The Little Things

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Submitted: September 29, 2006

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Submitted: September 29, 2006



The little things are what matter the most. A touch of the hand, a kiss on the lips, a seemingly endless conversation.

You look at me and suddenly I’m enveloped in the feeling that you are my destiny, and to you I should surrender all of my defenses – but how do I let go of the fear? The fear of being hurt, the fear that love, true love, will never be permanent in my life.

I close my eyes and your face appears, a constant reminder of my need. I ache for you always, and my desires venture far beyond any childhood fantasy of love.

I need to feel you next to me – if only for a moment. To look into your eyes, to hear your laugh or feel the perfect softness of your skin as your cheek brushes mine when hugging goodbye.

I cannot say that I love you. Love is not an option we’ve explored together yet, but I cannot deny that I feel it.

Every thought that I think and every word that I speak begins and ends with you. To have you as mine and mine alone would be all I need to fulfill my deepest desire, but for now that is only a dream.

So until all wishes can be granted and all dreams come true, I must continue to concentrate on the little things. The special, incomparable and unforgettable little things that come with knowing you.

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