consume you until you had no idea who you even were. You were without a heart. You began to hate everything and everyone that surrounded you. And you were without a conscience, saying and doing whatever you wanted – never caring if it hurt another.

Then through all of your rage came the silence. You were gone, and all that was left was your body which held nothing. No part of you or who you used to be. Not even a trace of who you used to want to be. Only emptiness.

You were dead because you had allowed them to kill you. And now you were forced to suffocate in your box, deep in the ground with the nails tightly closing it; and all you can do is pray that someone –anyone, will find you again, and rescue you from the eternal darkness that you’ve allowed to come in and shadow your life.

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